In the plains of Karamoja to the north of Mount Elgon lie Matheniko Bokora Wildlife Reserve and the expansive Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, the second largest protected area in Uganda, with an area of 2,788km2. It name derives from it’s Massai name of “Ol Doinyo Ilgoon” which translates to “Breast Mountain” and was also known as & “Masaba” on the Ugandan side. The Lush Montane Forest (2000m-2500m): The forest is of the dry, highland evergreen type and includes over 100 species as well as epiphytic orchids, ferns and trailing lianas. Kitum Cave is regularly visited by herds of elephants, dubbed the troglodyte tuskers, as well as bushbuck, Red Duiker, Grey Duiker and buffalo, all in search of the salts that abound in the mineral-rich earth of the caves. Unique species of plants are found within this park including the giant groundsel and the endemic lobelia elgonensis. Masai Mara | The town of Kitale is in the foothills of the mountain. Elgon. This land contains 22 National Parks, 28 National Reserves and 5 National Sanctuaries, In Kenya, the environment and tourism have always been inextricably linked, and this is a truly symbiotic relationship, Genuine eco-tourism means tourism that has no negative impact on eco-systems, and positively contributes to the destination on a social and environmental level. Its cooler heights offer respite for humans from the hot plains below, and its higher altitudes provide a refuge for flora and fauna. Making’eny Cave, located 1.5km from Kitum, has a spectacular waterfall over its mouth. Menschen, die außerhalb der neu gezogenen Grenzen des Umsiedlungsareals lebten, waren ständigen Drohungen, Belästigungen und tätlichen Angriffen durch die UWA-Ranger ausgesetzt, bis hin zur Vergewaltigung Holz sammelnder Frauen. Malka Mari | The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) conserves and manages Kenya’s wildlife for the Kenyan people and the world, KWS manages about 8 per cent of the total landmass of the country. A visit to this region, you get a chance to discover the hidden treasures within Mount Elgon National Park and the Sipi waterfalls. Ol Donyo Sabuk | Help spread the word! We would love to introduce you to this refreshing experience. Amboseli | Mount Elgon Hotel & Spa hosts an amazing place to relax. Zu einer zweiten Umsiedlungswelle kam es 1992, als die Menschen mit vorgehaltener Waffe gezwungen wurden, den Nationalpark zu verlassen. Designed by Haintheme. The tallest peak is the 4,321m Wagagi, followed by Sudek (4,303m), Koitobos (4,222m) and Mubiyi (4,210m). The heath zone (3,000-, 3500m) is characterized by giant heather interspersed with grassy swards of blonde tussock grass dotted with pink and white everlasting flowers (ericriceum brownie and jonstonii), flame-colored gladioli, blue delphiniums and red hot pokers. Ruma | Mini GYM. Wildlife found here includes rare species such as the roan antelope, lesser kudu, Bright’s gazelle and ostriches which, in Uganda, are found only here and in Kidepo Valley National Park.

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