He will not leave you nor forsake you.”. He will never leave you nor forsake you. And boy were we glad that we did! The realization of their hopes and dreams spread out before them — a country promised them by God! The arrival of my firstborn son brought great joy to my heart! Son Michael is a beekeeper, and son James runs a photography business called Lenspiration.

Several thousand years later, another soldier named Joshua stood on a hillside in the midst of a great struggle. September 28, 2020, James in Photography Leave a comment After most of my photography events were canceled earlier in the year, it was great to get out and do a workshop again in August! Pictures from the Photography Field Day in Arkansas!

A big “Thank you” to James for the wonderful pictures. 3 ounces, 20 inches. There is much evil in this world. The meaning of Cadence is a rhythmic flow or sequence and is often applied to music. He couldn’t retreat. They huddled low behind the rocks, . Children make us laugh, make us cry, give us a new appreciation for naps :), and cause us to appreciate the little things that we would normally be too busy to notice as they discover an unknown world through new eyes. We pray that she will experience God’s great love for her and enjoy sharing it with everyone she meets! Perhaps having 16 adults and 7 children to feed was adequate to help Baby Boo decide he/she wants to come soon?

David Waller & Priscilla Keller were engaged November 16th and are happily planning for a February 4th, 2012 wedding! . James Staddon is a landscape photographer and graphic designer. Visit their blog at www.robertloveskendalyn.com.

The words echoed in his ear, She changed my life through a talk she gave when I was in my teens…little realizing that one of the girls in the audience would be able to give back to her 10+ years later. Elisabeth was a woman who loved Jesus and let Him affect every part of her life. But it providentially glanced off his belt buckle so that he could jump back on his feet and resume the fight. Joshua Lawrence: Through God I have the victory! Charge!” With those words, Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain also went down in history as a hallmark of courage. Courage comes from a focus on something greater than our fears. Five times the foe charged up the hill Have courage, my son!

She never minced words and stated the facts wrapped in tones of love. Not only was she eloquent with her words, lived what she taught, structured her life around the Lord’s will for her life, served in several countries as a missionary, lost her husband to the very people they came to reach out to, and went back to that same tribe to show them Christ’s love…she was also my spiritual heroine.

Customized by Abundant Designs. Visit www.honeyglen.com to learn more. If he should lose, the ones behind Thank you, James! […], It’s 2020.

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