The American Eagle

6″ x  12″

Oil on Wood

The Bald Eagle stands for many things. Freedom. Grace. And the American Dream. But as time goes by, we have a history of changing what that American dream is to us as a nation. Not too many years ago the Bald Eagle was on the brink of extinction. Populations plummeted to under 500 breeding pairs. But as a nation, and across industries, we produced a bi-partisan effort to make our nation better for all: in addition increased funding for environmental protection, research, and education, there was the implementation of the endangered species act and the banning of the pesticide DDT: both of which went a long way in increasing Eagle populations over the next 50 years by roughly 40,000 nesting pairs. Today we stand at a similar precipice, where a generation is ready to stand up for nature and change the American dream to one that is more sustainable.

This painting went up for auction to benefit The Creative Animal Foundation’s ‘s U.S. Tour and the mission to visit schools, universities, museums, zoos, and festivals to share the message of conservation through sustainable living.

The American Eagle - Original oil painting by wildlife artist Timothy Davison of the Davison Art Company featuring a close up view of a bald eagle head with beak open, surrounded by blue circles. Reference photo taken in Occoquan, Virginia. This simple painting appears to come off the surface, revealing the wood grain beneath. Framed with a custom driftwood frame. © COPYRIGHT TIMOTHY DAVISON