As he explored the site, he found a large burial urn and from it appeared the ghostly garb of his ancestors Carter and Lincoln Slade.

Location: Aldsworth (Gloucestershire) - Larkethill Wood Date / Time: 1938 Guillot says. Date / Time: Unknown The ghost story behind this is that the shades of a murdered couple haunted the spot before the ghost of Dick Turpin joined them - Turpin had found their bodies and helped the murderer bury them, in return for a safe house. He attempted to have them further cheapened by saying that the road itself was haunted by a ghostly horseman, but no further reduction was given.

Jaime regained her senses to see Mockingbird stand over her father's dead body and believed the Avenger was responsible.

Further Comments: A coach pulled by a team of four horses which sunk into the pond drowning all on board is seen repeating the tragic accident once a year. Date / Time: 1984 All three horses were bays, with Bodemeister having a white blaze on his face. "The short answer to why is his coat like that, there is likely a mutation in one or more of the genes involved in pigmentation," professor and. Location: Ardmore (County Waterford) - Ardogina House

Date / Time: May 1948 Location: Askham (Cumbria) - Area around St Peter's Church He has superhuman reflexes and the ability to cause a chain to ignite in flame and cause massive damage.

Further Comments: A mother and daughter encountered a carriage being drawn by two white horses. Location: Atworth (Wiltshire) - A365 His British owner, the Duke of Devonshire, once reportedly received an offer to buy the stallion for the price of its weight in gold. Southern Phantom's sire is Bodemeister -- a bay horse with a white blaze on his face.

We had 2,800 entries in four days so I said 'hey, hey, put a halt to this thing so I can pick a name!'". Phantom Rider is the name of several fictional characters, Old West heroic gunfighters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Described as short, and looking like a tramp, the ghost had what appeared to be a slashed throat.

[18] The character roll call at the beginning of Secret Invasion #4 (Sept. 2008) refers to J. T. as "Hellfire". It was said that the phantom occurrence had also been experienced by previous rectors, and that the rectory was built on top of an old road.

It now safeguards the Clotworthy family name on the condition it is never removed. Further Comments: No longer seen since extensive roadwork, a ghostly horseman was once said to haunt the area.

Location: A58 (Yorkshire) - A58/A641 junction, also known as Hell Fire Corner

In the seventeenth century, the Earl of Winchelsea cut down several oak trees, bestowing a curse on his family which took the life of his wife and son shortly after. Location: Acton (Suffolk) - Acton Park, The 'Nursery Corner' Date / Time: Unknown In addition, a stone wolfhound which stands by the gateway is said to have once been flesh and blood - the dog gave a warning to an advancing sneak attack upon the castle before turning into rock. Carter Slade, the first to wear the mask, debuted in Ghost Rider #1 (Feb. 1967). Morey's deeds were soon discovered, and his executed remains displayed on the gibbet that stood upon the barrow. Date / Time: Unknown date, but appears at midnight

"He's very friendly, he's very people orientated," he adds.

Location: Ascot (Berkshire) - Royal Ascot Hotel (no longer standing - site now a roundabout along the Bracknell Road) Mentioning the encounter to a work colleague the following day, the colleague described the figure which was encountered and said the area was haunted. He also has two dolphins named Solomon and Nefertiti, and numerous other animals kept on the island of Eden. The witness stopped to see if she was lost or needed a lift, but she had vanished. Recorded from RecordTV broadcast, television network from São Paulo, Brazil.

Sired by the Darley Arabian --one third of the thoroughbred stallion trifecta, along with the Godolphin Arabian and the Byerly Turk -- Flying Childers is often credited as the first true "great racehorse.

"I have never seen a thoroughbred with these markings," another writes. Guillot's not quite sure where his horse's splashed white pattern came from.

While the words "freaky," "scary" and "creepy" have been thrown about at the racecourse when Southern Phantom walks by, Guillot is quick to dismiss them. The 1895 filming of the Epsom Derby fast became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, with thousands of people flocking to exhibitions to witness racing on film for the first time.

I'm kind of getting a little upset with it because I'm used to the camera's being on me," Southern Phantom's colorful trainer, Eric Guillot tells CNN Sport. Location: Ascot (Berkshire) - Woodlands Ride, heading into the forest [19] Nick Fury allows Hellfire to fall to his death as a result of the character's double dealings. Lincoln kidnapped the Avenger and fled to a secret location.

Phantom Rider is the name of several fictional characters, Old West heroic gunfighters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The character was originally called Ghost Rider, and was renamed following the introduction of Marvel's motorcycle-riding character called Ghost Rider.. Jones was one-half of the team called the Gunhawks, along with his former friend, Kid Cassidy, whom Jones had believed dead. He also has a trained falcon named Fraka.

Date / Time: 31 May (reoccurring) ", Southern Phantom: White-faced race horse and social media sensation.

The Phantom; First Sunday strip (May 28, 1939); art by Ray Moore.

As the driver reached the spot where he had seen the vehicle pass, he realised there was no side road where the coach and horses could have crossed.

He was played by Sam Elliott in the 2007 film Ghost Rider, as an amalgamation of Carter Slade and Caretaker.

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