What’s going on?’. again or contact 1.888.780.6763. From: NOAA Acting Administrator Dr. Neil Jacobs This year, NOAA marks 50 years of science, service, and stewardship.
The headline of an article said something I never said – you actually read down in the article and they got the quote right because it was from congressional testimony, but the headline was misleading. I believe Neil made the correct choice. As Cliff says at the time of the tweet there was a 5 to 10% chance of hurricane impact, and they come out and say that there was absolutely no chance.If you had a hypothetical ten chamber revolver with one bullet in it I think most people would not be willing to play one round of Russian roulette with it. No NOAA administrator has been more interested in, knowledgeable about, and more in tune with NWS forecasters.
Then there’s the obvious ones – alerting people about land-falling storms. But he would pay a price for it. It taps into the whole mission of protecting life or property.

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Few agencies have a more substantial impact on the ocean and coastal environment on which people and economies depend than NOAA. The victim? Dr. Neil Jacobs, who is now acting administrator NOAA, was previously chief scientist for Panasonic’s weather business and an expert in numerical weather prediction. xWx Blogs Cliff Mass Weather Blog The Real Victim of Trump’s Sharpiegate: NOAA Administrator Neil Jacobs, Your email address will not be published. It has been clear for years that NOAA has needed new, more assertive leadership. What should he do? And it did. There are few things worse than doing something unethical or wrong and then allowing another person to take the blame for the transgression. And if they succeed in damaging Dr. Jacobs, who is an extraordinarily effective change agent in NOAA, U.S. weather prediction will be weakened and all the American people will become victims, with poorer warnings and guidance for severe and other weather. It is clear that the President was uninformed about hurricanes and he made a mistake on the Alabama threat. Moving to South Carolina, Folly Beach became my adopted homebreak.

This reaction was excessive and was meant to put Trump on the defensive. But that’s a tough one… My friends on the east coast are going to hate me for saying this, [laughs], but Bali is probably my favorite place to surf. No, the White House has an entire staff that works on White House appointments. I’m a goofyfoot, so, you know. I was always pretty argumentative, so at a very early age I joined the speech and debate club, and I started getting involved in policy debate. Text STOP to 69866 to stop receiving messages. It is attacking the victim. I’ve got boards stashed all over the place. That was my first introduction into being taken out of context. This reaction was excessive and was meant to put Trump on the defensive. Further, the September 6 Statement compromised NOAA’s integrity and, reputation as an independent scientific agency and violated Section 7.02 of NOAA’s.

). He forced his tiny ego on NOAA when he could have just let it go.

The opposite was the case, with the Birmingham office staff supportive of NOAA administrator Jacobs (stories. I think the debate is how much influence are humans having on it versus how much is from natural variability and natural signals and we’re still doing a ton of research on that. From our headquarters in Washington DC, we’re working to ensure that our ocean gets the funding and attention it requires. When I worked at Panasonic, I was very fortunate to be able to travel the world. Although a Trump appointee, Dr. Jacobs is not political, but extraordinarily dedicated to improving U.S. weather prediction. Unknown, I as well like my crepes without politics, just as I like my blog comments to be free of vacuous political agendas. Then they call me like, ‘the FBI is over here. They said, ‘would you consider this position?’ It wasn’t even a question. The first was: Media guidance issued by NOAA leadership between September 1 and, 6, 2019, limited the ability of scientists to communicate with the media and the public, about their research findings. I have known him for a number of years and have the greatest respect for him, both as a scientist and as a straight-shooting, ethical individual.

Please try My mom would drive us down to the beach and make us wear different colored jerseys, so she could spot us from the sand.

Dr. Neil Jacobs, who is now acting administrator NOAA, was previously chief scientist for Panasonic’s weather business and an expert in numerical weather prediction. It is up to the Administrator to guide the agency’s core mission of understanding, protecting, restoring and managing our ocean, coasts and Great Lakes. Terms and Conditions. When your time is so limited to go surf, and you want to make sure it’s going to be good before you make the decision to surf or do work, you don’t want to go down there and get skunked. Which was the ethical choice? It’s real.

On the basis of these conclusions, there was been substantial media buzz criticizing Administrator Jacobs and even a call by Congressman Tonko to have Dr. Jacobs resign. If there’s no opposition, it doesn’t go to a vote on the floor or what they call a roll call. There’s a lot of industries that, I think, are sensitive and exposed to waves and currents. The health of our ocean—an important economic driver for our entire nation, a vital habitat for marine wildlife, and a sacred part of our nation’s heritage—relies on it. Dr. Jacob's Visit to the Birmingham NWS Forecast Office,

. But he is a young man without extensive experience in DC and dealing with its shark-filled political waters. Don’t get me wrong.

Someone had put a black line going into Alabama—presumably with a sharpie pen. Which was the ethical choice? I was like, ‘heck yeah.’”, The position in question was the assistant secretary of commerce for NOAA’s Environmental Observation and Prediction, a post previously held by President Obama’s appointee, Manson Brown. You know, I’m not sure. Wind breaks twigs and small branches. Based on these complaints, the designated NOAA integrity officer, Dr. Stephen Volz, brought in a panel from an independent group (NAPA, National Academy of Public Administration) to evaluate the situation. Most of this post is fine, but let's not pretend that the media was somehow to be blamed for this.

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