Move and expose your self; or fire and never get anywhere. They have a very old-school feel about them. 20mm is a great scale for armour modeling with vehicles and figures sufficiently large to look great when done. ), RedStar Miniatures selling Dien Bien Phu 28mm range, DECODED: The Cold War in Europe 1945-1995, Stopping the Red Tide - Wargaming in 15mm, CIA Freedom of Information Act Site- Search, Dish Models - Soviet Equipment Walk Rounds, DTIC Repository - Soviet Army Studies Office, FM 100-2-1 Soviet, Operations and Tactics, Fm 100-2-2 Specialised Warfare and Rear Area Support, FM 100-2-3 Soviet, Troop Organisation & Equipment, German Armed Forces, Force Structures 1989, Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, KCL, Painting & Marking British Vehicles Part 1, Painting & Marking British Vehicles Part 2, Plain Military - British Equipment Pictures, Spearhead of the Attack, The Role of the Forward Detachment in Tactical Manoeuvre, DM Glanz, 1988, The Soviet Army in The Cold War, Feskov, Russian Language. Rapid Fire! This sets the tone.

More… Read More. The Germans needed to be less hasty and use a concealed approach to unite in the centre before taking the strong British armour on. I was familiar with RF through WW2 gaming and when the, Tim's picked these up and done an excellent job of enhancing what were a fairly loose collection of ideas and turning them into a coherent set of rule additions making them a lot more attractive and digestible. But FFT uses more dice to resolve fire. My figure to man ratios change, making all figures / vehicles 1:2 or 1:3, thus producing the following changes to the game: What else changes? Rapid Fire Reloaded is the latest version of the Rapid Fire basic rules for W.W.2 wargaming with miniatures. I also dislike that a group of 8 to 10 figures is a company but a building is still a building. The Orbats covered are: The rules adapt easily enough for the late 1980's period and can be used for Ultra Modern and near future with a little thought. Fire is often very effective. The Christmas Offensive Game: 1st May Collective a... One Hour Wargames "Freestyle" Edition: Hasty Attac... DAK Baptism by Fire: An Unqualified Disaster! The basic chance to hit is 60%, or 70% at short range (though it goes up to 74% at short range in my rules if everybody sits still), an even then it often bounces off. The WW1 tank rules included in Rapid Fire! Still, I’m not writing off RF for club games yet. Virtual Campaign Streamers & Decorations, Power Sword: PowerSword 3D Printable Tabletop Miniatures Wave 2: Serpent Kickstarter, Requesting Some Feedback From the Readers, Warfare in the Age of Cynics and Amateurs. There is deliberately no designed distance scale (in common with most modern rules, it needs to be said), which no doubt means that shorter ranges are longer, if you see what I mean. The German 88mm in the Tiger I is classed the same (grade 2) as the longer 75mm weapon in the Panzer IV (though it has better HE capability). LOLI really like the ideas - I have bases that can hold my single figures and have been using two of them to model companies at the larger scale for Field of Battle WWII. Provides an interesting mix of supporting weapons to go with your infantry, such as artillery, aircraft and armor. Crossfire, Hit The Dirt, Rutherford & Lewis, Force on Force, Bush Wars, Africa 1960-2010, AAG, Force on Force, Cold War Gone Hot, Ambush Alley Games. What I have always loved about Rapid Fire is the way the units are abstracted allowing battle groups to be reasonably represented by 10-15 models, this allows you to game in 20mm on a table top at battle group level with ease and with thought to extend into the operational level. Very good rule set to introduce players to World War II miniature gaming.

And yet it plays as a 1:1 skirmish game, with vehicles being knocked out by single shots and troops storming individual houses. The focus for the rule set is the early 80's the period of the first game and Tims area of interest. A busy period for family and work - however I was asked a question about the rules I use, and it's a fairly frequent question so I thought I would knock out a quick post on the subject. The models and figures can easily be adapted and enhanced. for Rookies (An introduction to the fast play rules for World War II wargaming) Playing the Game •To play you will need some six sided dice (D6), a tape measure (graduated in inches), a playing area (recommended minimum size 6' by 4'), some scenery …

That means a 5:1 ratio for vehicles and 15:1 for infantry.

An outing with Rapid Fire rules. British and US Paradrop Tokens AUTOMATIC FIRE: Figures with machine guns, automatic pistols and other rapid-fire weapons roll TWO dice when making a distance attack, and use the higher result, before applying any adjustments to the die result. Guide to the North African Campaign February to June 1941, Rapid Fire! Colonel Frost must hold on to their bridgehead until reinforced by the rest of the the Division. Rapid Fire! Provides an interesting mix of supporting weapons to … 2017 The Year in Review. If you have a powerful gun in RF it is much higher than this (often 5/6 to inflict a guaranteed damage). It covers three key engagements from the lesser-known First Battle of El…More Information, T40 full colour pages Graphic orders of battle Includes panzer units at Kharkov and Stalingrad,the organisation of early kampfgruppen and lots of specialist units, ‘Lightfoot’s Left Flank – Masters of Miteiriya Ridge’ – is a new scenario for ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ in pdf format only. Play test game coming soon! They are meant to be brigade level rules, with whole battalions of infantry on the table, and three tank models to a company. £5 + postage. On one hand, I enjoy them very much as they are. The chap who hosts the Nations in Arms blog is using a Rapid Fire variant with the cards from FoB WWII to decide the turn sequence (rather tha RF's IGOUGO), which introduces battlefield chaos, but with the skilled factor of better command.I have an inkling to combine your RF suggestions with the card driven sequence from FoB. Rapid Fire! It covers the left flank of the main northern ‘Lightfoot’ assault during the battle of El Alamein and is…More Information, ‘Lightfoot’s Southern Assault’ is the latest scenario for ‘Monty’s Desert Battles’ in pdf format only and completes our coverage of this epic battle. Rapid Fire! For example, in antitank fire you typically throw three dice to see if you hit, a handful to see if you penetrate, and maybe one more for a “quality check”.

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