Silverman holds a Master of Science in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism. Any time a country is recovering from war or facing steep economical times, people need to have a way to safely entertain themselves, and sports in the 20s fell into that category. In fact, until the early 1890s, when the bicycle craze hit America, women who wanted to get some outdoor exercise were usually discouraged from doing so. Sports were also a huge part of the overall women’s rights and equality movement. Bush, a baseball player during his years at Yale University, the foreign press struggled to translate the president’s routine use of baseball metaphors. Eight members of the participating Chicago White Sox were all charged with conspiring to throw the Fall Classic against the Cincinnati Reds. "; [42] There were several other woman umpires in the early 1920s: one was Mrs. Deana Ernest of Toledo, Ohio, who umpired semi-pro games in the area, and also managed a city league team there. In 2009, New York Yankees broadcaster Suzyn Waldman[32] became the first woman to work a World Series game from the broadcast booth. From the first woman on a national team to the first women to cross America on horseback, the 1900s were the first time women had a chance to play sports, and they made the most of the opportunities presented to them. Physical Education was a feature of college life for women but did not include competitive games or those requiring any form of physical contact. In four seasons from 1997 to 2000, she appeared in 52 games and posted a record of 2–4 and 6.75 earned run average while recording 36 strikeouts. Usually encountering less discrimination in baseball (as well as in other venues of commercial entertainment) than they did in the more “respectable” occupations, in the 19th century Irish and German Americans were so conspicuous in professional baseball that some observers wondered if they had a special capacity for playing the game.

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