The Peace Museum is located in the center of Guernica, at the Fueros Square, right in front of the Town Hall. Located within the beautiful wetlands of the Urdaibai Natural Reserve and only 10 km away from the center of Guernica, the Hotel Katxi offers individually personalized rooms with free Wi-Fi connection, air condition and minibar. The Guernica Jai Alai School (Gernika Jai Alai Eskola) organizes Jai Alai demonstrations for visitors. After surviving the Carlist Wars of the 19th century, Guernica led the futile agitation for an independent Basque state in 1932. The game is played on a court called a fronton, and Guernica is home to the second-largest fronton in the world. That service includes a short introduction to the history of Jai Alai, a demonstration match to 15 points and it is also possible to put a cesta on and have a go at it yourself. The town of Guernica is one part (along with neighbouring Lumo) of the municipality of Gernika-Lumo (Spanish: Guernica y Luno, whose population is 16,224 as of 2009 . Today, the Spanish Basque Country enjoys a certain amount of autonomous rule granted by the Spanish government. For this reason, it became a prime target for Francisco Franco. It is an interactive museum with an extensive photographic and audiovisual exhibition that is a testimony of the survivors from the attack that took place in Guernica on April 26, 1937. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in August. Today, the market is one of the most important markets in the Basque Country. The exhibition of the first floor shows the historic evolution of the region, presenting the events that resulted in the current politic situation. The palace was completely rebuilt in the middle of the 18th century and is characterized by its urban baroque style, with a masonry stone facade and three balconies bastioned by rails. The last two floors are dedicated to Basque culture, including information about sports, music, dance, beliefs, myths, etc. An accurate depiction of a cruel, dramatic situation, Guernica was created to be part of the Spanish Pavilion at the International Exposition in Paris in 1937. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Guernica, in full Guernica y Luno, official Spanish-Basque composite Gernika-Lumo, city, just northeast of Bilbao, Vizcaya provincia (province), in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Basque Country, northern Spain. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. The fronton is generally open from Monday to Friday from 4:30 pm until 7 pm (usually also on Saturday morning) and the entrance is free unless there is a match. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel as well as free parking and a business center. Many civilians lost their lives. There is also another fronton in Guernica called Santanape where the most popular version of pelota is played – pelota mano. Guernica Tourism – Things to Do in Guernica, One of the most important sites in Guernica is actually a tree. At the artist's request, the painting was kept out of Spain until the country returned to … This article was most recently revised and updated by, All these decades after Spain’s soul-rending conflict it retains that amount of cachet. Currently, “Guernica” can be seen at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. Guernica , official name (reflecting the Basque language) Gernika (pronounced [ɡernika]), is a town in the province of Biscay, in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, Spain. There are three free parking lots in Guernica. In 1366 Count Tello organized Guernica as an enclave, autonomous from the surrounding district of Luno, a status that endured until 1882, when Guernica and Luno were united as a municipality. From Guernica, it takes about 1 h to get to both San Sebastian or Vitoria by car. * The "Single Ticket" can be purchased at the Tourism Office for 5€ and it includes entrance to both the Peace and Euskal Herria Museums. The Lord of Biscay established a set of laws called the fueros, which granted the Basques autonomous rule. On a lighter note, the city is also host to the Monday Market, one of the most important markets of the Basque Country. The museum is divided in four floors, with the ground level being dedicated to the physical environment that has influenced the Basque way of life. They even have their own president known as the lehendakari who still takes his oath under the Guernica Tree in a similar fashion as was once done by the Lords of Biscay. There is even a saying in town – “Lunes gernikés, golperik ez,” which means that on Mondays in Guernica, you aren’t going to get much accomplished. Omissions? If you are interested in visiting a market in the Basque Country, it should probably be this one. A symbol of the suffering caused by the conflict, the attack prompted famed artist Pablo Picasso to paint a large canvas entitled Guernica which depicts the attack and destruction in abstract form. As early as 1968, Franco had expressed an interest in having Guernica come to Spain. Everyone wins! The most popular things to do in Gernika-Lumo with kids according to Tripadvisor travelers are: Points of Interest & Landmarks in Gernika-Lumo, See all attractions in Gernika-Lumo on Tripadvisor, Gaztelugatxe, Bermeo and Ghernika Guided Tour with Hotel Pickup, Basque Coast Tour: Vizcaya Bridge, Gaztelugatxe, Bermeo and Gernika, Bilbao And The Bay Of Biscay from San Sebastian, Guernica, Mundaka, Urdaibai and Bermeo Tour, lunch included, Gaztelugatxe, Gernika and Bermeo small group tour lunch included, See all day trips from Gernika-Lumo on Tripadvisor, See all kid friendly things to do in Gernika-Lumo on Tripadvisor. Also, the, 10 am to 2 pm & 4 pm to 6 pm (from 10 am to 7 pm from March to September). The space is also often used for other events such as concerts, exhibitions, etc. The remains of an older Guernica Tree can also be found in the gardens that surround the Biscayan Assembly. The German and Italian forces were supporting Francisco Franco to overthrow the Republican government during the Spanish Civil War. Everything from the Guernica Tree to visiting the Monday Market – if it deals with Guernica tourism, we’ve got you covered. Throughout the Middle Ages in Europe, it was common for leaders of various communities to come together under a tree to create laws and make agreements. Although the Santa Maria Church wasn't destroyed by the bombing of 1937, it was seriously damaged and its parochial archive was lost in the fire that followed. We have put together a hand selected list of the most important things to do and see in Guernica. PLANE – The airport of Bilbao is located 35 km away from Guernica, but there isn't a direct bus from the airport to Guernica. So much so, that even Hitler sought to acquire it and destroy it. Today Guernica is housed in Madrid’s Museo Reina Sofia, where each day more than 10,000 souls take in its screaming, surrealist figures. Guernica is a small town located in the Basque Country, located around a half-hour drive from the city of Bilbao. All these decades after Spain’s soul-rending conflict it retains that amount of cachet. The Parque de los Pueblos de Europa opened in 1991 and is the perfect spot to relax or go for a stroll. That way, you get the best rates on your hotels and at the same time, it helps us to continue contributing to this site. After its completion, “Guernica” traveled extensively throughout Europe where it quickly rose to fame. Industries include food processing, furniture making, metalworking, and ammunition manufacturing. The bombing, by the Condor Legion of Germany's Luftwaffe in 1937, inspired Picasso to paint the landmark cubist work Guernica, now … Jai alai, a form of Basque pelota, is said to be the fastest sport in the world, with balls being hit at speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour. The church’s main highlight can be found in its interior. Visit top-rated & … All Rights Reserved. The building that stands next to the Guernica Tree is home to the Biscayan Assembly. However, the market, which was usually packed, wasn’t too busy. Stained glass ceiling in the Biscayan Assembly, Pablo Picasso's "Guernica" – reproduction, Chillida Sculpture in the Park of the Peoples of Europe. Guernica also holds great political importance since it is home to the Guernica Tree, where underneath its branches, Basques were granted autonomy in the Middle Ages. There is also an attic that is used for temporary exhibitions. The sacred oak tree in Guernica, Spain | ©Roberto Chamoso G / Wikimedia Commons, The tiled replica of Picasso’s painting in Guernica, Spain, Gure Aitaren Etxea sculpture by Eduardo Chillida, ©Pierre-Yves Beaudouin / Wikimedia Commons, 5 Allende Salazar Kalea, Gernika-Lumo, Euskadi, 48300, Spain, 1 Foru Plaza, Gernika-Lumo, Euskadi, 48300, Spain, 3 Domingo Alegria Plaza, Gernika-Lumo, Euskadi, 48300, Spain, Allende Salazar Kalea, Gernika-Lumo, Euskadi, 48300, Spain, 1 Goienkalea Kalea, Gernika-Lumo, Euskadi, 48300, Spain. What are the top attractions to visit in Gernika-Lumo? The last style of architecture employed in the Santa Maria Church was renaissance. It was this town that was bombed in 1937, the events of which inspired Picasso’s most famous piece of art – “Guernica.” The bombing almost entirely destroyed the city and many civilians perished. The Hotel Gernika offers standard rooms with carpet floors and spacious bathrooms. The park also acts like an outdoor gallery, with works by Basque sculptor. Although its construction started in 1418, it went through several modifications throughout the centuries and wasn't actually finished until 1715. The sculpture of Chillida is called “Gure Aitaren Etxea” which means “The house of our father.” It was ordered by the Basque Government to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Guernica bombing.

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