I mean love as a God might love, and a man will give his life for another." The two films’ styles could not be any more different, though they’re linked in some key ways. There must be a God, he insists, because love plays too big a role in driving human behavior, and love is too great and powerful to chalk up to a random, uncaring universe.

Living in Montreal, Canada with better half Josie and a dog named Scarlett. Kane treats the men patiently and respectfully, with an eerie silence about him. The moment you were able to get a metaphysical glimpse behind the curtain of reality, and saw - and comprehended, for just an instant - nothingness. His brother decides to indulge the delusion in the hopes of saving his mind. By the time Father Damien Karras (Jason Miller) is joined by Father Lancaster Merrin (Max von Sydow) to exorcise Regan, the astronaut has faded from the audience’s memory.

A must-read novel for Jung enthusiasts and perhaps THE definitive insane asylum novel over Ken Kesey's One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest but it's just one of the many things Blatty has done well over the span of his illustrious career. There’s also an unnamed astronaut about to leave on a mission. To unlock this article for your friends, use any of the social share buttons on our site, or simply copy the link below.
Phil Nobile Jr. is a lifelong movie lover and an Emmy-award winning writer/producer based in Philadelphia. I'm not going to spoil you the entire argument because it's really good, but I'll only say that William Peter Blatty made a clever use of the paramilitary setting in order to put morality in perspective. Posted by 2 months ago. Forget Exorcist II; the unofficial but true sequel to The Exorcist is The Ninth Configuration, a largely forgotten tragicomic horror film from 1980 worthy of rediscovery.
For example, a patient named Reno becomes obsessed with the idea that Kane is Gregory Peck from the Alfred Hitchcock movie Spellbound, which is an attempt to give a non-threatening role to an unknown variable in his life. Which, we come to learn, is actually the case (spoilers): Kane is not a doctor; he’s a patient.

The Ninth Configuration Psychiatrist Kane sent to a mysterious lunatic asylum in an old castle where he is to analyse whether American soldiers sent home from Vietnam are genuine lunatics or fakes. Love is all Blatty needs. CTWeekly delivers the best content from ChristianityToday.com to your inbox each week.

After an arty, hallucinogenic opening sequence set to Denny Brooks’ “San Antone” (used three years earlier in the opening titles of Rolling Thunder), Colonel Kane (Stacy Keach) arrives at a castle-turned-mental hospital to find a motley crew of soldiers, each acting out in various iterations of “textbook” insanity: Reno (Jason Miller) is trying to stage a production of Macbeth starring a cast of dogs; Fromme (writer/director Blatty) thinks he’s a doctor, not a patient; and Captain Cutshaw (Scott Wilson) is a disgraced astronaut who suffered a mental breakdown just before a scheduled launch, and is now making a holy terror of himself inside the castle/hospital. Despite its supernatural focus, The Exorcist has a domestic undercurrent. Upon viewing it I was surprised to discover that, for all its trappings as a “Me Decade” version of The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari or Shock Corridor, The Ninth Configuration isn’t a horror film, and it isn't really about mental illness.

It largely takes place at a home and on a college campus. Exorcist sequels always let us down - but the series is getting back its mojo. And that argument is very cool. Hardcore fans even know The Exorcist III is superior to the original and that it was the adaptation of another William Peter Blatty novel titled Legion. Blogger, brooding author, basketball enthusiast and apostle of critical awareness. The two immediately bond, but Kane also quickly becomes haunted by recurring dreams that affect his ability to fulfill his responsibilities. William Peter Blatty’s “Me Decade CALIGARI” has more on its mind than madness. The Ninth Configuration is comedic on the surface (and sometimes genuinely funny) and might seem like it dismissively caricatures mental illness but there's more than one layer to its characters. Is the book worth its cult status or is Blatty just surfing his reputation on this one? By Phil Nobile Jr. Jun. It’s a moment other atheists can identify with: that instant, whenever it happened for you, in which you first became certain there is no God, no Heaven, no life beyond this one. Theatrical Versions, Collins’ Crypt: HALLOWEEN 6 - Producer’s Cut vs Theatrical Cut, Collins’ Crypt: SESSION 9 Scares Me Even More Now, Collins’ Crypt: It’s (Finally) A Good Time To Be A Fan Of The EXORCIST Series, INSIDE Game Review: Holy Shit, They Topped LIMBO. THE NINTH CONFIGURATION: The Existential Horror Of Atheism William Peter Blatty’s “Me Decade CALIGARI” has more on its mind than madness. William Peter Blatty never chases jokes and there's a latent meaning to almost every interaction. William Peter Blatty is primarily known for writing the screenplay for the iconic horror movie The Exorcist.

They're sent to castle manor deep into the woods and left to the medical staff to deal with.

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