One of most unique islands in Asia. Despite its small size, it manages to attract international and domestic tourists alike. Activities : Wildlife, Boat trips, Diving. ✈ How to get there: From Manila, take a bus to Real; in Real, take a tricycle to Ungos Port; at the port, you can now take a boat to Jomalig Island. ✈ How to get there: Take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Mersing; then, take a ferry from Mersing to Tioman Island. ✈ How to get there: from Bangkok take a bus to get to Trat; from there, at Laem Sok, take a boat to reach Koh Kood Island. Komodo National Park is home to the Komodo Dragon.

But take a little ride out of town, and find the many golden beaches, boat ride options, dense jungles and lush green mountains offering plenty of treks with incredible views of the famous karst scenery of Cát Bà National Park. activities : trekking, diving, kayaking, culture.

Phú Quốc is a Vietnamese island off the coast of South Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand.

The easygoing vibe here is highly seductive. See all of our readers' favorite hotels, cities, airlines, cruise lines, and more in the World's Best Awards for 2020.

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Activities : Snorkeling, boat trips, trekking, ✈ How to get there: from Manilla, take a flight directly to Caticlan; then take a boat ride from Caticlan boat station to Carabao Island (one boat a day between 8 and 9 a.m.). They are the perfect spot to relax, remain barefoot and listen to music while watching the sunset and sipping on a cocktail.

Iho Beach stands out in the region with its combination of grey and yellow sand.

Akijima, often referred to as ‘Aka’, is part of Okinawa’s Kerama Islands in Japan. Already been to Bali or Phuket and looking for unspoiled destinations? Travelers looking to splurge gravitate toward the Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi, which has 29 elegant villas — each with a private pool — and 90 suites nestled in the rain forest and along the beach. Located between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa in eastern Indonesia, Komodo is a secluded and untamed Jurassic Park-like island part of the National Park.

Dominic Barnardt/Getty Images/Gallo Images.

It has a total of seven volcanoes, an active one with last recorded outbreak in 1953.

Under the crystal-clear waters of this marine nature reserve lies a paradise for divers and snorkelers. There is only one resort on the island, the Myanmar Andaman Resort, which is a simple and rustic eco-lodge.

As one T+L reader attested, “It offers the most beautiful beaches, resorts, and scenery anywhere,” while another added, “Really worth the trip!”. Besides being well known as the home to the giant lizard, Komodo is also known as a paradise for nature lovers, with numerous mountains to climb and amazing diving sites around the stunning coral reefs. Search over 15 bookings websites and find your ideal travel activity at the best price. Under starlit skies, it becomes possible to spot bioluminescent plankton in the sea. In fact, the islands are home to 75 per cent of known coral species and almost 1,300 different fish species. Mataking Island is a Malaysian island situated in the Celebes Sea on the state of Sabah.

The setting sun in a bay on Cat Ba island | © Dillon Ward/Shutterstock. The results reflect our readers’ experiences before the pandemic, but we hope that this year’s honorees will inspire your trips to come — whenever they may be.

Located off the east coast of Malaysia, the Perhentian Islands are the most laid back range of islands to be found in the area.

The underwater paradise Wakatobi Islands is still unknown in Southeast Asia.

White sand and emerald seas in Myanmar | © Day2505/Shutterstock. We have curated the 19 best islands in Asia with gorgeous beaches and untouched pockets of wilderness. Definitely one of the must-visit islands in Asia.

✈ How to get there: from Jakarta or Bali take a flight to Matahora Airport, which is on one of the four Wakatobi Islands; then you can reach each island by ferry or jetboat. Considered the Hawaii of South Korea, Jeju Island is a long-time favorite amongst South Korean travelers and honeymooners. The varied landscape makes Palawan a popular destination with hikers and divers alike, while beach enthusiasts will be content simply staring out at the vast horizon. Or guests can simply submit to pure relaxation through the variety of spa treatments, complimentary morning yoga classes and infinity pools offered by the resort. With over 13,000 islands scattered on either side of the equator, Indonesia is the largest island country in the world.

Offers may be subject to change without notice. Jeju Island, South Korea | © Republic of Korea Tourism.

Palawan, the main island of an …

Activities : honeymoon, boat trips, diving. © Copyright 2020 TourScanner | All rights reserved.

Bantayan Island is located in the province of Cebu, Philippines. Koh Kood (Koh Kut) is located 40Km off the mainland of Thailand just to the North of the maritime border with Cambodia. Despite its small size, it manages to attract international and domestic tourists alike.

A sandbank in the Male Atoll | © NinaMalyna/Shutterstock, places to go diving and snorkeling in Malaysia, Cebu consists of a beautiful, long, narrow island, Havelock Island is a low key but beautiful island, a range of stunning islands located in Papua.

The greatest islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports, and more — as voted by you.

Definitely one of the must-visit islands in Asia! Togean is an Indonesian island in the Gulf of Tomini, part of the Togean Archipelago. Search for free among 300,000 tours in every destination around the world!

Travel + Leisure is part of the Travel + Leisure Group. It’s also known for beaches and sites for snorkeling, diving, and surfing. But the island readers loved most of all is Palawan, in the Philippines, which last earned the top spot in 2017.

The picturesque Elephant Island retains its remote and rugged spirit. Côn Dào Islands located just off the Southern coast of Vietnam offers expansive beaches shaded with evergreen trees.

Padar Island, part of the Komodo Islands | © Pramoto Setiaji Kendarto / Shutterstock. Whether you're traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here are the 50 best places to visit in 2020. Hosted by Kellee Edwards. Get there to enjoy the sun on your skin, the gentle breeze in your hair, savor fresh fish and sweet coconut water. Natural hot and cold springs, waterfalls and real tropical rainforest awaits you. ? Located East of Taiwan and South of Japan, Ishigaki Island is Okinawa’s third largest island, featuring many great highlights to be enjoyed. Stay tuned for more travel tips & happy travel to everyon. Read on for a full list of the best islands in Asia.

✈ How to get there: take a flight to Ishigaki New Airport from either Osaka, Tokyo or Yonaguni with All Nippon Airways or Japan Transocean Air. Sitting like an emerald dragon looking at the translucent waters of the South China Sea, the island offers every possible shade of paradise. ✈ How to get there: Take a bus from Cebu city to Hagnaya Port; from the port, take a boat to reach Bantayan Island. Kawasan waterfall in Cebu | © Silverman1/Shutterstock. The Havelock Island is a low key but beautiful island among the Andaman Islands in India. Boats anchored on the beach in the Perhentian islands | © Dzerkach Viktar/Shutterstock.

The country is generally considered to be a part of Southeast Asia, but some of its territory is located in Oceania. ✈ How to get there: from Phnom Penh, take a bus to reach Sihanoukville; from there take a speedboat to Koh Rong.

Koh Tonsay also known as Rabbit Island in Cambodia is one of those hidden gems that you love to find when you’re traveling. Located in northern Vietnam, the stunning Cát Bà National Park is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Ha Long Bay. The Macleod Island is ideal for those seeking tranquillity in a natural paradise. It is definitely off the most tourists’ routes. They are also home to the Mentawai people; natives on the islands who live a semi-nomadic lifestyle as hunter-gatherers. Camiguin also known as “Island Born of Fire” is an island province in the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometers off the Northern coast of Mindanao. Tun Sakaran Marine Park near Pom Pom island | © razmanrusli/Shutterstock.

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia.

The islands have hidden coves, beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, perfect if you are looking for places to go diving and snorkeling in Malaysia.

Koh Phayam located in the Province of Ranong, 200km North of Khao Lak, is the perfect getaway for those looking for a destination off the beaten track.

Koh Rong is an island in the Sihanoukville Province of Cambodia. ✈ How to get there: From Cebu, you can get to Camiguin Island either by plane with Philippine Airlines or Cebgo, it takes around 50 minutes. And because it does not have roads, different parts of the island are not easily accessible.

Start listening to T+L's brand new podcast, Let's Go Together! Activities : snorkeling, trekking, sunbathing. Consisting of a group of 11 archipelagos located off Thailand’s west coast in the Andaman Sea, the Similan Islands are stunning islets protected by the Thai government. However, Havelock guarantees an authentic island experience and beautiful scenery. Readers rated islands according to their activities and sights, natural attractions and beaches, food, friendliness, and overall value.

Ko Yao Yai is a Thai island in the Andaman Sea, halfway between Phuket and Krabi. With facilities such as a dive center (courtesy of the hotel), tourists can make the most of the clear, warm ocean lapping the island. Jomalig is quickly gaining the attention of wanderers from all over the world for its white sandy beach. It’s not easy to travel there, but worth it. Downtown Jeju is also a great spot for people watching and having a beer at one of the numerous bars. Raja Ampat, also known as Four Kings, is a range of stunning islands located in Papua in eastern Indonesia.

Where is it: map How to get there: from Manilla, take a flight directly to Catic… Every year for our World’s Best Awards survey, T+L asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe — to share their opinions on the top cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more.

It offers both nightlife and natural beauty.

Is one of Southeast Asia’s best-kept secrets. Koh Chang is the island of beaches, rubber plantations, authentic cuisine and untouched beauty. Traditional house in the Mentawai jungle | © Gudkov Andrey/Shutterstock. What is your favorite island in Asia? This year’s World’s Best Awards survey closed on March 2, just before widespread stay-at-home orders were implemented as a result of COVID-19. Travel + Leisure may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

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