7a. "Veronica’s Chandler Nightmare – Chandler, Veronica, All Students & Faculty 6aa. Nerdy Fees and availability are subject to change during the application process. Dean, criticizes Veronica for betraying her friend. "Candy Store" – Chandler, McNamara, Duke, Vernoica, Martha 3.

O'Keefe and Murphy preferred "You're Welcome" as they had come to feel that "Blue" was a bit lazy, and had inadvertently trivialized the lead character's fears (given that Veronica is cornered by two drunk, entitled high school football stars who refused to hear the word "no"). convinces her to let him take the bomb instead ("I Am Damaged"); it explodes, killing him alone. "Pain in My Path" – JD, Veronica 7. Grief-stricken, he leaves to complete his plan ("Meant to Be Yours").

convinces her to forge a suicide note, which paints a more complex, misunderstood Heather. "The Me Inside of Me" – Veronica, JD, Chandler, Officer Milner, Officer McCord, Mrs. Fleming, Students, Teachers, etc.

The Heathers musical, which opens with a number depicting Veronica's acceptance into the Heathers' clique, received several readings in workshops in Los Angeles and a three-show concert presentation at Joe's Pub in New York City on September 13–14, 2010. Off-Broadway musical Heathers the Musical Lyrics. Voice: baritone (up to F#) or tenor (up to A).GIRL 1: NEW WAVE GIRL – (16-18) She wants her MTV and dresses accordingly. Joseph Kisiday is a 2016 graduate from Christopher Newport University, majoring in Music Composition. July 7, 2018, 10:48 am. Larry was a producer of the original LA and NY productions of Heathers (Drama Desk nom for music).

LOVE, by

View our Privacy Policy. While "Blue" contained no dialogue for Veronica, by contrast "You're Welcome" allows Veronica to express her fears and solve her problem, defeating her assailants decisively.

Voice: great belt up to C, higher always welcome.KURT’S DAD / VERONICA’S DAD / PRINCIPAL GOWAN – (30-45)   KURT’S DAD: Straight-laced, very conservative, also former football player.

"Our Love is God" – JD, Veronica, Kurt, Ram, 10a. Voice: baritone (up to F#) or tenor (up to A).BOY 2: PREPPY STUD – (16-18) Straightlaced, ambitious, blow-dried. But when she’s unexpectedly taken under the wings of the three beautiful and impossibly cruel Heathers, her dreams of popularity finally start to come true. The Writing Process, or, Does He Have To Pull Out A Magnum In The Lunchroom?

This estimator is only for non-equity/amateur productions. of murdering the jocks, believing Ram's "love note" is proof. When the Heathers cruelly prank Martha, Veronica angrily resigns from the clique and vomits on Chandler's shoes. urges Veronica to target Heather Duke next.

"Beautiful (Part 1)" – Veronica, Martha, Ram, Kurt, Principal, Coach, Mrs. Fleming, Students1a.

Start planning your production with a cost estimate you can save and share with your team. Follow Don’t miss the killer musical Heathers when it turns theatres across the UK … This tool is unavailable at the moment. "You're Welcome" was originally written by O'Keefe and Murphy for the High School edition but was added to the official show beginning with the 2018 London production. When the jocks arrive, J.D. This high octane, black comedy rock musical based on the 1988 film of the same name is back with a bang, missing out might just be the death of you…

Hates weakness, but capable of soul-searching when tragedy strikes. 's bedroom and loses her virginity to him ("Dead Girl Walking"). Kailey Hansen

js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; Voice: belt to at least C# (soprano up to high A/B is also a plus). By signing up you are confirming you are 16 or over. "Prom or Hell?" Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle), Heathers The Musical (High School Edition), Why Produce Heathers, or We Gotta Do Something to Stop Bad Behavior and Violence Everywhere. Veronica gives him an ultimatum: give up violence and live a normal life with her, or lose her forever ("Seventeen").

NOTE: Sometimes this actor has played PRINCIPAL GOWAN instead of BIG BUD / COACH.MS. "Shine a Light (Reprise)" – Duke, Ensemble 14b.

Transition to Croquet – Orchestra 3b.

in tow, apologizes to Chandler.

shoots Ram but Veronica misses Kurt.

fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);

J.D. Heathers: The Musical is a rock musical with music, lyrics, and a book by Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy and based on the 1988 film Heathers. December 28, 2018, 10:28 am, by Heathers: The Musical is a rock musical with music, lyrics, and a book by Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy and based on the 1988 film Heathers.

In February 2014, the cast was announced, including Barrett Wilbert Weed, Ryan McCartan, and Elle McLemore reprising their roles as Veronica, J.D., and Heather McNamara, respectively, with new additions to the cast being Jessica Keenan Wynn as Heather Chandler, Alice Lee as Heather Duke and Tony Award winner Anthony Crivello as Bill Sweeney/'Big Bud' Dean.

Her reputation in ruins, Veronica breaks into J.D.

Heathers the Musical, which had its UK premiere in 2018, will return for a new tour in June 2020, it has been confirmed.. Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy's musical has direction from Andy Fickman, choreography by Gary Lloyd, design by David Shields, lighting by …

Voice: belt to at least C# (a soprano up to high A/B is also a plus).GIRL 3: YOUNG REPUBLICANETTE – (16-18) A tennis-playing, perky Student Council type.

She returns home, where J.D. Important: "Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)" – Veronica, JD, Student 18a. PRINCIPAL GOWAN: Rumpled, burned out, hates conflict. 1 on the iTunes UK Soundtracks Charts and at #2 on the iTunes UK Album charts. Madison Pickering

Voice: belt to at least C# (a soprano up to high A/B is also a plus).GIRL 2: STONER CHICK – (16-18) Smokes outside with the freaks in between classes. Bedtime for Chandler – Orchestra 6b.

Quiz: Which “Fun Home” Character Are You? Kailey Hansen

Quite possibly a serial bomber. Dreams of being even richer than his parents. VERONICA SAWYER – (17) Burns to be both cool and kind, but doesn’t yet know how to be both at the same time. Off-Broadway musical Heathers the Musical Lyrics. A new song for Heather Duke, "Never Shut Up Again", was also added for the London run, replacing "Blue (Reprise)".

Voice: baritone/tenor, power Country/Gospel belt to A♭, higher welcome.

Scripts and rental materials are not included in this estimate. [13] For the London production "Blue" has been changed to the new song "You're Welcome" and Heather Duke has received her own song "Never Shut Up Again" as well as a few script changes.

Based on the classic 1989 film. agrees and they reconcile. Keen smarts, savage wit. by  /  Kailey Hansen Kailey Hansen

A new song for Veronica, "I Say No," as well as a few script changes to Act 2 were added for the transfer. J.D. Kailey Hansen https://broadway.fandom.com/wiki/Heathers_the_Musical?oldid=4471, "Beautiful" – Veronica Sawyer, Heather Chandler, Heather McNamara, Heather Duke, Kurt Kelly, Ram Sweeney, Martha Dunnstock, Pauline Fleming and Students, "Candy Store" – H. Chandler, H. McNamara and H. Duke, "Candy Store (Playoff)" † – H. Chandler, H. McNamara and H. Duke, "Big Fun" – Ram, Kurt, Veronica, H. Chandler, H. McNamara, H. Duke and Students, "Veronica's Chandler Nightmare" † – H. Chandler and Company, "Me Inside of Me" – H. Chandler, Veronica, J.D., Ms. Fleming and Company, "Blue" – Ram, Kurt, H. Duke and H. McNamara, "Blue" (Reprise) † – Ram, Kurt, H. Duke and Students, "Our Love is God" – J.D., Veronica, Ram, Kurt and Company, "My Dead Gay Son" – Ram's Dad, Kurt's Dad and Mourners, "Shine a Light" – Ms. Fleming and Students, "Shine a Light" (Reprise) – H. Duke and Students, "Hey Yo, Westerburg" † – H. McNamara and Students, "Dead Girl Walking" (Reprise) – Veronica, J.D., Ms. Fleming, and Students, "Seventeen" (Reprise) – Veronica, Martha, H. McNamara and Company, "Beautiful" – Veronica, Heather Chandler, Heather McNamara, Heather Duke, Kurt, Ram, Martha, Ms. Fleming, Ensemble, "Big Fun" – Ram, Kurt, Veronica, H. Chandler, H. McNamara, H. Duke, Ensemble, "Veronica's Chandler Nightmare" † – H. Chandler, Company, "The Me Inside of Me" – H. Chandler, Veronica, Cops, Principal, Coach, Ms. Fleming, and Company, "You're Welcome" †† – Ram, Kurt, Veronica, "Never Shut Up Again" †† – H. Duke, Ram, Kurt and Ensemble (Replaces "You're Welcome (Reprise)" from the high school version), "My Dead Gay Son" – Ram's Dad, Kurt's Dad, Company, "Shine a Light" (Reprise) – H. Duke, Ensemble, "Heyo, Westerburg" † – H. McNamara and Students.

"Lifeboat" – Heather McNamara14a. OMG

Voice: strong, confident belt to at least an A♭, A preferable; wide emotional range.HEATHER CHANDLER – (17) The richest, hottest, cruelest girl in town. Shine a Light Playoff – Orchestra14. Westerberg High is ruled by a shoulder-padded, scrunchie-wearing junta: Heather, Heather and Heather, the hottest and cruelest girls in all of Ohio. Scripts and rental materials are not included in this estimate.

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