Looking for something to help kick start your next project? When you see a double-headed arrow appear on that object’s edge and another object on the page, you know the dimensions are equal. Figure 2: An example of the vertical center of a page and the horizontal center of the column. Note: The objects must be in the same area for the Smart Spacing to take effect. This works only with objects that you move into position, not objects that you are creating by dragging. Tips for Working with Smart Guides I'm having exactly the same problem. If you want to hide go to "View > Hide Rulers" to show them go to "View > Show Rulers". https://creativepro.com/issues/issue-48-essential-knowledge, CreativePro Week

By default the 0 point is at the top left corner. Adobe calls them Column Guides.

Mine are on all the time–can’t get them to turn off, and it makes me dizzy when I’m trying to work on a project quickly. Usually it only takes a few seconds of effort to create a more user-friendly layout, and avoid annoying smart guides problems. To turn on the Smart Cursors, choose Preferences > Interface > Show Transformation Values. This made the Smart Guides option inaccessible. Copyright © 2020 Adobe. You need to finish drawing the object and then move it around the page to see the Smart Guides for an intersection with the center of the object. Figure 6: The indicators for Smart Guides for rotation show that the two objects are rotated to the same angle. If the top and bottom or left and right margins are equal, the page centers and column centers will be equal.

tips, InQuestion: Numbering Headings and Synchronizing Text Frames, InDesign How-to Video: Bring in Colors with Adobe Capture, InDesign How-to Video: Make Color Themes from an Image. Guides are lines that can be placed at any point of the document as a reference for placing objects, text, images and are only visible while editing the document, that means they won't appear at the final print.

6. In particular, you can see InDesign Smart Guides Problems when you aren’t careful about the size and position of page objects. For example when you set some guides in "Layer 1" and you hide that layer the guides will also hide. Check out issue #48 of InDesign Magazine. Smart Dimensions of Smart Guides You should get better results. /t5/indesign/smart-guides-not-working-grayed-out/m-p/4840327#M17396, /t5/indesign/smart-guides-not-working-grayed-out/m-p/4840328#M17397, /t5/indesign/smart-guides-not-working-grayed-out/m-p/4840329#M17398, /t5/indesign/smart-guides-not-working-grayed-out/m-p/4840330#M17399, /t5/indesign/smart-guides-not-working-grayed-out/m-p/4840332#M17401, /t5/indesign/smart-guides-not-working-grayed-out/m-p/10645850#M155170, /t5/indesign/smart-guides-not-working-grayed-out/m-p/11186844#M189223, /t5/indesign/smart-guides-not-working-grayed-out/m-p/10919123#M175163. However, if you have unequal margins on the left and right or top and bottom, these centers are not the same as the centers for the page. How-tos, tips and tricks, and more.

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