Siberian cats: Blue Silver spotted tabby with white (left), Brown Mackerel Tabby (right). Red Siberian cat, showing the characteristic round-shaped head. Today we have an interview with Despina and her Human Mom Johanna from Mariestad, Sweden, ... Our today’s interview is with Sepp the Siberian kitty from Netherlands and his human ... Today we have an interview with Kahlua and her Human Mom Vickie from Pennsylvania, ... Today we are interviewing Miloš the Siberian kitty from Ontario, Canada and his Human ... Today we are interviewing three Siberian kitties living in Copenhagen, Denmark! Siberian cats are a fairly large-sized cat that can reach around 13 inches in height and can weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds once they reach adulthood. Siberian cats weigh between 6.8-9.1 kg for the males and 4.5-6.8 kg for females. It wasn't until the 1990's that the World Cat Federation recognized the breed and facilitated its international expansion. If you are the new tutor for one of these feline friends, you may need to exercise a little patience at the beginning. Siberian cats moult once or twice a year. [10], In 1999, Indoor Biotechnologies tested the fur of four cats for Fel d1; a mixed breed, two Siberians, and an Abyssinian. This breed appears to be more recent than it is likely to be, since there no extant documents which mention it before 1871. Siberian cats tend to come into reproductive readiness earlier than other breeds, sometimes as young as five months. Mocha Siberian with white patch on chest. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "There's No Such Thing as a Hypoallergenic Cat", "Siberian – Cat Breed Information & Breed Facts", "The Cat Who Became Head Forester, in Old Peter's Russian Tales by Arthur Ransome",, Articles lacking reliable references from March 2013, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from March 2013, Articles needing additional references from September 2014, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2008, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 18:56. There are legends which claim these cats were tasked with guardian Russian monasteries. [15], This test of fur allergen levels is cited by many Siberian breeder websites as evidence the breed is hypoallergenic. We are all about this wonderful breed. Male Blue lynx point (left) and Female Seal lynx point (right) Siberian colorpoint kittens at 13 weeks old, Female Adult Siberian Cat with Seal Lynx Point Coat. I hope you can find all the information you need about Siberian cats on our website. Specimens of this breed can be found across expansive groves of Russia and the Ukraine. The high end of these ranges is consistent with results from prior studies, though the low end is below expected results. [19] WBZ-AM talk radio host Steve LeVeille mentions his Siberian, Max, on his Boston-based program.[19]. His body is muscular and he has big round paws with tufts of fur and a thickly furred tail. Keep reading to see why this wonderful cat has become so beloved. One of the most important aspects of a Siberian cat's care is their coat. This can be partly explained by the prohibitive Soviet Union government which had restrictions on pet ownership, requiring Siberian cat guardians to look after their animals covertly. This sets them apart from breeds that are the result of fairly recent selective breeding. Two Siberian brown mackerel tabby kittens. Brianna, also known as Briebrie the Siberian Princess, Nila, Milo and Nemi the Siberians from Copenhagen, Denmark, Interview with Sepp and Neko the Siberians. Jewel Justyna and Jayson Jaguar the Neva Masquerade Siberian couple!

Salivary Fel d1 allergen levels in Siberians ranged from 0.08-27 µg per ml of saliva, while fur levels ranged from 5 to 1300 µg. At the same time, it is also true that it may take the Siberian cat a little while to get over their initial shyness with strangers. Their adult weight varies anywhere between 4.5 and 9 kg in both males and females. Additionally, as their hind legs are slightly longer than the front, their back is somewhat arched. However, Siberian litters may consist of as few as one and as many as nine kittens. Although its robust appearance can seem intimidating, it is a very affectionate cat which adapts well to living with other cats and even dogs. We'll describe their characteristics, explain their general character and help you understand their specific care needs. [2] The cat is an ancient breed that is now believed to be ancestral to all modern long-haired cats. The average lifespan of a Siberian cat is 10 to 18 years. As the Siberian cat has a protective layer of natural oils on their fur, bathing should generally be avoided. This is why it is also sometimes known as the ‘Siberian Forest cat’.

Best food for the Siberian cat – are you feeding your Siberian right? About half of Siberians were found to have Fel d1 levels lower than other breeds, while under twenty percent would be considered very low.

This website is the world’s largest resource on Siberian Cats. It is believed they come from the crossing of domestic cats with wild cats from the Siberian forests.
[11] Siberians have a slight arch to their back, because their hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs. Critiques include that the sample size (only 4 cats) is below statistical significance, was submitted by a Siberian breeder, and as mentioned, one cat was found to have Fel d1 allergen levels of 62,813 micrograms (roughly 60× higher than any published professional study).[16]. (Until you wash them . Here are some other cat breeds and their sizes, including Siberian cat, for comparison: Bombay Cat – 7-9 inch high, 5-10 lb weight. The variety can be seen in Russian paintings and writings dating back hundreds of years. Despite this, there may be some diseases to which they are slightly more prone, such as hypertrophic heart disease, which consists of an enlarged left ventricular myocardium. Another aspect of a Siberian cat's care we need to take into account is whether they should be bathed. Veterinary Sciences. Some males may even reach a much as 11 kg. [10][clarification needed] Siberians first arrived in the United States in 1990. In the webcomic Hetalia: Axis Powers, the character Ivan "Russia" Braginski owns a Siberian cat, as shown in the strip titled "Cat Conference". Siberian cat price – how much do Siberian cats cost? 6 month old Siberian male red classic tabby. [3] Another formal breed name is the Moscow Semi-Longhair. [citation needed]. Siberian Cat Rescue – update: available Siberians, Siberian cat names – picking a name for your Siberian kitten, Bringing your Siberian kitten home – what you need to know, How to choose a Siberian kitten that’s right for you, Siberian cats health problems – a complete guide, Dental issues in Siberian cats: things to know to keep your cat’s teeth healthy, Declawing your cat – please be humane and don’t. This protein is the allergen responsible for up to 80% of animal allergies. It can take the Siberian up to five years to reach his full size and coat. The Siberian cat is one of the so-called ‘forest cats’, as are the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cat. The Siberian cat is a large, hefty cat with males being somewhat larger than the females. It’s hard to say just how long Siberian cats have existed in Russia, but based on Russian fairy tales and children’s books, they have likely been around for … The colorpoint variant of the breed is called the Neva Masquerade by some registries, including Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFé). [17][self-published source]. The Siberian (along with the Russian Blue, Balinese, Cornish Rex, Sphynx and several others) produces less Fel d 1 than other cat breeds and, while it is certainly not completely so, is often called hypoallergenic. (It takes Siberian kittens about five years until they are considered adults). It should be taken into account that Siberian cats will not reach their final size until 4 or 5 years of age, with a rate of growth considerably slower than most other cat breeds.

[15] Indoor Biotechnologies cautions that the Siberian levels were still high, and that the mixed breed sample was "exceptionally high". ), How to prevent my Siberian cat from scratching furniture. The belly and chest areas require a little more focus as well as any particularly long areas. On average, a Siberian litter consists of five to six kittens, as compared to the average litter of three to four kittens in breeds who have been registered as pedigreed cats. Once you pamper them and engage in play behavior, they should warm to you quickly. This is a medium-size to large cat weighing 8 to 17 pounds and sometimes more. Achieving reproductive ability early and having large litters provides a biological balance to this. They are usually muscly and sturdy, with a low-set body and thick, massive paws. My Cat Doesn't Sleep at Night - Is There a Problem? Brown Patched Tabby with White Siberian cat. ), Are Siberian cats hypoallergenic? Do you have to bathe Siberian cats? For this reason, Siberian cats are a good choice for those affected by allergies. For this reason, it is believed to be one of the oldest cat breeds in the world, despite much official documentation. In Russia, they were noted companions of noblepersons, being present in the most distinguished palaces of Imperial Russia. Sartore, Stefano; Landoni, Eleonora; Maione, Sandra; Tarducci, Alberto; Borrelli, Antonio; Soglia, Dominga; Rasero, Roberto; Sacchi, Paola (2017-12-01). She ... Our featured Siberian cat of the day is Morpheus, a 5-months old who lives ... Today we welcome Fiore the Siberian kitten from London, UK, and his Human Mom ... Siberian Research – A not-for-profit research center for the Siberian Cat. Regardless of their color, the Siberian cat's eyes are round and expressive. The latter, however, are usually a little light and maxing around 8 kg. Therefore, inbreeding became common. Vonda N. McIntyre introduces a Siberian Forest Cat as the pet of Spock's cousin Stephen in Enterprise the First Adventure (Pocket Books, 1986). As of March 2010, fur and saliva samples from over 300 Siberians have been submitted for analysis, many directly from a veterinarian. Meeko and Sassie, the Siberian brother and sister! (It takes Siberian kittens about five years until they are considered adults). Their balanced temperament and physical characteristics have made them an ideal companion to people of all walks of life. Since females of all feline breeds produce lower levels of Fel d1, breeders often suggest that allergic families adopt female cats. In Eastern Europe, where the breed is common and less expensive, this issue is less likely to arise than elsewhere. The head of the Siberian is a modified wedge of medium size with rounded contours broader at the skull and narrowing slightly to a full rounded muzzle with well rounded chin. It is often said that the Siberian cat's interaction with their guardian is similar to that of a dog.

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