Wild busby dragons are highly unwelcoming to outsiders, although they are more welcoming to fellow Chrysalis dragons. Dragonvale World Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Their favorite flower by far, however, is the Otherminded Busby. Do to the bizarre, creepy look of their hives, their painful stings, and how they ate the Otherminded Busby, the early humans feared them, and even today people still fear them. It's at this stage they begin guarding the hive and gathering nectar. Baby - Lvl. If you start finding large wooden clusters in your Chrysalis Habitat ever since you placed a busby dragon in it, don't worry; building hives is instinctual for busby dragons. Busby dragons can be bred with a lacewing dragon and a marbletail dragon. Busby dragons are also easy to blackmail; all you need to do to get a busby dragon to share it's secrets is to threaten a member of it's colony. It's ill-advised to keep a bubsy dragon in a habitat all by itself, as bubsy dragons are social by nature and can fall into a depression without social interaction. Baby The other bubsy dragons collect lots of nectar for the juvenile bubsy dragon, so it can collect enough energy to grow into an adult. When observed not doing chores for the hive, busby dragons are known for being as social as a plant dragon, although loner busby dragons aren't unheard of. Baby Baby bubsy dragons only occasionally leave the cell they were born in.

Their natural sleekness is rarely seen, as their entire torso and the very tip of their tail is covered by thick, yellow-and-black striped fur.

The Busby Dragon can be purchased for 13,100 magic eggs during The Spring Shellebration. The Busby Dragon can be bred by using a Lacewing Dragon and a Marbletail Dragon, in either order, at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island. https://dragonvale-world.fandom.com/wiki/Busby_Dragon?oldid=20443. Parkborn bubsy dragons work well with most other Chrysalis dragons, but are the most social with the lacewing, marbletail, and fellow bubsy dragons. The gestational period lasts about three months, and bubsy dragons tend to lay four or five eggs. This venom isn't deadly, but creates a sharp, lingering pain at the sting site, and causes the sting to swell. 15 Lvl. Once the eggs have been laid, all the bubsy dragons in the colony will work together to care for the eggs. The Bilby Dragon can be bred by using the Cotton Dragon and the Plains Dragon. Busby dragons have become more popular in recent years however, as they help prevent growth of the Otherminded Busby. BILBY DRAGON: INCUBATION TIME: 14 Hours BUY-IT Price:?? 19 Lvl. Busby dragons don't exactly have the best reputation in the Vale. Once a bubsy dragon has successfully found a mate, the male bubsy dragon will move into the female's cell. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They were building a new home to house their whole community, but every adult wanted to create their own section single-wingedly. 6 Lvl.

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