This story is quite suspenseful and exciting, I had great trouble in putting it down for long, or, you know, at all. Once his point was made and his temper faded, we would be freed. Coming out of Scapa Flow, they had aimed for Strathy, farther west along the coast of northern Scotland—in truth, any village but Thurso would do, so long as it had some kind of medical facility. In the eerie wasteland of Dartmoor, Sherlock Holmes summons his devoted wife and partner, Mary Russell, from her studies at Oxford to aid the investigation of a death and some disturbing phenomena of a decidedly supernatural origin. A two-parter (read the previous book first). I definitly recommend this book to any Holmes buff's and/or anyone who loves mystery and adventure. I was thinking it'd be a 4-star read. This one follows very tightly indeed on the heels of the previous one, more so than most of her works. I don't think anyone new to the characters (Russell along with King's casting of M & S Holmes) would find this a 5 star listen, but King fans may. . Award-winning author Barbara Cleverly returns with this spellbinding new mystery featuring aspiring archaeologist Laetitia Talbot. No reader who opens this one will be disappointed.”—Michael Connelly, author of The Scarecrow “A … “Audacious.”—Los Angeles Times • “Funny and fearless.”—Houston Chronicle • “Delightful and creative.”—The Wall Street Journal • “Clever, literate, and thoroughly knowledgeable.”—San Jose Mercury News • “A lively adventure in the very best of intellectual company.”—The New York Times Book Review • “Rousing . Gordon thought for a moment, then nodded. . What am I missing? It definitely does not have the depth of "The Beekeeper's Apprentice" which remains the best of the series. Very good adventure mystery with some twists and turns. Please try again later. There's often a central question that does get resolved, usually in detail, before the end of the book. I think the listener would miss a great deal of information, reading these two books out of sequence. The God of the Hive continues the thread King began in The Language of Bees, in which Mary Russell and her famous husband, Sherlock Holmes, face trouble with Scotland Yard and the deadliest of … King's beloved sleuth Mary Russell here attempts to reverse her legendary husband, Sherlock Holmes', greatest failure. Mycroft Holmes, recovering from a heart attack, suddenly goes missing....all of it makes for utterly absorbing reading." Under his reluctant tutelage, this very modern 20th-century woman proves a deft protégée and a fitting partner for the Victorian detective. It is a source of Potions of Dexterity, Bottled Honey, and two untiered items, the Honey Scepter and the Orb of Sweet Demise.. Entrances to The Hive … Laurie R. King. Audiobooks Read By Your Favorite Celebrities, Ina Garten's Latest Cozy and Delicious Recipes, Read the Book Behind the Showtime Limited Series, Discover the Prologue to Jodi Picoult's Poignant New Novel, Chilling Audiobooks for a Haunting Halloween. I met him at the highly impressionable age of twelve and fell instantly in love. I would have stayed at the Stones, where even now my training and instincts were shouting that I belonged, hunting down Brothers before he could sail off and starthis dangerous religion anew in some other place. Holmes takes to the sea with his son Damian who has a gunshot wound and Russell grabs Holmes's three-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter Estelle and heads south. In every Russell and Holmes novel, Ms. King surpasses her previous work. A fishing town, big enough to have a doctor—perhaps even a rudimentary hospital. The third book in the Mary Russell–Sherlock Holmes series. This was an extremely satisfying ending to the cliffhanger in book 9. And *another* new and presumably ongoing character by whom I was entirely charmed - great addition. Were Watson here, Holmes would permit his old friend to take out his scalpel, even considering the faint hand tremor he'd seen the last time they had met. King's Holmes/Russell books are a chronological series and should be read in order, and they all refer (although usually rather obliquely) to previous events in the series. But who did what is generally spelled out explicitly long before the end. Some interesting characters were revealed in the first half, but there was virtually no action and not much to do but wait for something to happen. Read the two books back to back and you'll have no complaints! :/. She is quite at home in a variety of lnaguages & dialects. I hear that yet another Russell/Holmes installment is in the works – I will look forward to that next book and continue to hope (despite the weight of evidence to the contrary) that King will reward our emotional investment in her characters by following through on the intriguing new developments she has introduced. Part of the fun of this series is that it takes place in … But even there, King is playing so many games with POV that the impact of the climactic moment is often diffused long before the reader gets there. Standing over his son's form, he became aware of the most peculiar sensation, disturbingly primitive and almost entirely foreign. Also, you must like Sterlin's narration style because more characters wind their way into the tale than usual. My favourite so far of the series. Review from Badelynge The God of the Hive follows on directly from events in The Language of Bees and is the 10th book to feature Mary Russell. Now they are separated and on the … ), Thrilling conclusion to the events that began in, I dearly wish that I had read the previous book right before reading this one (instead of a year and a half and three moves ago) - I feel like I had forgotten some key plot points, and as _God of the Hive_ picks up (quite literally) where _The Language of Bees_ leaves off, that was a bit of a problem. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I really wanted to like this book more, but I was a little disappointed. Cancel anytime. Reverend Thomas Brothers (or James Harmony Hayden or Henry Smythe or whatever names he had claimed) lay dead among the standing stone circle. If you have not read them, be sure to start with the first book and take them in order. [ No current Talk conversations about this book. But as I said, children are a burden, whether three years old or thirty. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The extra characters are very delightful and well developed. I have read all of the Russell books and find that the series just keeps getting better. A trail of ominous clues comprise a mystery that leads from an English hamlet to the city of Paris to the wild prairie of the New World. . | ISBN 9780553590418 . The God of the Hive is a book by Laurie R. King and was published on April 27, 2010. If I stopped to think about it, such unchecked authority in one individual's hands would scare me witless, even though I had made use of it more than once.

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