[12], Once the commission had decided that the likely cause of the explosion was the expulsion of fire-damp from the 4th Right goaf they considered whether blame could or should be attached to any person or persons.

a national park, Types Many high trees are to be found there and pockets of rainforest grow about Dapto Creek and American Creek. [6] There are two main haulage roadways. [11] They accepted that under normal circumstances the ventilation would deal with the problem but "This result ... leads the Commission irresistibly to the conclusion ... that, given favourable conditions for accumulation, a dangerous collection might be found in almost any part of the workings".[11]. No testing for gas seems to have occurred, in part because the roof was highly unstable. The site as a whole has a strong association in the course of the Illawarra’s and the state’s history because: Peripheral association with local identities on the Illawarra coast and the state of NSW, of particular note is Ebenezer Vickery, who acquired an interest in seven coal mines in the Illawarra and was chairman of the Mount Kembla Coal and Oil Company. He succumbed to his injuries in Wollongong hospital on 29/5/1907. (DoMAR 1917), 1918 – 83 men employed at the surface, 191 men u/g.

The after-damp was responsible for the majority of the deaths. "Haulage road" – A tunnel used for transporting the coal to the entrance. The first European to observe the mountain was Captain James Cook on his voyage from Whitby. Rogers re-appointed Mine Manager.

(SCT 16/11/1945 p7), 1946 – Australian Iron & Steel (AIS) purchases Mt Kembla Colliery for £150,000, all the residences in Kembla Heights and the rail line to Port Kembla. A new sub-station is installed in the #6 Right District, some 1.5 miles inbye the portal. (DoMAR 1920), 1920 – Details of the ventilation as listed in the annual report; 6 Adits as Intakes- 6’x 5’-6”; 7’x 5’; 7’x 5’; 13’x 7’; 6’x 5’; 8’x 6’-3”. Kembla Kerosene Works” – Works will be RESUMED ……Workmen wanted, preference given to former employees. (DoMAR 1925), 1925 – Case before the Court – 42 miners at the Mt Kembla mine are sentenced to two weeks imprisonment for illegal strikes. After 550’ the floor of the seam is encountered and a further 150’ the seam roof is reached. The Aus. A number of major movable items from the mine have been used at the Anglican Church in Mount Kembla village, adjacent to the Memorial, including a coal skip. 404’deep, 90,000 cfm. [f] Some of the gas travelled ahead of the main pocket further inbye where it met the naked light used by a wheeler at the 4th Left junction. Curnow, Manager.

They were further hindered by roof falls caused by the explosion. (DoMAR 1921), 1922 – Sinking has commenced on a ventilation shaft on lands leased from the metropolitan water supply within the catchment. The Mount Kembla Colliery continued to produce coal until it was finally shut down in 1970. [12], The Royal Commission produced a summary of their findings about the cause and mechanism of the disaster.

The pit pony stables are in a stable condition with some vandalism to the timber flooring. Coal mining has been the main industry in the area and continues presently with Dendrobium Mine still operating. Since all drifts and adits were intakes the rescuers were able to enter the mine as the after-damp cleared. (DoMAR 1909), 1910 - 85 men employed at the surface, 345 men u/g. By 1960 coal output was down to 400 tons/day, contractors were phased out by 1968 and finally closing on 18th September, 1970, having mined 14 million tons in nearly 90 years. American Creek flows to the north of the mountain from the joint to the escarpment and Dapto Creek from the southern side. and learn, Connection During European times Mount Kembla has had a very significant role in mining industry. Mount Kembla is noted as being the home of the first kerosene mine in Australia. The force of the explosion raised more coal-dust leading to further explosions until the flame was seen to come out of the entrance. In 1804 a logrunner bird was collected on Mount Kembla, this being the first to be scientifically described, although it is not common to see logrunners, or brush turkeys as some sources incorrectly state. species, Wildlife Output 91,013 tons. Mine air shaft: approximately 500 metres north of the site and beside the Harry Graham Drive is a circular brick chimney - a furnace shaft dating from the 1890s. The mountain is a high outcrop of mainly sandstone in a roughly east–west ridge extending from the escarpment to about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) to its east. Kembla in 1865 and used to fire the retorts at the Pioneer Kerosene Mine some 12 tons of coal per week being mined from a seam of “anthracite” 70 feet (21m) above the shale (American Creek seam). Notable people include: Mount Kembla is joined to the sandstone cliffs of the Illawarra escarpment, overlooking Wollongong. During its lifetime, the mine produced over 14 million tonnes of coal. (DoMAR 1924), 1924 – 70 men employed at the surface, 253 men u/g. alerts, About management, Park

"Return road" – A tunnel used for foul air returning from the face to the entrance, Before mechanical fans became commonplace mines were ventilated by using the, "Upcast" – a shaft where the ventilation is drawn or forced upwards to the surface, "outbye" – away from the coal face towards the entrance, Geographical Names Board of New South Wales, "Mt Kembla Colliery Gas Explosion – 1902", Account of 1902 explosion and list of deceased, Mt Kembla Mining Heritage Inc and Heritage Festival, Stuart Piggin : Mount Kembla Mine Disaster research materials, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mount_Kembla&oldid=983634632, Australian Statistical Geography Standard 2016 ID same as Wikidata, Geographic Names Register of NSW same as Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox Australian place with an explicitly-suppressed location map, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 10:29. Some of the dead were buried in Mount Kembla's village cemetery, which also contains a 2.5-metre (8 ft 2 in)-tall memorial to the disaster, listing the names of the miners and two rescuers who perished. (Ill Merc. Fauna on the mountain includes swamp wallabies, deer, spotted-tailed quolls, southern brown bandicoots, grey-headed flying foxes, sugar gliders, wombats, possums, giant burrowing frogs, red-crowned toadlets, striped marsh frogs, eastern water dragons, water skinks, blue-tongued lizards, diamond pythons, red-bellied black snakes, golden-crowned snakes and broad-headed snakes, although it is not common to see snakes, as some sources state incorrectly. (DoMAR 1889), 1889 – Fatality, 11th Jun, Wm. research licences, Protected It is 14’ in diameter with total depth of 350’ to the Bulli seam. The area surrounding Mount Kembla is a coal mining area, notable for the Mount Kembla Mine disaster of 1902 in which 96 people lost their lives. The late 1880s and early 1890s were troubled times for the colliery with frequent disputes between managers and workers over conditions, safety, pay and the right of the workers to unionise. In 1896 a shaft was sunk to the northwest behind the escarpment and ventilated the mine as a furnace shaft. and heritage of NSW, Mount Kembla Colliery Including Site of Mine workings, Portal, Mine Air Shaft and Pit Pony Stables, 3. The site of the Pioneer Kerosene works is now buried. Deer and wallabies are a not uncommon sight, with occasional snakes and feral goats seen.

Output 156,992 tons. Labour-Activities associated with work practises and organised and unorganised labour. maps, Sustainability councils, For state framework, Understanding 2 Left longwall workings. (DoMAR 1905), 1906 – Fatality, 1st Feb - Robert Henry Vine, 24, shiftman, fall of roof stone (DoMAR 1906), 1906 – Fatality, 7th Nov – Thomas Love Craig, miner, fall of roof – “broken back”. (DoMAR 1922), 1923 – Poor progress being made on the ventilating shaft. It goes down some stone steps into a gully that flows down into Dapto Creek and then goes along the southern side of the mountain through palm and fern growth before turning at a junction.

the OEH Air program, Current In 1877 moves were made to establish a major coal mine in the area and build a railway from the mine to a bay at Five Islands (Port Kembla) where a jetty, capable of berthing ocean going vessels, was to be built.

McDonald McPhee Rogers Conacher Fullarton, Review of heritage items in Wollongong LGA, Historic Coal Mining Sites of the Illawarra. The Colliery is significant for its association with the trade union movement in the Illawarra as it was the site of active unionism, for its history of shared facilities and use with the Kembla Heights Village which was built to house mining families and the special associations and meanings for residents and people who have worked in the mine. The shale oil works was closed in 1877. Poland? It is also a rare example, as demonstrated above, of a community which is very involved in preserving its mining heritage – both the obvious physical mine site and the socially and culturally significant elements which have formed this community. Database Manager. (DoMAR 1889) Evans is replaced as Mine Manager by James Hunter. [8] However, flame lights continued to be used well into the 1940s. The site has been substantially cleared with some incomplete sandstone retaining walls remaining. Lyrebirds are often seen as well as pigeons and occasional wild turkeys. Green, Colliery Manager.

(DoMAR 1917), 1917 – 5th Feb. - Fatality – Timothy Nelligen, 34, shiftman, by stone fall. I. M. M. Mineral Heritage Sub-Committee of the Illawarra Branch. (SMH 21/01/1884 p12), 1884 – A second locomotive is landed at Wollongong for Mt. [12] Two of the resuers, Mr H O MacCabe and Mr William McMurray, pushed ahead too fast and were killed by the after-damp. The Aus. to country, Protect Every effort has been made to ensure that information Kembla. A proposed sale to South32 in 2016 was abandoned after the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission refused to approve it. Suburb of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. At around 14:00 on 31 July 1902 a large amount of flame and smoke burst from the main tunnel, along with a loud noise. 1880 - #1 seam is being opened out and #3 seam has been opened out by Mr. Burall on Mt Kembla Coal & Oil Company’s property (DoMAR 1880), 1880 – 12th November, Mr Burall informs the DoM that Mt Kembla Coal & Oil Company has commenced work and are opening out the two upper seams at Mt Kembla.

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