What a glorious moment for so many on that day. Coming up with the Senators in September of 1915, Sawyer would play in 10 games hitting .250.

have had such disappointment by having losing He would come to the Germantown store run by my uncle, Ray Smith and she enjoyed talking to Walter. may result in removed comments.

Playing in 87 games for Washington that season as a utility infielder, Alvarez would have 41 hits with 3 doubles and 5 RBI’s. Mike: as the grandson of longtime Washington Senator Clyde Milan I watched this with great emotion; my grandfather had a long career with the Senators, was player/manager in 1922 [alas no World Series that year…] then coached in their farm teams before returning to coach for the Senators…and died in his uniform at spring training in 1953. My mother knew Walter Johnson and she thought he was a true gentleman. Either we’ll see the presumed underdog National League team triumph over the better-record AL team with a Nationals win, or we’ll see a Washington team lose the World Series.

How fantastic was the footage and music?!? But the way they have been sounding off has gotten under our skins,” Cronin said before the series (1). Baseball History Group on Facebook, Washington D.C. Sports History on Facebook. Carl Sawyer career record. What’s unique is that all three teams were led … They’ll get the knowledge first hand.”. And if more film is available to view, I’d truly be grateful to see facial closeups of the players on that day..such as the awesome clip of President Coolidge and those seated around him.

We’ll have a parallel with 2019 no matter the outcome. We hustled the reel up to the film lab where it was prepped and cleaned for Datacine Operator Pat Kennedy to make the digital transfer; we’re photochemically preserving it on safety film stock as well. Mike, Liz, Lynanne, Andrew, and Pat…GOOD ON YOUS! Any ideas?

The Game Comes Home Web Series – D.C.
Thank you for all your efforts.

Wonderful footage to see. While preparing the neighbor’s house for sale, Lynanne’s father found eight cans of film in the rafters of the detached and not climate-controlled garage, a space we archivists would not normally recommend for long term storage of motion picture film…especially since these reels were labeled as nitrate film stock. What made 1933 memorable was the excruciating way the Senators lost the series. The Senators made three World Series in Washington D.C., winning in 1924, and losing in 1925 and 1933.

This was the first time in World Series history that back-to-back games went to extra innings.

Like Nap Lajoie of Cleveland, Delahanty, Orth, Townsend, and Wolverton take impromptu vacations when the Nats are scheduled to play in Philadelphia. In the 1950s, my Dad took me to a game at Griffith Stadium, where he continued his love of baseball and the Senators. And without a doubt, Frankie Frisch smashes the triple for the Giants. Might we see similar late excitement in the 2019 World Series games in Washington D.C.? Coming upon the photograph of the can of nitrate while reading this blog, the incredible life giving aroma of nitrous oxide wafted up from my iPad. McNeely would conclude his career in 1931 as a reserve and Coffman would not blossom until being traded to the Giants in 1936 and finding his niche in the bullpen. Great stuff. The New York Giants had Hall of Famers Terry and Mel Ott on offense, and another in Carl Hubbell to head the pitching staff at the peak of his powers. We’re especially happy when people spot their relatives in films we’ve preserved. The 1934 Washington Senators played 154 games, won 68, lost 86, and finished in seventh place in the American League.They were managed by Joe Cronin and played home games at Griffith Stadium.In the eighth inning of their game against the Boston Red Sox on June 9, the Washington Senators hit 5 consecutive doubles – the most ever hit consecutively during the same inning. The Pennsylvania Supreme court eventually rules that the players cannot play baseball in the state of Pennsylvania except for the Phillies. Really great footage of a different world. The Giants don’t have to take my word for this.

and Walter Johnson himself would answer the door. [Kinograms: Senators Win World Series] (Educational Pictures, 1924). Thanks for sharing!! Thanks for the post.

After the Senators story was excerpted and speed-corrected, I sent it to pianist/Nats fan Andrew Simpson for musical scoring. Ban Johnson pitching, wow. After the Senators story was excerpted and speed-corrected, I sent it to pianist/Nats fan Andrew Simpson for musical scoring. A couple of notes to add: The clip following the announcement that Mogridge was pitching for the Nats, is followed by what appears to be the Giants starting pitcher again, in my view, based on color of uniform and his motion. The 91-win Giants dispatched the 99-win Senators in five games in 1933.
Click this ad to view our online art store. Great-quality film, and the music adds a lot. GO, NATS! The 1933 World Series was the championship series of the 1933 Major League Baseball season.A best-of-seven playoff, it was played between the National League (NL) pennant winner New York Giants and the American League (AL) pennant winner Washington Senators.The Giants defeated the Senators in five games for their first championship since 1922 and their fourth overall. That is some Natitude! Thank you LOC for publishing this. a different day for certain – male fans all wearing coats and ties and top hats . We have still photos of that hit and run. He’d return for another 16 games in 1916 but his BA would drop to .194 and he’d play in his last major league game in October. Please read our

The Leathernecks are fully turning over the program to the highest-rated recruiting class in school history. 8, 2008, Acquired by the Senators in 1955, Ossie Alvarez, another member of the much noted “Cuban Connection,” debuted with the Senators in mid-April of 1958. Nevertheless, So cool to find this film!! That move, which has been around for at least two decades before Ewell Blackwell popularized it, is called a crossfire, and is a beautiful and lethal move that works only with the sidearm delivery. My Giants won last night and are heading to Washington. Well, I hope the Orioles win the Battle of the Beltways World Series coming up soon, but what a glorious find for baseball fans everywhere!! What’s unique is that all three teams were led by player-managers, with second baseman Bucky Harris at the helm in those first two trips. Right now they are in the National League Championship Series… so close! Standard Disclaimer.

But in 1933, the coaches were, in fact, on the field. I was expecting (and would have been excited to see) a few scratchy, overexposed frames (maybe out-of-focus), and instead I’m treated to miraculously sharp, beautifully photographed professional footage. Also, the one player slides head first into first base – I thought that was a contemporary technique. Gratuitous links to sites are viewed as spam and When was the last time the Senators lost a playoff series? Lynanne performed an initial bench inspection and immediately noted that one was a “Kinograms” newsreel featuring a prominent story on Game 7 of the 1924 World Series, won by the Washington Senators in a thrilling extra innings victory over the New York Giants. Bill Terry was the first baseman for the Giants, hitting .322/.375/.423 with a 128 OPS+ in his age-34 season. DC baseball fans Some whipersnapers don’t change, regardless when they play the game!

I don’t care how ya vote — this is great stuff! My grandmother introduced Walter to his wife Hazel, and they remained lifelong friends….I have a vague recollection that my grandfather was there that day [likely since the New Haven season had ended by then], so gave me chills to think he saw that great moment….am looking at that great photo of Clyde and Walter which hangs in my office at MoMA now….

I’ve seen pictures of the game but never any film footage, and to watch Muddy Ruel lumbering home with the winning run in the bottom of the 12th inning was, well, almost like being there. The confidence was strong in another Washington opponent 86 years ago, and with good reason. Each of the next two Fall Classics also saw player-manager duels — Hall of Famers Frankie Frisch (Cardinals) and Mickey Cochrane (Tigers) in 1934, then Cochrane (Tigers) and Charlie Grimm (Cubs) in 1935. Traded to the Washington Senators for minor leaguer Ron Honeycutt and cash, Leppert would have his most active season with Washington in 1963, playing in 73 games, hitting .237 with 11 doubles and 6 home runs and would be selected to the 1963 All Star Team.

I’m reasonably certain Goose Goslin is the Senator knocking an extra-base hit at about 45 seconds into the reel. This was the first year with the modern World Series 2-3-2 format, and the Giants won the first two contests at the Polo Grounds in New York. HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPHS : Presidents and Baseball, A Remarkable Tradition, Mark Hornbaker stories on MASN's Nats Buzz, Washington D.C. He finished second in AL MVP voting that season, beat out by slugger Jimmie Foxx. Since then a lot of sidearm pitchers have picked up on it—I was one; in my playing days, total 24 years, I was an exasperating sidearmer who used the crossfire move extensively and gave the batters no end of conniption fits (like the guy who popped up to end the game). remove content for any reason whatever, without consent.

In the segment where the score gets tied at 3, the batter is out at first. Bay State was a Kodak competitor back in the day and its nitrate film has proven notoriously unstable, but miraculously not in this instance. Did anybody else notice that on the play where Washington supposedly tie the score, there was an out recorded at first? Wow! Baseball Single-Season Hitting Records, D.C.

The current rule says that the run is not scored, because of the third out, whether that out occurs on the batter alone or as the result of a force-out double play (say 6-4-3). Roy Sievers: "The Sweetest Right Handed Swing" in 1950s Baseball. Many of the reels were printed on Bay State nitrate stock. I know my gang and when they get heated up, things pop. About | Press | Jobs | Donate Perhaps more footage will eventually turn up, but for now we’re thrilled to present the 1924 World Series champion Washington Senators in hopes that what’s past truly is … privilege to post content on the Library site. Having experienced similar discoveries many times, I can say other than childbirth, there is nothing quite so exciting. I wanted to compliment the original piano score also, though wondered if the styling of his composition was created with some background information about these kind of musical accompaniments or was it entirely his own approach. If you look very closely at his windup and delivery you will notice that he was not pitching directly to the plate but was taking a stepthird base and whipping around to fire into the plate from that angle.

Great footage, and wonderful music! In 1933, the Washington Senators lost to the New York Giants in the World Series. The Senators held serve in the first game in Washington, but then lost in Game 4 on a Blondy Ryan RBI single in the 11th inning.

Among my Dad’s fondest memories was that of him ‘collecting’ for the paper (remember those days?) the Library of Congress may monitor any user-generated content as it chooses and reserves the right to Delahanty will lead the AL in hitting in 1902 with a .376 average, while Orth wins 19 games. http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/WS1/WS1192410100.shtml. Thank you LoC for this baseball treasure.

Now, nitrate film is flammable, creates its own oxygen when it burns, and we have 124 individual vaults at the Packard Campus, each at 39° F / 30% RH, to store the nearly 140 million feet of nitrate we have in our collection.

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