Texas Bluebird

6″ x  12″

Oil on Wood

The Eastern Bluebird is a little thrush species that live throughout the eastern 3/5 of the US. Their population is on an uptick right now thanks to man-made nest boxes. Their natural nesting location is in the holes of old growth trees, many of which have been cut down in the last 150 years. A simple solution to a big problem – birdhouses. But, many seemingly arbitrary details go into building one that bluebirds will actually use – between 4 – 6ft high, facing east, and with an entrance hole of 2 1/4″ x 1 3/8″. To build your own click here.

This 1-hour alla prima painting from a photo I took at Trinity River Audubon Center in Dallas, TX.

Texas Bluebird - Framed - View 1