Pietro’s sister is the Scarlet Witch whose son, Speed, was given the same powers as his uncle.

As we wind down from All Might’s amazing battle with All For One, MY HERO ACADEMIA us entering a somewhat transitional period. Koda is one of the sweetest students in the class.

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Sports Festival. But the anime takes this respect and admiration to a level such that it overshadows her actual character.

in battle.

Also, that’s only half of his real power. And he deserves it for being so gross. Some people are low on the list because a lot of heroism in MY HERO ACADEMIA centers around combat. Bakugo is the most hot-headed student in class 1-A, but he is also the most impressive, coming in first place in the U.A. Located in

Ashido is one of the spunkiest members of the class and definitely an interesting fighter even if not the strongest. Though their powers are similar, Bakugo would easily be able to take down his Marvel counterpart. Now, before you tear my head off, consider a few things.

Kirishima is a kind-hearted kid who was the only classmate to befriend the tough Bakugo. Most of Todoroki's humor comes from his interactions with other characters. It’s the only Quirk in MY HERO ACADEMIA with its own personality.

For her, using her ability is as natural as it would be for a frog, so her comfortability in it is top notch.

Jiro’s standard hearing is incredibly strong too, making her a relatively impressive all-rounder.

But in anticipatable matches, rescues, general heroism, and investigatory skills, her Quirk and intellect combination is perfect. Touching something and secreting the acid directly has the capability of dissolving walls or any impediments. Sero's quirk is one that is easily overlooked, but honestly has a lot of potential. During their match, Todoroki was able to block Midoriya’s air attacks, took a few hits, and expertly froze Midoriya’s limbs.

While his actions are horrifying, he is consistently the butt of the joke rather than the facilitator of it. He's absolutely brilliant, if a bit abrasive at times.

Aoyama is a perfect example of amazing Quirk, weak personality, and harsh drawback. High School In a rescue situation, he can constantly defend civilians while being immune from falling debris himself.

But fighting after sustaining critical injuries is a dangerous habit. Yuga Aoyama was one of the first high school students introduced in the series. Similarly, Iida takes his brother’s hero name of Ingenium after his brother is wounded.

She can stretch them as far as six meters and they’re powerful enough to crack boulders. Midoriya is another obvious choice for the top of this list.

The company, Marvel Comics was founded in 1931 and over 91 years has created countless characters with varying superpowers.

But, Tsuyu’s Quirk is a mutation type and modifies her body to accomplish these feats. Due to this necessity to have heroes to combat the villains, hero schools started to open up around the world, with the most prestigious being U.A. Red.

While there few heroes across all universes that can measure up to a Norse god, one day it could be the Stun Gun Hero: Chargbolt.

Perhaps the peak Bakugo moments came in Season 4, when he and other students had to win the trust of a group of kindergarten kids. While taking revenge on hero killer Stain, Iida managed to track him down and put up a decent fight. During the assault at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, she displayed considerable skill with weapons of her own creation and was able to arm her classmates. His Naval Laser is powerful enough to destroy metal and pierce through walls.

Give that man an amplifier, and his range would become absolutely ridiculous.

During the Sports Festival, he defeated Tetsutetsu, whose similar Quirk allows him to harden into steel. The Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. Her quirk allows her to create acid, which is a perfect offense and defense.

Kirishima may not seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's still got a lot going for him. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

She's known for being a bit on the quirky side, but that doesn't diminish her passion in the least. While using Hardening, Kirishima’s strength increases to the point where he’s capable of digging into concrete.

When he is around combat, he finds himself in perfect positions to snipe enemies with a single powerful shot. 1. She can create anything through the lipids in her skin, as long as she's got the space and energy for it. At this point, any more major battles will render his arms completely useless following overuse. Tokoyami’s quirk is called Dark Shadow and allows him to create a sentient shadow from his body. Class 1-A (1年 (ねん) A (エー) 組 (ぐみ) , Ichi-nen Ē-gumi?) We’re not talking about grades or popularity.

It’s really the only fight of his we’ve gotten to see, but he proved himself plenty. Due to lack of significant presence in fights, it’s hard to see where she might fit in.

Just like Bakugo, Jubilee sported a flashy outfit including a yellow jacket and pink sunglasses. Midoriya’s problem is that he epitomizes heroism without the ability to fully use One For All. But where she shines is the non-fighting missions like deactivating or checking out something in secret.

Let’s take a look. However, she's still quite vulnerable at the moment. Unlike a lot of others, Koda simply isn’t on screen or active enough to develop that power.

In reality, Bakugo is one of the smartest in the class academically, the best in terms of unpredictable attack pattern, and has truly mastered his Quirk. He can take more hits than almost anyone in the class. Even Todoroki had to rely on her help in order to defeat Eraser Head.

That would be perfect for coordinating rescue efforts and the like.

This concerns how each character has proven themselves to adapt their Quirk to battle, movement, and a variety of situations.

Tokoyami has one of the strongest quirks combined with one of the strongest weaknesses. She’s certain to become one of the strongest pros eventually, and she could certainly take down a fair handful of her classmates.

However, most of Kaminari's comedy comes from the overuse of his quirk.

But too much of that depends on high-quality heroism from others, thus his low rating. He's basically a 3-year-old hopped up on a bowl of sugary cereal. It’s an impressive tail, no doubt.
Any additional ten grams adds three minutes to his strength.

Ashido is another character who has room to improve. Most watchers would be hard pressed to see Dark Shadow’s berserk, uncontrolled form and call it a ‘strength’ of Tokoyami’s.


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Her frog-like demeanor coupled with her witty lines easily makes her deserving of a place on this list. Kirishima has a warm and funny personality, with the character being very focused around his own ideas of chivalry and responsibility. We haven’t had too much of an opportunity to see him in rescue and support situations, but his Engine allows him to quickly transport civilians or move debris with his massive strength. But secondly, this is where the weakness and benefit scale poorly.

Katsuki Bakugo may be a controversial addition to this list as he spends a lot of his time on the show belittling, bullying, and mocking Izuku Midoriya, acting as Midoriya's childhood bully throughout their time in school together before U.A.

Especially as we’ve seen Eijiro go head-to-head against another hero with an identical quirk during the tournament arc of Season 2.

It’s reasonable to assume that those same qualities transfer into his heroism. Even so, Midoriya is incredibly fast, has high maneuverability, can safely transport civilians, and has great battle sense.

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. A large part of his low ranking comes from that.

Rather, her timidity and coyness didn’t get fixed at all until after her fight alongside Todoroki against Eraser Head.

In fact, the only real ‘weakness’ he has is being too strong. Kirishima turns one of MY HERO ACADEMIA’s simplest Quirks into an amazing offensive and defensive tool. Kanji Already he's learned the limitations of this quirk and is working past them. They’re defensive and supportive, not your typical explosive or destructive abilities.

While Mineta appears to have one of the worst quirks imaginable due to the fact that his quirk, called Pop Off, simply allows Mineta to grow sticky purple balls on his head that he can then pull off and throw at people.

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