To them are attached the emotions, feelings and assumptions of the individuals of a particular society. The preceding description of legends is sufficient to illustrate the social function of legends. Manifest Abundant Health: Reclaim Your Sacred Power — 30-Day Guided Experience to HONOR YOUR BODY! Legends are purposely and intentionally composed artificially.
They represent the ideals and values of society.
As stories, mankind has and always will love legends—they are an intriguing form of storytelling because we want to believe that they are true. 5. The position of role model is not an easy one, but it is so vital for our young people to have legends to inspire them. a speech filled with good-humoured anecdotes and stories. Short essay on the Meaning and Importance of Constitution. It was one of the most incredibly humbling and emotional moments of my life and I felt so blessed to be able to contribute in some small way. They help the man to understand the events of nature and to elucidate them, besides helping him in his adjustment with Nature.

I had my photo taken with him, fulfilling every Kiwi kid’s dream, and then refused to wash my hand for several days because, as I explained to my bemused mother, “Jonah touched it!” Throughout my childhood, due to a very special family friend, I met many of the New Zealand Sevens players, and was always in awe of those gigantic heroes. Myths and legends are important because they help historians piece together the past.

Later that night I thought about the many kids who were in the crowd at Jonah’s memorial, and I hoped that in this constantly evolving world we live in, they will remember Jonah. TOS is a free service that lets you to preserve your original articles for eternity. Some legends are the unique property of the place or person that they depict, such as the story of young George Washington , the future first president of the United States, who confesses to chopping down the cherry tree. I first met Jonah when I was 6-years-old. Heroes are important. Often the mass of humanity attempts to mould its life along the lines of the lives led by legendary heroes. In this way, they also provide the opportunity of acquainting one self with the culture of the society that existed. His friend Eric Rush dispelled that notion in the best way possible, with a speech filled with good-humoured anecdotes and stories. And these events which deserve to have legends said about them are usually of a divine supra- social or extraspcial nature. But no one was cooler than Jonah, the gentle giant who always had time to say hello to a little kid. 10. Besides being of a religious nature they are related to historical events and heroes. In legends, the individual relating to them may misrepresent them. They, too, are an important organ of the cultural heritage. It was one of the most incredibly humbling and emotional moments of my life and I felt so blessed to be able to contribute in some small way. Preserving Your Articles for Eternity, Short essay on the social functions of Myths, Essay on the importance of ‘dance’ and ‘folk songs’ in social life of tribals, Why does the universe of meaning require constant legitimation. The Peace Seed: Personal and Global Transformation through Storytelling. On Monday, I was beyond honoured to sing Whakaaria Mai (How Great Thou Art) at the public memorial service for the legendary Jonah Lomu.

The importance of legends On Monday, I was beyond honoured to sing Whakaaria Mai (How Great Thou Art) at the public memorial service for the legendary Jonah Lomu. And these heroes, in the majority of cases, are religious or at least, believed to be so. The sequence of legendary stories is apt to be marred by defects through imprecise narration in communication. Legends serve a couple of important functions in society: They are entertaining and enjoyable to hear due to their creativity They unite a people... See full answer below. 9. These legends also communicate many superstitions in society of which most are of a religious nature. Importance of Legends. I don’t think that role models should represent perfection (who can?

As a child of the 90s, I couldn’t have asked for a better idol than Jonah Lomu. Defining legend Kimball Young has called it “a form of social myth based, in part on historical fact, dealing chiefly with heroes and events related to the successes and failures of a group of society.” In this way, legends are connected with events and heroes. Despite their containing little in the way of any genuine information of truth they profoundly influence the cultural behaviour of the people. 2. The mind is the recipient of peace after one related some or the other legend as apparent from the telling of or reading of the Bhagvad Gita, the Ramayana and the Satya Narayana. Myths and legends number among the most creative and abundant contributions of Christianity to the history of human culture.

Mythology is about reading between the lines in order to understand life as it was when the myths and legends originated.

They help the man to understand the events of nature and to elucidate them, besides helping him in his adjustment with Nature. And for giving little kids everywhere someone to inspire them. 2. In this way, then, the form of legend changes continually as it passes through its various stages of evolution and development, and yet, inspite of this, most of the people place such implicit faith in it that they are never tempted to think about its propriety or veracity and they accept it unquestioningly. He was, in every respect, a legend. Religious tales are usually of a traditional nature and are limited by customs. Correctly gauging their importance, Kimball Young has written, “We must remind ourselves that man does not live alone in a colourless universe of passive objectivity but in a subjective, emotionally toned world of attitudes and images, and that myth, ideology, and legend determine his conduct more than does the purely physical universe.”. Legends differ from religious stories. The profundity of their influence is amply reflected in the fact that because of them it is possible to predict the behaviour of the individuals of a particular society. Miracle Mindshift: Become a Master Manifestor — 31-Day Guided Experience to MASTER YOUR MIND! 5. What is meant by the ‘universe of meaning’? For example, there are so many legends attached to the life of Shri Krishna in India that he is now considered God with the result that there are few if any cultural or social spheres of Indian life that are immune to his influence. “Self Mastery & Personal Transformation” Group Mentoring Program. Before publishing your Article on this site, please read the following pages: 1. I first met Jonah when I was 6-years-old. As I stood singing on that stage, my heart bursting and my tears threatening to spill over, I felt deep respect and gratitude to that phenomenal man.

The preceding description of legends is sufficient to illustrate the social function of legends.

This includes how people lived, who was in charge, what was expected of men, what was expected of women, levels of education etc etc. 3. These heroes to whom legends are attached command great respect and influence in society even if they are only imaginary figures. Our mission is to liberate knowledge. Not that Jonah was a saint. He had fun, he had hard times, he lived his life. Copyright. While I sat beside the stage at Jonah’s memorial I thought about the importance of legends; the people we look up to and want to be like when we grow up. 4. Privacy Policy Through hardship, global fame at a young age, and years of illness that threatened to dim his bright star, Jonah faced his challenges head on, with determination and spirit, but most importantly, with dignity. In legends there is a tendency to simplify the objective situation. In legends, there is an effort or desire to influence the audience. They are also influenced by the time period that passes between their actual creation and their being retold. I hoped that they will also find others, though none will match him, who can provide the sort of positive influence, the example of hard work, laughter, dignity and love that Jonah provided for us. They are an essential part of oral and written folklore; they are found in folktales from all cultures (see Related Terms).

The development of legends takes place in the affective or emotional state of the people. The Journey: Lighting Your Path with Native American Wisdom — 30-Day Guided Experience to AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT! Folk tales and folk-songs arise out of these legends.

In legends imagination is expressed in the form of stories and tales. Generally legends may be divided into the following classes: Kimball Young has enumerated the following points in the evolution of legends: 1. They represent the ideals and values of society. Thank you for sharing your talent and your grace with us. People still read myths and legends today because they often convey timeless and universal themes, which are relevant both in the art of storytelling and in portraying the human experience. Whether that person is Jonah Lomu, Manu Vatuvei, Lorde, Metiria Turei, Parris Goebel, or any of the other awe-inspiring Kiwis out there doing their best, I hope that every Kiwi kid can find someone to look up to. Please take the “ Life Purpose Quest ” and accept 7 secret missions that change lives…including YOURS! 4. The term that is used to denote them tends to give the impression that legends are some kind of religious tales and1 there is no doubt that most of the legends do have a pronounced religious flavour but much of their importance attaches to their social and psychological aspect rather than the religious implication that they may have. Disclaimer He was a real person. 8. In these legends, certain preconceptions about the subject of the legend are also formed.

It is part of our nature to share interesting and significant tales with friends and future generations so that they can be recorded and remembered. is an online article publishing site that helps you to submit your knowledge so that it may be preserved for eternity.

He was the boy who overcame from the first moment, growing into the man who never stopped overcoming. 7.

Above all else, Jonah was authentic. The retelling of legends further modifies and changes them. All the articles you read in this site are contributed by users like you, with a single vision to liberate knowledge.

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