It was early summer or late spring, an intense sun was constantly shining outside… and for some “unknown” reason we were crying non-stop. Babies are generally calmer and in a better mood when they are feeling safe and reassured in mom or dad’s safe arms. 2016. Fever-free?

Babies have their own good reasons. One thing that soothes my baby is the sound of water. Call your doctor if your baby has a fever, vomit, a stuffy or runny nose, cough, or if you notice a change in her stool. Now I just hold my baby and let him cry. Needless to say, we felt like the worse parents in the planet and we triple checked that we didn’t leave anything in his diaper from that day forward! [Accessed December 2016], Zero to Three.

Before they can express their tiredness, often the best way for a sleepy baby to get their point across is to cry. Because they may not understand that they are exhausted. As a rule of thumb, your baby should be fine by wearing just one more layer than what you need to wear to feel comfortable! They aren’t always small, though.

Don't worry about not knowing the perfect movements — as long as they're gentle and slow, they should bring comfort. These are all small signs that it might be time to put them down to sleep. Experiment with different kinds of music to see what your baby responds to.

To avoid crying from over-tiredness, keep an eye out for different cues: Rubbing and touching their own eyes/cheeks. Undated. Other ways to get your baby in motion: a rocking chair, swing, or bouncy seat; setting your baby in a car seat on the dryer while it's on (don't walk away, though – the dryer's vibrations can cause the seat to move and fall off! They are just feeling the discomfort, but without knowing how to actually… go to sleep!

Lay the blanket on a safe, flat surface. You'll find strategies that work for all sorts of fussy babies. Ah… the million dollar question! You might find that your baby is happily cooing and babbling away, and then the next minute they’re wailing and whining. For a change from a bath, try holding your baby in your arms under a gently running shower. Understandably, one of the most intense needs of young babies is the need to suck. I know new mom anxiety is a thing.

Apply a few drops of baby oil or lotion and sing while you rub your baby’s tummy and stimulate the digestive process while eliminating any gas. Please share it or Pin it! I’m not going to expand this one, it’s pretty straightforward! And your newborn baby starts wailing. 2016.

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