During the final climactic "war" inside the villain's fortress, Jin is separated from Saki but they manage to reunite purely by coincidence one last time. But then Saki says that she "has to get going" and tells Numa sensei in his ear "Because Jin is waiting for me" and then she waves good bye. There's one final gigantic explosion that levels the entire fortress. Story wise, he dies relatively early on, maybe volume 5 or 6 or so? So that means all 3 main protagonists are dead. Numa sensei gives Saki her diploma during her own ceremony. (Side note: it is in fact an excellent manga and no surprise that it was so successful. They could've had a little bit of text at the start of season 2 saying Saki survived the fire but retired from police work and has changed her identity. It wasn't even needed.

Since at this point, we don't know if she survived the blast, we're left wondering if she'll show up. But Jin is shot by the grand villain of the entire series and suffers a heavy wound.

The TV drama is essentially it's own thing. They took the characters from the manga, kept the basic relationships and then came up with their own story.

He was a very important character but he wasn't really a "main" character in the manga and didn't appear too often.

Sorry in advance for the rant, I can't help myself, I need to release my anger and vent. I'm leaving out a lot the story but that's the gist of it as far as the deaths go. "Delinquent Girl Detective") is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Shinji Wada and serialized on Hana to Yume. As far as I remember, in the manga, Sanpei loves Saki but Saki loves Jin. Then Reimi comes back, tries to blow her up and brainwashes Sanpei to kill her.

The fortress is under attack from reinforcements and there are explosions everywhere. So basically, I think the show's producers didn't believe that there would be a second season and therefore wanted Saki and Jin and Sanpei to die as they did in the manga. Having the hero's die a "heroic death" wouldn't be unusual in Japanese story telling. The manga was 22 volumes in total and told maybe 5-7 stories over those 22 volumes. I agree completely. The manga is highly recommended. The ending of episode 22 seemed pretty thorough. So Mizuchi Reimi is deafeated and Saki is reunited with her mother and everyone is happy. When the 2nd season was announced, I guess they figured they'd just start fresh sort of in an "alternate universe" sort of way because explaining things would've been too difficult.

From what I remember, by the end his eyesight and health were starting to deteriorate. For reference, do you know anywhere you can get or read an english version of the manga? She then throws her yo-yo high up into the air which diverts everyone's attention and uses that moment to slip away and leave the ceremony. However, because the show diverged so much from the manga and it wasn't really a serialized show to begin with, they kind of just winged it and concocted something out of thin air just so that they could have the characters killed. I can take a stab at answering, though I obviously can't go into the minds of the creators and it's been a while so a few things are pretty fuzzy in my head. There's lots of congratulations and happy moments. Saki's younger sister loves Sanpei. Then the manga jumps to the epilogue where it's Saki's school's graduation ceremony. Who's idea was that bullshit ending? However, using plastic surgery, Remi transforms herself into looking exactly like Saki's sister and she similarly uses surgery to make Saki's sister to look like her (ie Remi). Then I load up season 2 and it's a totally new story with a totally new sukeban.

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