Yeah, you know what the other half are? Come visit The (New) Thriilng Detective Web Site. Fucking A! The movie is based in Dorchester, Massachusetts where two Boston private investigators Patrick Kenzie and his partner and girlfriend Angie Gennaro are hired to find the child of Helene McCready, Amanda, who was abducted from her home one night while her mother was off using drugs with her boyfriend. Patrick Kenzie I don't wanna find their little kid in a dumpster. They say how old the boy was? I just want my daughter back. The successful film adaptation of his standalone Mystic River certainly didn't hurt, either. : For example, even though Lindsay says Patrick is her first and only, this isn’t technically true. Oh yeah? Movie: Gone, Baby, Gone We have a good life, right? : She use drugs? We're gonna find her, Helene. I put the plug in the jug myself, I got twenty-three years sobriety, so, I'm good. How much is a little? Film Characters: Theory, Analysis, Interpretation [English outline of "Die Figur im Film"] : Cheese Ask Ray. The bodies around their souls, the cities wrapped around those. You come 'round here again, and I'm gonna get discourteous on your ass. Patrick Kenzie How's that, motherfucker? : : SWAT'll be here in five minutes. Patrick and Angie grew up in an Irish/Polish/Italian working-class neighbourhood where "your boundaries begin in the schoolyard and last a lifetime," (according to Margaret Cannon), who summed it all up as "a major debut." Angie Gennaro You walk away from it, you may not regret it when you get home. : Angie Gennaro : : : Patrick Kenzie (b. He doesn't write letters to the editor or hate mail to the president, he doesn't form groups or stage marches or consider his hate as anything other than a completely natural aspect of his world, like breathing or the shot glass. Kid on Bike Angie stayed obsessed with Amanda’s disappearance even though no new leads were given.

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