So, without further ado: Here's how to unlock all of Overcooked 2's secret levels, Overcooked 2 is back on the menu with five free Sun's Out Buns Out levels - Jordan Devore, Overcooked 2 is back with more free DLC on July 5 - Jordan Devore, Overcooked 2 has an all-DLC-included Gourmet Edition - Jordan Devore, Fire up Overcooked 2 for the Spring Festival update - Jordan Devore, Overcooked 2 added five free Winter Wonderland levels - Jordan Devore, Overcooked 2 has a Winter Wonderland update for the holidays - Jordan Devore, Overcooked 2 - Carnival of Chaos is serving up hot dogs and human cannonballs - Jordan Devore, Overcooked 2 closes out its Season Pass with Carnival of Chaos - Jordan Devore, New Overcooked 2 DLC 'Night of the Hangry Horde' detailed at E3, horde mode unveiled - Chris Carter, Cooperative teams must achieve a combo of 2, Cooperative teams must achieve a combo of 5, Cooperative teams must achieve a score of 1,000, Cooperative teams must achieve a score of 1,100, Cooperative teams must achieve a score of 500, Cooperative teams must achieve a combo of 8, Cooperative teams must achieve a combo of 7, Players (solo or cooperative) must hand in one recipe in the first 120 seconds while also obtaining at least one star in the level, Players (solo or cooperative) must achieve a combo of 4, Players (solo or cooperative) must achieve a combo of 5, Cooperative teams must achieve a score of 800. And for the love of God, be careful traveling across those treacherous conveyer belts! 2 and all its DLCs, along with short explanations about how to unlock each of them. To unlock this, you'll need to get cooking in the Harry Potter-themed wizard kitchen of 3-1. And how many points do you need to unlock each one? If Kevin 5 didn't make you loathe conveyer belts enough in this game, Kevin 6 sure will! 2. Unlocking the Kevin levels will be a source of constant intrigue. Precision and orderly work are favored over speed here since you're going for combos. Kevin 8 is yet another struggle against conveyor belts, since food will be rolling down the belt at a pretty rapid pace. How to find all of the treasures offered by Xenia in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Fortunately, we have an extensive list of the requirements for each level, which should save you an awful lot of confusion and time. Some tips: Always dash when moving around. The occasionally rotating 4 platforms can prove a bit jarring at times. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy and customise your settings below. Pops when you achieve 3 stars on all levels from World 1, World 2 and World 3.Kevin’s levels are not required for this trophy. You'll want to be swift and sharp with your tasks and coordinate with your teammate. Heads Will RollChop 500 ingredients using the guillotine. RELATED: 10 Great Co-Op Games To Play On Xbox. Overcooked! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Overcooked! There are eight hidden levels in total, spread through the story map (you’ll notice them as tiles that haven’t flipped in the world despite you completing the levels around them). Maybe you'll occasionally unlock a few more Kevin levels which only fuels the bewilderment. Once you've done this, swoop around to the bone icon directly north and east of that stage. 2 – Surf ‘N’ Turf Trophy Guide, Overcooked! There's no sugarcoating it - this is a tough one to unlock.

Kevin 4 can be rough on account of having to maneuver around pesky embers spat from a central pyre of flames. What mystery criteria could you have fulfilled that time? The Secret Ingredient achievement in Overcooked 2: Get 3 stars on all hidden levels. 2, their names and the way of obtaining them. We just finished New Game+, unlocked all 180 stars, but didn't notice anything? Very little about Overcooked 2 will leave you confused. These cookies do not store any personal information. Welcome to the third DLC trophy guide, Night of the Hangry Horde. Overcooked!

Should not take more than 30 minutes for both trophies. He's a history buff, an aspiring writer of short fiction, and a devout metalhead who enjoys poorly drumming along to Black Sabbath on his cheap drum set.

(This content is free) World 2 becomes a bit more perilous with caverns and sea rafts.

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