They’ve declared themselves as a sovereign state and if they’re other countries. But when the dot com bubble burst in the early 2000s, Wheatley found himself back at square one. But then you have Manchester to Liverpool, which is like 20 miles, but again totally different places.

In the parking lot, he goes into reverse without looking and kills the offender, a seemingly accidental homicide leading to Chris and Tina going on a competitive killing spree across the countryside, increasingly triggered by the slightest of offenses. It’s a funny, jolting gag restaged in Wheatley’s 2009 feature debut Down Terrace (a sick-funny look at a homicidal low-tier-criminal family bumping off everyone in their immediate circle). The video proved to be the turning point for Wheatley, garnering over 15 million hits. The black comedy attracted "Sean of the Dead" (2004) director Edgar Wright to come on as a producer, and exposed Wheatley to a still wider audience.

I don’t think it is. By 2009, he was ready to direct his first feature film, the crime comedy "Down Terrace" (2009), which Wheatley funded himself.

He needs as much direction as the actors in a way, because the way his eye is looking at this thing is not trying to make it look like a cameraman and not to feel too authored like you can see when cameraman are trying to do handheld and it can be really awful.

I’ve had so many questions about this English thing, yada yada yada. The stuff’s too expensive, but once they said, “You can do it,” then fuck it.

The other thing we used with it is that the film is about using cover versions, so it’s that and “Season of the Witch” being played twice. We use cookies to provide the best experience on our website.

Se billederne: Sådan ser de kendte ud – helt uden make-up. It started me thinking about silent cinema and how to cut across all barriers and what is funny about that. The use of slow-motion, and the camera movements being so exaggerated, really struck me. On 1-1-1972 Ben Wheatley was born in Billericay, United Kingdom.

Wheatley: Yeah, Sight & Sound said that. If you look on the credits, Sara Dee is the voice of the radio in each of the film’s we’ve done, and I have to write fucking news reports and they’re all recorded out and played in every scene.

From my point of view, I made the film where I don’t think I’m particularly English or I’m in England.

The electronic side is really beautifully produced in a way that a lot of ’80s stuff isn’t. It’s your own prejudices. Initially a short film maker and animator, Wheatley moved his work to the internet where his clip “cunning stunt” which shows his friend Rob Hill jumping over a car has had over 10 million views.

There’s a reason people shoot in Hollywood, because it’s bright all the time, it doesn’t rain very often. They kill people professionally, pretty much. Top 30: Wauw, Her er de rigeste skuespillere i verden, Top 20 Galleri: Se de kendtes tatoveringer, Her er verdens 27 rigeste skuespillerinder, Hendes berømte eks-kærester eller eks-mænd. The one in Kill List is a phone-in about a dream that someone had about being attacked in a tunnel by naked people, and it goes on and on and on, and it basically gives away the whole film, but it’s all underneath the beginning of the movie. In “Cunning Stunt,” a man successfully jumps over a moving car, celebrates, and is instantly wiped out by an unseen oncoming vehicle.
Wheatley began with some short Flash animations, which were easy to produce from the comfort of his home computer.

I think that you have to live with them and you shouldn’t judge them too much. Wheatley: I think it’s different in each of the films. on May 9, 2013. It’s a very particular type of violent gag that has to be slightly different every time you do it. Wheatley soon transitioned to TV, signing on to write and direct arcs on series like "The Wrong Door" (BBC, 2008-) and "Ideal" (BBC Three, 2005-2011).

In Sightseers he’s kind of fickle, he pretends he’s got some kind of covert motive, but he hasn’t as the film shows. Also the rooms are really small. Inspired by more abstract works like Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man" (1995), the period film was set during the 17th century and filmed entirely in black and white. It plays fine in Europe. Filmmaker: I assume the scene with hail is real. Ben Wheatley, Comedy, Horror, Sightseers Ben Wheatley first gained attention with a nine-second video clip that went viral in the pre-YouTube era.

Not Available, Birthplace: Following graduation, Wheatley began taking on odd jobs in film and TV production, hoping to gain experience. About Ben Wheatley Ben started his career as a short filmmaker and animator, later he moved his work to the internet. Even though what they do is abhorrent — on one level, murder is bad, we all agree on that obviously — but what they’re also doing is anarchic and they’re breaking out of social structures and they’re trying to find something and they’re seeking them.

He worked as an assistant editor and a storyboard artist for several commercials, all while nurturing a love of cinema.

Filmmaker: In interviews, you’ve said that Down Terrace was about the Blair administration, with the family’s disregard for other’s lives, and Kill List was about the difficulties of maintaining a small business during this recession. Wheatley: We shot in all weather because it’s England. Ben Wheatleys Hus i Billericay, United Kingdom, Læs: 20 kendisser som du ikke forventede røg. A native of Essex, England, Wheatley first discovered the world of artistic cinema by watching the works of French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard while attending Haverstock School in London. I’ve got it on my iPod for walking about.

Click here to read our Summer 2020 issue, featuring. On my website alone, we had about 15 million views of that thing. And I don’t agree, that’s one of the things that drew me to the film, is I thought they were good. And then it also fit thematically.

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