This is the wrong approach, and it nearly destroys him. Yes, this ending is rushed. Maka's bravery is tested throughout the entirety of Soul Eater, and in the end she finally comes through. I personally still love the anime's ending more than the manga's. Voice actors are good for the roles. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. He dies. Come take a peak inside! Now, I know that the anime, like the original Fullmetal Alchemist, finished before the manga ended up finishing, but that is no excuse for how terrible the ending of the anime was. Fuck Black Star. And towards the end of the manga, he doesn't really need her that much. that felt like Deus ex Machina. Maka defeats Asura with the support of her friends at her back, yes, but ultimately she faces and defeats him alone. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. If the series had built up Maka as advancing through the hoops like in the manga, if we had had another three or four seasons to see her grow in power and skill, maybe this would have worked. Blackstar's redeeming qualities were not strong enough to offset the annoyances he caused. In his final moments he understands what bravery truly is, but it's too late. Notice how, at no point in the series, does anybody ever give Asura "the friendship talk." But, it's the strength required to tap into that bravery that makes one truly great. However, merely accepting that everyone has to deal with madness isn't enough. Haven't seen Soul Eater. The series' ending wasn't very solid. This is why Maka's Kishin Hunter technique doesn't harm him. If he had been cut down by all three students working together while shouting "Together!" Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. But the ending turns all of this on its head. I would say to read the manga and watch it as well, but that's just me. Though on the flipside, Black Star can't wield anyone other than Tsubaki, since she's the only one complacent enough to team up with someone with such a huge ego. The solution is bravery. Soul eater Anime any good? Blackstar is just one of many elements of the show that reject traditional shounen cliches, or twist them in some way. and did it differ from the manga? He's insane, and his body is made of madness. How was it? "...Everyone, huh? Everything before this section is corroborated by the show itself, but this last point is one of interpretation so I'll make it quick. Starberry 9 years ago #1. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. How can you say that everything will be alright? All three of these victories required the infected individual to realize that everyone has a piece of madness inside them, a small and wicked aspect of themselves that they must come to realize and accept before they can master it. (Topic ID: 645651) (40 - ) Maybe here but in Japan where it matters it is not. But Asura? Yes, the final chapter of the manga is bullshit, but that's sort of the point. She isn't exceptional enough to beat Asura, and Asura knows this. I think part of the problem people have with Black*Star is that he's not a very good teammate to Tsubaki. It is Maka's willingness to fight on with optimism that grants her victory. I liked it quite a bit, but the ending is pretty terrible. Ohkubo is the kind of guy who likes to mess with his audience. Sure i guess the anime end was maybe a bit rushed and the last episode could have been done a bit better,but it sure doesn't deserve the 'hate' its been getting :). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. User Info: Starberry. 4,102 low enough that it's probably in the lower 50% of BONES anime. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I liked it quite a bit, but the ending is pretty terrible. But the point isn't about friendship. Crona gets a happier ending in the anime. I had a good time watching it. It made no sense to me. Still good but not as good as the manga, the ending to the anime in particular is hit or miss for most people. If you are looking to watch Made in Abyss Dawn of the Deep Soul (movie 3), post. Stein is more skilled, and Death can go toe-to-toe with Asura. Boiling down the entire ending to: "There's no way a human can punch a demon god to death" is missing the point. But it's not as terrible as everyone believes. So in defense of this ending, I'd like to bring up three major points: The ending is a thematic victory of optimism over cynicism and has nothing to do with the power of friendship, The duality of bravery and madness is a major theme hinted at or blatantly discussed throughout the anime, This ending is one of the best ways the series could have ended with so little time remaining and actually avoids major anime tropes. Anime ending gave Ashura one really, really great line, too. Still, I found it really preferable to the comic ending, which was an extended cringe-worthy boob joke. Metaphorically, Maka destroyed his cynicism with pure optimism. Since Asura is a being made of madness, the infectious bravery destroys him. I would absolutely be interested in an FMA:Brohood style re-do, though the episodes that follow the manga are already so good that I wouldn't mind a new series just starting from the divergence point. Like, people always told me that the ending to Soul Eater has one of the worst endings of any anime. Am I the only one around here who actually likes black star? I would love a reboot, if not for the ending, then for the much better invasion of Baba's Castle. It falls into some of the same tropes, yes, but in other areas it is truly unique. This makes Asura (an extremely paranoid and easily frightened person) freak out and attempt to flee. Seeing as the Soul Eater anime is mostly different from the manga. That's true, anyone can be brave. Most people I mention the Soul Eater manga to don't believe me that it even exists. It was really abrupt and brought huge plot elements out of nowhere (Maka's a Weapon?) That Brotherhood treatment can't come soon enough. He believes that the only proper response to this world is to embrace madness and find peace in insanity. ", "There's more to people than just bad thoughts and evil. From: SouIEater | #002I liked it quite a bit, but the ending is pretty terrible. Music is amazing. The entire conflict of Soul Eater is one of madness and bravery (or thematically, optimism and cynicism), so it's no surprise that the final encounter would also embody this struggle. When they accept this, they are made stronger. I recently rewatched Soul Eater, and there were a lot of things I had forgotten in the past nine years. IIRC, he wanted to surpass god or something, just because he's an egomaniac. I haven't gotten that far in the manga, but might I ask why? It does make sense, both in-universe and thematically, and it is one of the best ways they could have ended the series in such a quick time-span. refused to consider possibilities). Probably because the manga ending was awesome in comparison (minus the last issue, which was stupidity incarnate). He toys with her because he doesn't see her as a threat, but this leads to his downfall when she finally grasps her bravery and uses it to destroy him in a final symbolic attack. I would say to read the manga and watch it as well, but that's just me. It's like that obnoxious kid that thinks he's amazing and won't shut up that everybody hates. Disappointing: The Battle Location. "Maka just punches out the Kishin with the Power of Friendship?" Alright? What anime do you recommend for Halloween. it's so sad how people just don't seem to understand nuance, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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