Ken Follett is one of the world’s best-loved authors, selling more than 160 million copies of his thirty books.Follett’s first bestseller was Eye of the Needle, a spy story set in the Second World War. within the characters there are a lot of inner emotions. Cinemark Your email address will not be published.

Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2014. If you like his style, then his other books have even more point-of-view characters that he rotates his narration around. | Fresh (14) The film could have been reworked slightly, but most of the time, it succeeds at being a terrific film that in my opinion is a must see due to its plot, acting and effective directing.

[Full Review in Spanish].

Eye of the Needle, Ken Follett's breakthrough international bestseller, is a heart-racingly exciting tale about the fate of the war resting in the hands of a master spy, his opponent and a brave woman. Faber, who uses other aliases,is a professional, killing as needed, preferably with a stiletto. Some people will find the movie slow going.

The result is a cat-and-mouse chase between the spy and the intelligence officers, one which kept the reader in me hooked. |, August 21, 2019 Faber is halfway through radioing information to Berlin when his widowed landlady, who is in love with him, lets herself into his room.

I've read Pillars of the Earth and some others by Follet. the needle who is doing the job quite swiftly despite the whole british police is after him, until he is shipwrecked and forcefully he have to take rest at storm island which is separated from the mainland. After being disappointed by the last WWII thriller I read (Simon Tolkien’s Orders from Berlin), Eye of the Needle was what I’d been looking for! On the good side, I absolutely love how he weaves a story together. Sadly though, Eye of the Needle left me pretty disappointed, story wise, after having finished it and I’m hoping this was just a draw of the luck and that his other books doesn’t end like this as well.
Betrayal, a thrilling, spy novel, The movie is one of my favourite spy movies of all time, the book does not disappoint, the book is well written, gives depth to the characters, characters that implement both fake and true personalities. Start by marking “Eye of the Needle” as Want to Read: Error rating book. The Golden City Saga begins here. I’m just hoping he doesn’t pull this type of ending on me again! A very good spy novel, easy to read, the story flows, keeps your concentration right to the end.

The main characters of this fiction, thriller story are Lucy Rose, Henry Faber. Eye of the Needle is a well constructed, entertaining dramatic thriller with a great cast.

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