He remained proud to be from Ohio, telling the News-Sun in 2011 that he carried a buckeye in his pocket wherever he went. — and overcame almost all of them. His survivors include their two children, Jonathan Winters IV, of Camarillo, Calif., known as Jay, and Lucinda, of Santa Barbara, Calif.; and several grandchildren. He couldn’t stop performing. He was hard to define. The comedian’s son, Jay, and daughter, Lucinda, were with their father, Petro said. The family’s fortunes collapsed with the Depression. There, he studied art at the Dayton Art Institute and met Eileen Schauder, who would become his wife of 60 years until her death from breast cancer. But, at 85, my luck, I’d come out of some condominium or apartment and fall on the snow and never get up.”. The unpredictable, often surreal quality of his humor had a powerful influence on later comedians like Robin Williams but made him hard to package as an entertainer. Jonathan Harshman Winters was born on Nov. 11, 1925, in Dayton, Ohio, where his alcoholic father (“a hip Willy Loman,” according to Mr. Winters) worked as an investment broker and his grandfather, a frustrated comedian, owned the Winters National Bank. Many of Mr. Winters’s characters — among them B. During his last interview with the News-Sun in 2011, Winters explained where those people could be found. Winters attended art school alumni reunions at the DAI and also donated one of his works to the museum in 1993. Gradually he developed a gallery of characters, which expanded when he had his own television shows, beginning with the 15-minute “Jonathan Winters Show,” which ran from 1956 to 1957.

From 1960 to 1964 he recorded his most-requested monologues for Verve on a series of albums, notably “The Wonderful World of Jonathan Winters,” “Here’s Jonathan” and “Jonathan Winters: Down to Earth.”. Improv comedian inspired a generation of performers. Mr. Winters, a rotund man whose face had a melancholy basset-hound expression in repose, burst onto the comedy scene in the late 1950s and instantly made his mark as one of the funniest, least definable comics in a rising generation that included Mort Sahl, Shelley Berman and Bob Newhart. My God. Winters died of natural causes on the evening of April 11, 2013, in Montecito, California, at the age of 87. At the urging of his wife, Mr. Winters, whose art career seemed to be going nowhere, entered a talent contest in Dayton with his eye on the grand prize, a wristwatch, which he needed. A lot of people never get across town.”, In the 1990s, Winters finally won a Best Comedy Album Grammy, for “Crank Calls,” and received an Emmy as well for his role as Randy Quaid’s dad on the sitcom “Davis Rules.”.

He was 87.

“Of course, the class would erupt in laughter, she’d wheel around, and he would wheel around at the same time and look innocent.”. Had a lot of problems — who the hell hasn’t? He was survived by his two children, Jonathan ("Jay") Winters IV and Lucinda Winters, and five grandchildren. Of English and Scotch-Irish ancestry,Winters had described his father as an alcoholic who had trouble h…

Mother, with Jonathan Winters, of son Jay Winters and daughter Lucinda Winters. I’ve met some great people, traveled around the world. Jay Winters, Art Director: Dream On. “Mother and Dad didn’t understand me; I didn’t understand them,” he told Jim Lehrer on “The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer” in 1999. Richard Pryor was the first recipient, and the award since has been bestowed on such legends as Bob Newhart, Steve Martin, George Carlin and Bill Cosby. After two years at a Columbus television station, he left for New York in 1953 to break into network radio. “At 85, I’ve seen four quarters.”, “At my age,” he told the paper, “guys who were in World War II, a thousand a day are dying.

Eileen Ann Schauder November 3, 1924 Dayton, Ohio, USA. Addison “Skip” Beckley, of Springfield, recalled Winters’ classroom antics at Elmwood School on Springfield’s east side.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jonathan Winters, the cherub-faced comedian whose breakneck improvisations and misfit characters inspired the likes of Robin Williams and Jim Carrey, has died. As channeled by Mr. Winters, Maude Frickert was a wild card. (Orkans aged backward, thus explaining the logic of Winters as Mork’s son. His mother, Alice Bahman, was a well-known Springfield radio personality on WIZE. Reminiscing about her late husband, Pop Frickert, she told a stupefied interviewer: “He was a Spanish dancer in a massage parlor. In other words, he made a brilliant guest, firing comedy in short bursts, but a problematic host or actor. “He said he’d love nothing better than to be in Springfield and be with his friends and be with his community, but he just wasn’t able to physically.”.

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