At the end of the experiment, the researchers counted the number of horseflies stuck to the glue and consistently found the fewest on the striped models, followed by the fairer-skinned ones then the darker tones. Future research will focus on which coat patterns are most effective, and on better understanding the role of pattern size and contrast in deterring flies. Biting flies can cause injuries but also transmit diseases, study author Susanne Åkesson, a zoology professor at Lund University in Sweden, told CNN in a telephone interview. While How said there is some evidence for the latter, he pointed out that lions, for example, don’t seem to be confused by stripes.

The team said the research not only supported previous work suggesting stripes might act as an insect deterrent, but helped unpick why, revealing the patterns only produced an effect when the flies got close. Now scientists can eliminate one theory, according to a new study published Tuesday in the Proceedings of the Royal Society journal. Our research and that of colleagues show that stripes do this job very well," Caro added. A zebra's stripes are known to protect it from blood-sucking insects, as well as acting as camouflage. All rights reserved.

Horseflies are present across the United States, but are more prevalent in warmer climates, Swiger said.

Further insights, gathered through video recordings of the zebras and a smaller group of horses, revealed flies failed to slow down steadily when zooming towards zebras,unlike they did for horses, and often simply careered into the animals. But how exactly do the stripes accomplish that? "This suggested that there is nothing special about stripes per se in preventing horse flies from landing, but it must be the sharp contrast between different elements on the coat," Caro told CNN. Updated 1446 GMT (2246 HKT) January 17, 2019. The darker-skinned models attracted 10 times as many as the striped model.

The fairer-skinned one attracted double the number of horseflies when compared with the striped one, and the darker models had 5.1 times more flies than the fairer-skinned mannequins.

The performance of checkered coats was unexpected. (CNN)The zebra's stripes are known to protect it from blood-sucking insects, as well as acting as camouflage, and new research suggests that being stripy may also work for people in remote tribal communities who paint their bodies in monochrome shades. "Not only do these exciting studies bring us closer to understanding one of the world's most iconic and photogenic species, they will be of great interest to farmers attempting to reduce the damage caused by fly bites and even general horse-wear companies," said Tim Caro, a senior co-author of the study and a professor at the University of Bristol's School of Biological Sciences, in a release. The team said the study showed stripes did not act as a long-range deterrent but had an effect when the flies got up close – possibly because of the flies’ low-resolution vision. Domestic horses also suffer from horsefly bites, and Sonja Swiger, associate professor in the department of entomology at Texas A&M University, said that "the consequences are pretty severe.". Containing horseflies is "almost impossible," according to Swiger.

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The pressures on not being bitten by these flies are therefore very strong," Caro explained. You'll be stylish, and potentially bite-free. A blanket or coat is an effective tool, and for that reason, the Bristol scientists' study is exciting and promising, Swiger argued. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. They coated several plastic mannequins of different colors -- some mimicking dark skin, others in fair tones, while the remainder were dark brown with white stripes -- in glue and left them for four weeks in a horsefly-infested meadow in Hungary.
“From distances of greater than two metres or so, a zebra would just look like a grey horse – they won’t be able to see the stripes at all,” said How.

While we're not their first choice, they do, Swiger said. Other limitations included that the path of the flies could only be seen in two dimensions from video recordings and that the horse coats were made of different materials.

Scientists considered whether the aperture effect -- the optical illusion that tricks us into seeing the stripes on a barber shop pole as moving upward rather than simply rotating -- was a factor in the disorientation experienced by the flies. “Zebra – evolutionarily speaking – have developed in parts of the world where flies carry pretty nasty diseases and so there can be some very big fitness consequences to being bitten by flies. Black and white stripes help protect zebras from insect bites. "We show that the attractiveness to horseflies of a dark brown human body model significantly decreases, if it is painted with the white stripes that are used in body paintings," the authors write. Chemical pesticides aren't helpful since the flies typically bite once a day, not leaving the pesticides enough time to be effective. Tabanid horseflies have a different anatomy compared to other blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes, which have needle-like mouths that can penetrate the skin. While horseflies circled or touched the animals at similar rates, landing was a different matter, with a lower rate seen for zebras than horses. "Very few mammals have evolved sharp repetitive stripes suggesting that zebras suffer particularly acutely from horse flies and the diseases they carry," he told CNN.

How did the zebra get its stripes? The study, published in the journal Plos One, involved horses, zebras, and horses dressed as zebras. "Our findings show that this effect is not operating - based on flies' behavior around patterned coats - because if it was, flies should land on checks but not stripes. On your next day on the farm or horseback riding excursion, it's possible you might want to consider wearing striped or checkered patterns yourself. The authors add that this could mean less skin irritation and lower transmission of diseases from insect bites. They have to cut a hole in the skin in order to get the blood to start to flow, then they drink it," Swiger explained. Caro and his colleague Martin How, a Bristol research fellow, have put zebra-print coats on domestic horses for their research, a good alternative to studying zebras in the wild. “Zebra are preferential prey for a lot of predators, so it is not really stopping [them],” he added. Last modified on Thu 21 Feb 2019 10.45 GMT. Pattern seems to confuse flies, researchers who dressed horses up as zebras find, Wed 20 Feb 2019 19.00 GMT Southern states can have two generations of horseflies each year, whereas in Northern areas there will usually be just one, she explained. Dr Martin How, co-author of the research from the University of Bristol, said: “The flies seemed to be behaving relatively naturally around both [zebras and horses], until it comes to landing.
© 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. "They have very large serrating mouth parts.

© Amelia Gillard/University of Bristol/EurekAlert! That said, How noted the latest experiment was carried out in Somerset rather than around the biting flies of Africa. Flies are a common menace to animals in Africa, leading to theories that zebra's stripes might be a defence mechanism against the insects (Credit: Alamy) Flies that bite … The fashionable patterned coat protects the animal from horsefly bites by disorienting the flies during the landing process, research has shown.

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Tabanid horseflies couldn't slow down to land on horses wearing the striped coats, previous studies revealed, and would at times fly past the masquerading animals or bump into them rather than landing. The mystery of how the zebra got its stripes might have been solved: researchers say the pattern appears to confuse flies, discouraging them from touching down for a quick bite. To check the effect was not caused by a different smell of zebras and horses, for example, the researchers put black, white and zebra-striped coats on seven horses in turn. Checks cannot replicate the barber pole effect in a fly's eye or brain," Caro told CNN. Now new research suggests that being stripy may also work for people in … The fashionable patterned coat protects the animal from horsefly bites by disorienting the flies during the … "Evolution will fine tune the coat patterning to what is most effective in stopping flies landing - given developmental constraints of how patterns develop in utero. The "messy feeding habit" of tabanids causes pain and discomfort to animals like horses and cattle, and exposes them to the transmission of diseases, including equine infectious anemia.

Whereas domestic horses haven’t had the same sort of driving force,” said How. "You should have light colors, white or beige.". "Horseflies in Africa carry diseases that are lethal to members of the horse family - the equidae. How did the zebra get its stripes? Researchers looked at the nature of the disorientation effect in flies, and ruled out the hypothesis that a common optical illusion known as "aperture effect" has a role in dazzling them.

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