Otro cambio muy deseable sería alterar la baja velocidad de rotación de Venus para reducir el ciclo día-noche (actualmente, un día en Venus equivale a 116.75 días terrestres).[2]​. It has been speculated that it would be possible to speed up the rotation and tilt the axis more by running the planet Mercury (or a Galilean moon) in a close flyby and locking it in as a moon. In the Venus vs Mars battle, Venus offers some interesting options on many criteria. If increasing the rotation speed of the planet would be desired (despite the above-mentioned potentially positive climatic effects of the current rotational speed), it would require energy of a magnitude many orders greater than the construction of orbiting solar mirrors, or even than the removal of the Venerian atmosphere. In the second scenario, carbon dioxide emissions rise to about 800 ppm, resulting in an average increase of about 4.5 °C (8 °F). Se necesitaría importar una enorme cantidad de hidrógeno para poder capturar todo el carbono existente en la atmósfera de Venus, estimado en 1.2×1020 kg. Abonnieren Sie den kostenlosen Newsletter und verpassen Sie keine Neuigkeit oder Aktion mehr vom Schwerkraft-Verlag. He made this very same suggestion, using genetically-modified algae to convert the CO2 into graphite and water. As an alternative to changing the atmosphere of Venus, it has been proposed that a large artificial mountain, dubbed the "Venusian Tower of Babel", could be built on the surface of Venus that would reach up to 50 kilometres (31 mi) into the atmosphere where the temperature and pressure conditions are similar to Earth and where a colony could be built on the peak of this artificial mountain. To address this, British Interplanetary Society member Paul Birch suggested creating a system of orbital solar mirrors near the L1 Lagrange point between Venus and the Sun. [24] A newly proposed variation of this technology is the atmospheric vortex engine, where instead of physical chimney pipes, the atmospheric updraft is achieved through the creation of a vortex, similar to a stationary tornado. We could spread a large light sail across the far side or install a ‘small’ continuous firing rocket. We won’t notice for about 500 million years but on the other hand that gives us plenty of time. 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Consider that even more brisk Solar Wind and Flux have been doing the same thing to Venus as with Mars, that is, without a magnetic field, stripping off the atmosphere for billions of years. We won’t notice for about 500 million years but on the other hand that gives us plenty of time. Pfftt… that’s not a problem. And harvesting those resources for anything other than in-situ utilization would be very time consuming and expensive. It’s gonna be a piece of cake. El científico y escritor Paul Birch propuso[5]​ la utilización de una serie de espejos contiguos próximos al punto L1 entre Venus y el Sol. And when it comes to removing Venus’ atmosphere, things are equally challenging. you would have plenty of fuel left after leaving the Moon. And the downsides are the major distances involved, which lead to transportation and communication issues. This would stabilize temperatures on Venus's Eastern and Western Hemispheres. There would also be the difficulty of balancing a thin-film shade perpendicular to the Sun's rays at the Sun–Venus Lagrangian point with the incoming radiation pressure, which would tend to turn the shade into a huge solar sail. If the shade were simply left at the L1 point, the pressure would add force to the sunward side and the shade would accelerate and drift out of orbit. The flakes of graphite would sink, raising the oxygen content in the atmosphere, and making the planet darker. Karla Thompson – @karlaii / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEItkORQYd4Wf0TpgYI_1fw On Earth nearly all carbon is sequestered in the form of carbonate minerals or in different stages of the carbon cycle, while very little is present in the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide. But this will change. The number and/or size of the balloons would necessarily be great. Mars wouldn’t offer us quite so much protection, and that would be a real concern for long-term habitation. Whether we would first implode under the atmospheric pressure or spontaneously burst into flames in all that oxygen is open to question.

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