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You think logically and rationally and leave the emotion behind when making decisions.

Marie Curie is one of the most iconic and powerful figures in history and had a strong IQ score of 185. Although she is at No. Sports have gained a prominent space in everyone's life, and females have also been showing great courage for a …, Source: Google Images She is a magazine columnist and writer. A keen Chess player, Fabiola Mann plans to study and work in the field of Medicine. Owing to her naval rank and great success she earned the title of “Amazing Grace”.

She is the most revered and woman scientist to date and this list is far too short and words are far too less to write about her achievements, contributions and awards. She was one of the first Programmer of MARK 1 computer and was the developer of the first Compiler. Smart women have a reading culture that they can’t give up, not for all the tea in China. She earned two Nobel Prizes – in 1903 for Physics and in 1911 for Chemistry. Hypatia, it is believed, invented many scientific instruments like the astrolabe and hydrometer. Her work has been considered extremely vital in the case of real-time computing. Introduction: -

In situations where money talks, everybody of a desirable interest would spare their ears to listen very carefully and where power and... Smartest Women on Earth – Top 10 Women with the Highest IQ, 10 Most Genius Child Prodigies of The World, 10 Child Prodigies with Distinctive Talents, most iconic and powerful figures in history, Top 15 Most Handsome Men in the World 2020, Top 10 Most Intelligent People of The World, 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World, 10 Things Which Made Alexander the Great ‘Great’, Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in The World, Top 15 Most Beautiful Girls in the world 2020. Her IQ score is about 200 and in certain IQ tests, she has scored more than that.

You’re a great analyst about your life, thinking rationally about each step. She co-authored and authored various commentaries and treatise. The score ‘160’ is important and special because it was achieved by none other than Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. She got 40 honorary degrees from many universities in the world and she had an IQ score of 175. Ruth Elke Lawrence-Naimark or Ruth Lawrence is a British Mathematician and Mathematics professor and has worked expansively in the field of Knot theory and algebraic topology.

Everyone is capable of making mistakes, but intelligent women don’t waste time dwindling on their past blunders. You live moment to moment and don’t take a single second for granted. She’s one of the smartest women as well as most intelligent people of all time. Also, she is noted as one of the smartest women with the highest IQ ever.

And yet my IQ (187 in SD 16, like Dr. Spencer Reid’s and Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s, lol) would suggests that i would be one of the most intelligent persons alive, i don’t think that intelligence can be actually quantified, so i stilo think that there are a lot of people smarter than me.

She also took Stanford-Binet and the Mega Test and scored over 200 on those test as well.

Edith Stern is one of the smartest women ever to be born. Reading. One can only feel wonder and respect for such geniuses. 5, but she was one of the smartest women of her time.

You know your body and mind, and you try to listen to what they’re telling you to do. You’re able to fantasize and have dreams, but you find it more important to set realistic goals for yourself. A smart woman doesn’t have … Marie Curie, the most well-known name on this list was a Franco-Polish Physicist and Chemist, most famous for her work in radioactivity. P.S.

Marilyn Vos Savant is a playwright, author, and magazine columnist.

The know what’s going on in the world and how they think it should be different and why. She has achieved many awards like a lifetime achievement award in the field of Engineering.

You’re strong, independent, intelligent, and everything else that embodies being a woman. You’re independent, able to give your man space and stand alone as your own individual person. She topped the Oxford entrance exam at the age of ten and even became the youngest person to have graduated from Oxford in modern times. Your health is important to us. Some of the brightest mind that graced the surface of the earth, these women have raised the bar of average human intelligence by pushing at the boundaries of it with all their metaphorically-pumped brain muscles!

Many people used to believe that men are the most intelligent beings on this planet.

An intelligent woman always stays true to herself, no matter how hard it … The whole world was surprised when they learned about her score in 2012 which was over 160. It is she who discovered the first ever compiler related tools. Later, she decided to join the field of computing and she remains unmatched and unparalleled in the field even to this day. Ruth Lawrence is known to have an IQ of 175, which is insanely huge! You’re always able to tell when someone is lying to you. Check our list below for the top 10 definitive signs of a smart woman.

And then, the logical mistake that all ignorant persons, like the one that wrote this article, make: if i have an IQ higher or equal to the IQ of Einstein or Stephen Hawking, this doesn’t means that i have the potential to achieve more or as much as these great minds had.

Who is the most intelligent woman you know, and which of these qualities remind you of them? You possess this amazing quality which lets you abide by your intuition. She died in 1992 at the age of 92. Grace Hopper or Grace Murray Hopper was an American Computer Scientist. She was a Greek philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician in Egypt and then the Eastern Roman Empire.

Here, we shall learn about 10 of the smartest women ever born. It was not too long before many women proved themselves better than men in every field, be it education, in the workplace, or in life generally. They might even disagree with you, and you respect them for it.

I have dived into the tunnels of history as well as gone through the latest of information to formulate this list of extremely intelligent high IQ women of the world.

You’re also conscious of when someone needs your help, and emphasize with your friends when they’re going through a difficult time. Hypatia: (IQ 190+).

She has completed her schooling in London from the Northwood College School for Girls.

Smart women have frames in each and every aspect of their life. Germaine Stael, also known as Madame de Stael was born in Paris in 1766 and was a French Social Commentator and Political Activist.

Our content is created to the best of our knowledge, yet it is of general nature and cannot in any way substitute an individual consultation by your doctor.

In addition, she was named one of the most intelligent people in the world.

Hypatia was the daughter of a famous mathematician Theon Alexandrinus.

As of now, she is completing her schooling from the Northwood College School for Girls in London. Lying only brings negative energy into your life. She authored and co-authored multiple treatise and commentaries, such as A commentary on the 13-volume Arithmetica by Diophantus.

At just the age of 10, she easily topped the entrance exam at Oxford and was the youngest person in modern times to graduate from Oxford. Judit Polgar, born on 23rd July 1976, is a Hungarian Chess Grandmaster and is considered to be the best woman chess player ever.
Her work’s effect on shaping the modern world is ineffable.

Born in 1971, Ruth Lawrence was known as a child genius as well as one of the smartest women.

She solve, TOP 10 WORLDWIDE SUPERSTITIONS ABOUT NUMBER 13. Which of these 10 traits of a smart woman do you possess? Fabiola Mann is a seventeen-year-old teen prodigy. To put things in perspective, both of these two young women have the potential to surpass these two legends of human history. She was considered to be the Smartest woman in the world and her contribution in the field of computing is unparalleled and unmatched, even today.

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