The riff just uses the open string and the 2nd, 4th and 5th Frets (or GAAA GA BAGA AA CCCBBB GAAA AA) Your ears should find it. |-----------------------------|-. |--0h2--2-2--0-2-4-2-0h2-2-------|--------0-0--2-0--0h2-2--2-0-2--2-2--|- --------------|-------------------|-----------------------|- (D) (D) }������6�Gv������,"zr�E|w�إ�A̙^��PL҉��`L"��5zl2���&��h�b��s%�I:�WF0R��� ��Q����v���/x�o~Xw���! (D) (D) We have de-tuned the d string so play it - 55003X. I done two tours of duty in Vietnam.....(Riff 8) Bought it at an auction at the Mason's Lodge.....(Riff 1 or 3) (D) 4 0 obj --------------|-------------------|-----------------------|- Step 2) Get the main riff going on the G string. These are just a guide. He'd buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line.....(Riff 1 or 3)

(C) (G) (D) |--0-0-0-|-0-0--X-0-0--0-0-0-0--|----|-------3/4-4-3h4-----------3h4p3h4-|-

|--3-3-3-|-3-3--X-3-3--3-3-3-3--|----|-----------------------------------|- Hit the D chord once and let the notes ring out. ;g��'5���m�c����, (D)-(No Chord) Step 8) Strum the G chord when you get to it. <> Finally, don't forget to lower the bottom E down to D to provide the 'evil' low end. . (Riff 10) - (Riff 9) ---|Repeat 3| (G) (C) (G) 's got a [C] chopper in the [G] air I [D] wake up screamin’ like I’m [G] back over [D] there I [G] learned a thing or two from [C] Charlie don't you [G] know You [D] better stay away from Copperhead Road [D] [D] [D] Just shot a coat of primer and they looked inside.....(Riff 1 or 3) |--0-0--0-0--0-0-0-0-0-0--0--|------|--------------0-0-0-0-0-0---0-0-|- This song came in by request on my Patreon page - I hadn’t heard it before, but am sure glad I know it now! ��v~�f������{3���5.xq���?�n��l�##1ڔ�'�_+[�7y�c�`�*m�ʖw{��e�hoV�H� �}��Zנ:m������=@�/����ڂ*��6>�h�+�� �ں'�~9@��*��q3w���Y���n�/_VE;b;�~bzpU,u��?�q z^�����ífPQ��������ߝj��(S� O�|L��@uQ&��f�R5��t4�Ӟ_���'��8JPa�dL-bJ��g�赍��= ��e�z�НH*_']�#���~ For such a simple song with just two chords and great little riff bit, this sure is a fun one to play. ---(Riff 4)---|---(Riff 1 or 3)---|---(Riff 1 or 3)-------|-

|---0-0-0-0--0--X-X--0-0-0-0--0--X-X-|---0-0-0-0--0--X-X-X----0-0-0-0--0---0-0--|- Private (D - Let Ring) (D) Replied |--0-0--0-0--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-------|-------------0-0--0-0-0--0-0-0--0-0--|- And who can blame him? |------2p0-----------------2--|- |--------------|--------------|-------------------|--------------|- |--------------------------------|-------------------------------------|-

�L� S+ ��{�{���-�&Wl�^aV!���~�O�U���):`�n˧�f{��ٞW����ɚ�(�lm,���h�$ �p1

He only come to town about twice a year.....(Riff 1 or 3) |--0h2--2-2--2-0-0-0-0h2--2--2-0-|----0-0-0--0-0-0-0-0-0-0--0-0-------|- |----------------------------|------|--------------------------------|- (D) |--3b5-3b5-------5---|--------------------------3----------|- %���� |---2-2-2-2--2--X-X--2-2-2-2--2--X-X-|---2-2-2-2--2--X-X-X----2-2-2-2--2---2-2--|- <>>> . |--3-3--3-3--3-0-1-0-0h3--3--3-0-|----0-0-0--0-0-1-1-1-1-0--0-0-------|- So you should now be playing the riff on the G string whilst also hitting the strings on either side. CHORDS “Copperhead Road” is the most popular tune from Steve Earle, which can be attested to the fact that he’s still out there playing it! I guess you should really learn mandolin if you want to play it spot on :lol: Any way here is the version I use (Riffs 1 through to 4 are used extensively in the first 2 verses), (Riff 1) (Riff 2) (Brief organ Solo), -Intro Proper Percussion on the D chord (1&2&3 Damp 1&2&3 Damp etc), [D] I volunteered for the army on my birthday.They draft the white trash first, round hear anyway.I done two tours of duty in Viet Nam.I came home with a brand new plan.I'd take the seed from Columbia and Mexico.I just planted up a holler down Copperhead Road. |--------------|--------------|-------------------|--------------|-. (D) [D] You better stay away from Copperhead Road.Copperhead RoadCopperhead RoadCopperhead Road. Hold down the D note on the second string with your second finger (in other words the B string fret 3). |------------------------------------|------------------------------------------|- (G) (C) (G) Forum contains no unread posts You hardly ever saw Grandaddy down here.....(Riff 1 or 3) |--------------------------------|----3-3-3--3-3-3-3-3-3-3--3-3-------|- � D������4QWh�wX���dX���k�x ���;�׈�S�g��nr�G���7Fc�)b1�A= ?��ԓ�`?��C�1�p�aUWZ T X�J ��$\[�� |------------------------------|------------------------------------|-, (Instrumental Solo) So I found a way to play it without whilst it's edge and attitude! ---|---------------------------------------|---|-------------------------------------, ************************************************************************ (D) |--------------------------------|-----------------------X--X-X-------|- |--------|----------------------|----|-----------------------------------|-, (Riff 7) (Riff 8) |----------------------|--0h1-3p1p0--------------------------|-

Sticky Everybody knew that he made moonshine.....(Riff 1 or 3) |--0-0-0-0--0-------0-----0-0--|---------------------|- |--3-3--3-3--3-3---3-3-3-3------0h1---1---1-0-------3-3-3--3-3-3--3-3--|- |--3---------------------------|---------------------|-, (D) (G) (C)(D) �J��F�2�]�gE�e�����Ȫ;�f�X�����~�mU������z��E�4!e3(�I��uα�K�Dc��:�2��cJ_��R�����.�z�7�&��e�5�u�U�f����

It gives a better continuity of tone to keep the main riff it on the same string. |--3----------------------------|---------------------|-, (G) (C) (G) electric guitar and some of them are a bit tough to play on an acoustic They draft the white trash first, 'round here anyway.....(Riff 7)

|--X----------------------------|---------------------|- ;#��'Q;U:�/�DW����I����ɓ�c�p��5�)�:���_3�Q#��M#���:�F��$�h M}F����0�����}�(t���� �xG��ıñ�+���H�#Oۃ�:�B2a͠���{��h�����E�?�� P���\J�MCUôf���֎\_� *����BkѼ1��"V��F�Ե����_���3? �ă��r��Iho��nVl�3�f7+��������������,�V�:��� � ��)����������� Unapproved

Active They are Well the D.E.A. stream My method is to build is to build it up with a number of layers. ---|________|. <> He was headed down to Knoxville with the weekly load. (D) (G) (C) (G) (D) (D) (D) (D) (D) (D) |---2-2-2-2--2--X-X--2-2-2-2--2--X-X-|---2-2-2-2--2--X-X-X----2-2-2-2--2---2-2--|- --------------|--------------|-------------------|--------------|-, Well..... |----------------------|-------------2-4p0-----------2--2-2--|- Solved --------------|--------------|-------------------|--------------|- Be excellent to each other & party on dudes! (D) .

|--------------4-------|--------------------4p0------0--0-0--|- You better stay away from Copperhead Road. . --------------|-------------------|-----------------------|- Well him and my uncle tore that engine down.....(Riff 1 or 3) without the C note (G string fret 5)). Hot Not Replied (D) (C) (G) (D) %PDF-1.5

I volunteered for the army on my birthday.....(Riff 5) G�j�}Itm���1*PQ��D�I����xr�����XFH =��Ƹ�WS�8_��I=U�$�!R�V&X������㏾t2�11�s͏ߪ�*�"�D� ����|"w���.��ض`�L��h��)h�X$l���kȧ;��C�C�h1[L�O���LB��˹�e��;\��{;`�^˹��������X��&���ws}GK���K���� svDͻ��l"��� "x@pgv6�g��z�W쒶���ۍ+�4am z�]Zv�[O Ȑ����6cJ�N�y� �4ϕ��ڜ� played over the top of Riffs 1 to 4. (G) (C) (G) |--0-0-0-0----0-1-3-1---0--0-0--|---------------------|- (D) . Now the revenue man wanted Grandaddy bad.

|---0-0-0-0--0-----0-0-0-0--0--|---0-0-0-0--0-----0-0-0-0--0---0-0--|- |--0-0-0-0-----------------0-0--|---------------------|- endobj Well done General Savage this is a nice easy version of what I think is Steve Earle's masterpiece and best track ever.I agree with what your saying on the thinness of the riff it does lack a little something.A god version none the less :wink: In the past I always used the following tab, I don't remember where it cam from but it is an extremely good tab. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Your index, ring and pinky are still available to play the riff! Your tab gets a similar effect, but I think I can help you to get a thicker sound. He headed up the holler with everything he had. ---|----------------2-0--0h2-2--2-0-2--2-2-|--0h2--0h2--0h2--0--2--0-----2-0-2------- [G] Before my time, but I've been told. (G) (C) |--0h4-----4p0---0--2p0----0--|- |---0-0-0-0--0-----0-0-0-0--0--|---0-0-0-0--0-----0-0-0-0--0---0-0--|- ---(Riff 1)---|---(Riff 2)---|---(Riff 1 or 3)---|---(Riff 2)---|-


--------------|--------------|-------------------|--------------|- But more importantly than this, you can remain committed to the D chord throughout the riff; meaning, that you can keep all the harmony and drone strings ringing. |--0-0-0-0----0-1-0---0---0-0--|---------------------|- (Don't use the high E string), Step 5) Tune the low E string down to D and hit it occasionaly to add extra depth.


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