LIFE is the EUs financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU This was initially planned as a one-off event but was considered such a success that it led to the European Commission establishing an annual 'Green Week' in Brussels. The programme is open to the participation of third countries and provides for activities outside the EU. Together, Glory, Hope & Life compassionately works to provide opportunities and support for cancer patients, families and caregivers. A third strand (five per cent of the budget) addressed actions in countries on the shores of the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas – later LIFE-Third Countries – and accompanying and technical assistance measures (three per cent of the budget). During this period, LIFE has co-financed some 4600 projects across the EU, with a total contribution of approximately 6.5 billion Euros to the protection of the environment and of climate. Projects financed covered water resources, prevention of water pollution, waste disposal and – more than 25 percent of supported projects – conservation of habitats and endangered species. Monet, Impressionism and project investment appraisal    BLOG  The APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition defines Investment Appraisal as: a collection of techniques used to identify the attractiveness of an investment... read more, Measures for Assuring Projects – APM toolkit    RESOURCE  APM’s Assurance Specific Interest Group (SIG) has produced a toolkit to help project professionals deliver assurance in a more consistent way. Find out if you are eligible: Preparatory projects for the European Solidarity Corps. The European Investment Bank is managing the two new financial instruments (NCFF and PF4EE). has produced a toolkit to help project professionals deliver assurance in a more consistent way. By way of exception, a co-financing rate of up to 75 percent of the total eligible costs may be granted to LIFE+ Nature proposals that focus on concrete conservation actions for priority species or habitat types of the Birds and Habitats Directives. Then, 1979 saw the adoption of the Birds Directive, hailed by Birdlife International as 'one of the soundest pieces of bird conservation legislation worldwide'. The LIFE project IAP-RISK ‘Mitigating the threat of invasive alien plants in the EU through pest risk analysis to support the EU Regulation 1143/2014’ (project number LIFE15 PRE FR 001) ran from the beginning of 2016 to June 2018 with the aim of producing pest risk assessments on priority invasive alien plants of threat to the EPPO region. [3] LIFE+ covers both the operational expenditure of DG Environment and the co-financing of projects. We also have a number of improvement project funding programmes and fellowship programmes. The Commission has delegated the implementation of many components of the LIFE programme to the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). The first to get involved was Romania, followed by Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia. Find out more about our funding programmes for research projects below – or browse all our research projects by topic. If approved, the PRAs will be included on the A1 or A2 list of pests recommended for regulation as quarantine pests. Read more about the amended prioritization process, Read more about the selection of the 16 high priority species. Funding for projects may be via a single source or through multiple investors. It was a special fund set up in response to particular concerns about the northern European maritime regions, and provided ECU 16 million in funding for 38 projects. Each vacation provides the opportunity to create great memories and offers a reprieve from the battles with cancer. This was an important change from LIFE I, during which priorities were set on an annual basis. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. The total estimated cost of projects to which LIFE contributed financially represented a huge environmental investment in Europe and neighbouring states. Following the annual call for proposals, applicants to the programme must submit their proposals to the competent national authority of the Member State in which the coordinating beneficiary is registered. The work programme also features an indicative timetable for the calls for proposals for action and operating grants as well as for the two pilot financial instruments covered by it. The Embracing Life Project is a gift from the employees at First Look MRI and it awards one inspirational winner each month. The third phase of the LIFE programme ran for a five-year period, though it was implemented in four rounds due to late adoption of the legal base. Training workshop 2: EPPO Express PRA for invasive alien plant species compliant with the Regulation (EU) No. Its scope was widened to include the financing of demonstration projects in the fields of waste, contaminated site restoration and remedial action for land damaged by fire, erosion and desertification. Training and information dissemination were important components of the LIFE project. It reflects the developing profession, recognising project-based working at all levels, and across all sectors for influencers, decision makers, project professionals and their teams. It provides the rationale and justification for spending limited resources and relies on a robust investment appraisal. Disclaimer: The content of this page is for information purposes only. Under LIFE-Nature, conservation of natural habitats and wild fauna and flora, in particular the Natura 2000 network, was continued. The adoption of the Single European Act in 1986, which for the first time gave EU environmental policy a firm treaty basis, along with the Fifth Environment Action Programme, approved in 1993, really opened the door for the LIFE funding mechanism. The ‘Climate Action’ strand covers climate change mitigation; climate change adaptation; and climate governance and information. The governance of the project will vary to meet the needs of the investors in the project and the life cycle option chosen. The total cost of these projects during the lifetime of the programme (1984–1991) was ECU 98 million, with the EU providing ECU 41 million, or 44.5 percent of the total cost. Six projects that combine data from blood tests, tissue analysis, imaging techniques, genetic profiles and medical history, will share a £13 million grant from UKRI’s industrial strategy challenge fund. The US$ 90 Bn project is being funded by the Government of India, Japanese loans, investments by Japanese firms and through Japan depository receipts issued by Indian companies. The new regulation also establishes eligibility and the criteria for awards as well as a basis for selecting projects. NORSPA had a shorter life, running from 1989 to 1991. The Embracing Life Project was started in 2006 to say thank you to people with cancer in our community who inspire those around them. MEDSPA ran from 1986 to 1991, supporting 198 projects to the tune of ECU 38 million. Under the sub-programme for Climate Action, Integrated projects implement climate action plans, strategies or roadmaps required by EU climate legislation - primarily in the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Investment decisions balance a number of elements including: The investment appraisal and business case for the project or programme depends on attribution of benefits at the right level. Proposals sent directly by applicants to the Commission will not be accepted. These projects focus mainly on conservation in Natura 2000 network sites, environmental protection, restoration of natural areas and ecosystems, and capacity building for voluntary services among ongoing LIFE projects. In response to the EU LIFE programme’s 2020 call for climate action projects, the European Commission has received 258 new proposals.

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