It could be the glossy chandelier casting a shadow on the dancefloor, the towering vodka Coke-stained dancing podiums (RIP) or the tackily-astroturfed smoking area which literally sells burgers: there’s no club in the world that quite matches up to Batchwood’s sheer shameless tackiness, even if the smelly carpets are a thing of the past. Theories behind Netflix Unsolved Mysteries case, Have you struggled with uni mental health support this term? It doesn’t matter. Unfortunately Bunker is most people’s first clubbing experience in Bristol. Massive corridors, even bigger bouncers and staircases that make you think you’re in a casino. They’re all on display, in the cage, surrounded by middle-aged Geordies who get stuck on the poles and then fall down the stairs because they’re too pissed. They’re playing a sped-up version of “Wagon Wheel”, which provides the perfect ambience for your Tuesday night ritual. Famed for being both the worst night in the UK and in Europe, Klute has a Those cheesy hits? There were cheap drinks and bad student DJs, but the true highlight of Chicago’s was Burberry Man. The only blemish being the ****ing idiot children who took too much acid and ended up in hospital. There’s never been anything quite like that vast, cavernous bunker where your vision was always obscured by a weird sweaty smog and endless couples necking each other on the dancefloor. Everyone in the queue looks like a dodgy X Factor wannabe, and the stench of Paco Rabanne, spilt Red Bull and shame fills your nostrils. The Raz. The queue is by far the worst part of the night. The one you go to every Friday is in here. readers and for good reason – cocktails can cost upwards of £7 and bouncers It has a large sheltered smoking area, several well staffed bars and two VIP rooms – you can’t say that about Mosul these days. Originally from Manchester, Jordan writes on a wide range of topics and is particularly interested in blogging about the student friendly cafes and coffee shops in his home city. "So it seems after 16-years, everyone has a tale to tell about good ol' Jesters, some true, some false, some good, some bad. You sigh and think back at all the times you ate up Pryzm’s greasy sadness before. Please let me know if you run into anything. Where are the cheap VKs and Jäger bombs? Not only are you feeling huge contempt because your loan didn’t come in on time, but a Next suit or ASOS midi dress is not enough to impress: it gets far too warm, and those steps aren’t helping. If you are in Southampton – this is the place to be (and not to be). world through neon strip lighting. The Stoke Bishop hordes descend upon the oily floors of this sad establishment every Monday to wallow in the self pity and regret that Bunker’s grey walls inevitably bring on. Definately recomend trying it ****. In some respects it’s an absolute shithole – but it’s our shithole, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. And how could we not? Jester’s is a lot like Marmite not just because students either love it or hate it but because it is covered in thick brown stench and smells funny! By Tom Morgan on September 23, 2016 Features. Situated next to a fish and chip shop, Sin is literally just one building with one window. The smoking area takes an age to get out to, and even then if you’re really pissed you’ll trip up on the curb. Faux-chic decor like the neon sign you see as you enter the basement, standing out like a parody of a Dutch strip club, elevate it beyond your usual dingy basement in Dalston. Try not to cry into your queue jumps guys, we’re sure the club will continue as usual despite the shame this news brings. What there is, is an exponentially larger number of middle-aged locals, hitting the town like they intend to kill themselves in the process. The club’s review online reads: “Really really good night. On requesting what he was listening to, he simply told me “the stocks and shares.” RIP Chicago’s, gone but never forgotten. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.Look into my blog post ... Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, Hi there! Sadly Louise, not everyone agrees with you. the Palace of Dreams… better known as the UK’s worst nightclub. Is that someone passing over a pill? Here you’ll find all the people from the year below, some just turned 18, some here with their cousin’s mate’s sister’s ID that they bought for 15 quid. That’s okay though, because by this time we were starving and the burger van opposite always sells delicious beef burgers at reasonable prices. You’ve only just bought your first oversized Ralph Lauren shirt because your Dad’s wardrobe just didn’t prove fruitful when you had a little dig around before fleeing the nest. Call it what it is: Envi. One week you can get away with rocking up at 11, the next you’ll be stood there for an hour. Inside, it’s hard to gauge what’s more sweaty: the clientele or the walls, which seem to be constantly wet to the touch. Your content is excellent but with images and videos,this website could undeniably be one of the greatest in its niche.Terrific blog!Also visit my blog post Ray Ban Wayfarer, Everything said was very logical. 1. You’re bad for us, but we’ll always end up coming back for more. Yes, it’s a Moroccan-themed club in Wimbledon. Full of indie kids who can’t get into 42’s, creepy guys trying to grope you and wasted girls who are trying to throw up on you, Fifth Ave is an experience you’ll never forget, even after all those £2 doubles. Southampton students seem to take pride in its pitifullness. You’re still there on a Monday and a Friday, at least. This club has all the ingredients of a great night: dead cheap drinks, a celiing with many thousands of LEDs and a large and actually quite beaut smoking area. Different from other clubs like BaaBar and Heebies, the people were allowed to be mad, and it managed to collect the drunkest of us, those committed to getting home in the daylight. But at some point, the fantasy wears off – you realise that paying £8 to see Dappy make a half-arsed public appearance while you spend all your Saturday job money on those weird J bombs they serve in a glass that looked like a timeturner from Harry Potter isn’t worth it. Whether it be for some #MONDAYMAYHEM or our #FRIDAYFIX or even just another #SUGARSATURDAYS. You’ll always look back on your first nights out as a youth in “old snobs”, trying to get in with fake ID or sneak in through the back of the Greek restaurant, but always failing. Double queuing? Located in the basement of the Blue Angel nightclub, the Raz used to be owned by former Beatles manager, Brian Epstein. avoid screaming teenage girls swooning over people who are better known for But there’s something missing. However, think on this, what if you were to create a killer post title? As the Soton Tab put it, ‘the only way you’ll get through That said, if you go there with loads of people or know a lot of people in there, its normally a pretty good night, except when it rains and everyone squeezes inside! Your night may be slightly better now there’s a cash machine in there, but your bank account will hate you. It’s a middle ground, a meeting place between the arguably rougher Peterborians and the Cambridge dwellers looking for a cheap night out. Louise Wilkinson wrote of The Forum on Facebook the following review: “Forum is where the party is at! Po Na Na is your home from home. Which is what you’ll get. People will always claim that it’s bad, but we all know the truth, everyone secretly loves Popworld. But man, that revolving dancefloor, eh? No wonder Wahoo, Roppongi and Camera are gone – they didn’t have a recognisable acronym. I am not suggesting your information isn't solid., however suppose you added a post title that makes people desire more? But Fluke will always have a place in Norwich hearts: The drinks (bar the fluckets) are cheap, the DJ will take any song request, it’s a perfect meeting place, it’s free entry, and most nights it’s empty so you can pretend you and your mates have hired out a club. Many remember it for the controversial Halloween costume contest where two Chester uni students dressed up as the twin towers, and fucking won – but for most of us, it’s just the place you were warned about when you grew up in Chester. The dress code and the interior of the building just make you want to re-enact the club scene from John Wick. It was cheap fun, and you’d almost definitely see people you knew. It’s very precise and highly qualitative. It’s impossible for anyone to resist getting up to dance when the embarrassing sounds of your distant childhood are pumping through the room. If you work in PR and don’t have any interesting friends, this is where you’ll go every Friday or Saturday for the next eight years until you find a dull QBE drone to marry and make boring kids with before moving out to Hertfordshire and sending them to the same uni you went to. At least so we thought, until we woke up later on feeling ill and short of £5. This food bar contains what we can only describe as the worst chips you’ll ever taste, a fitting end to your adequate night out. And maybe a spare in … For a club right next to Gants Hill station, you have to look your absolute best: heels, eyelashes the clutch bag where everything keeps falling out – not even for somewhere trendy or expensive like Sloane Square. As you may have already heard, Jesters is one of the most prestigious clubs in our city. Chicago’s provided the best student night in Essex that £5 entry and £2 drinks could buy. It is really what I wanted to see hope in future you will continue for sharing such an excellent post. Tiger Tiger is the only place to boast having eight bars under one roof, and it claims to be the only place for your night out: but it’s one of the last places people actually want to spend their night. Infernos is full of people who made the Tories win the election. You have some real writing talent. There’s the time we were sick all over the floor so they had to seal VIP off with yellow tape and we had to go home. The VIP room is where you’ll find the worst of the bunch – overeager estate agents blowing a week’s wages on a bottle of Veuve to impress the sixth formers who are pretty enough to get the wristband, after arriving at 10:30 to get in for free through WooWoos. inevitably ‘privileged white-kids’ talking about the environment. Once named the worst nightclub in the UK, it is a place we all adore. probably be better off taking ten friends to play with real laser beams if Geordie Shore or The Valleys, If you’re a fan of the supposed celebrity, you’ll invariably queue up for I will forward this article to him.Fairly certain he will have a good read. Went to uni and found yourself a bit didn’t you. Yeh, the walls may drip with sweat and the urinals may leak out into the corridor but it doesnt matter because your just out to have a bloody good time with your chums. This one-room nightclub on St Stephens street in Norwich is a dingy place that offers a bucket filled with energy drinks and alcoholic beverages for a fiver.

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