doesn't come back to life at the end. Judy hopps keeps telling the "Somebody once told me" joke every 5 minutes. I never thought we would be able to rally so many troops. The movie opens with a shot of an island and Maui dancing in the shower and singing a PG-rated version of Me So H. After this, we get a parody of the opening of Shrek, where Baby Moana does not believe that the story is real. The Curse Dragon looks like Barney and sings "I Love You" instead of roars. (The "Jar Jar being a Sith Lord" part of this could be a cool idea for some people.). Replace the seals with Triumph The Insult Comic Dog. Annabeth had told me that the last part had been Padmé's idea to try to prevent the droid army from overwhelming the Gungans. The Krusty Krab 2 is a Peter Piper Pizza and everybody who eats at it gets food poisoning. The talking dog/cute, girly cat always gets beat up whenever the Girls try to save him/her. hacked the multi-troop transport computer and downloaded the log," the female Jedi said. You cannot get a cape by modifying the elytra's texture. The theme is "The complainer is always wrong". This gave them a huge advantage because even though the Gungans were pretty good fighters from what I had seen, they had practically zero long range weapons. Add a dinosaur called the Yeerex which-you know. The movie is produced by the same company that made Delgo. Have a scene where Destiny, Bailey, Dory and Hank do the Macerena.

She winced. Remove Jenny and replace her with Dora the Explorer. Emmett curses every minute and has a little kid's voice. At one point, Raggedy Ann and Andy have sex. Hovernyan turns into a knock-off of the rapping dog from Titanic: The Legend Goes On instead of Darknyan, and Jibanyan becomes a royal version of Fidgephant who has rainbow-colored pee instead of Buchinyan. Anakin's rant about not becoming a Jedi Master is filled with profanity. Diondre from Saving Christmas joins the cast as a best friend of Clark and does nothing but be an annoying black stereotype and rant about straight power. When Kubo gets all 3 pieces of the armor, he sings "We Sat on Down" from Blue's Clues. Make Gunter's accent difficult to understand, and subtitles are used whenever he speaks, a la Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Edgar does not get released from the animal trap and is kidnapped and murdered as a result. "Just in case, we grabbed a few droid heads as well. Annabeth had tried all different ways of organizing the Gungan army, but in the end, they were always overrun. (What did you expect? original ending of Little Shop of Horrors. The only jokes are poop jokes and pop-culture references that happen every 10 seconds. Leia disguises as a Gungan to free Han Solo. He didn't like the coward part, but he liked the smart part. Barry is now a selfish, lazy, bratty crybaby who throws temper tantrums over the slightest things and sounds like a toddler on helium. Put an TV weather crawl somewhere during the climax of the movie, and text about an Tornado Warning on the bottom for the rest of the film. Make Becky Detweiler a predecessor to Honey Boo-Boo and Mrs. Detweiler a predecessor to Mama June. Add random subplots that have nothing to do with the main plot, which consists of: A Christmas themed, family friendly version of Sausage Party. The Dazzlings are a rip-off of Jem and her friends. (I like these shorts, but the animation is too weird-looking). The music consists of bad 1990's mainstream rap. Have a Head-On parody like the one in Epic Movie as a bad dream Bart has.

At one point, the Looney Tunes sing this song from Barney and Friends: The aliens want to rid the world of rap music and want to replace it with nursery rhymes. Barley gets arrested when he climbs the fountain.

And have Max voiced by Brian Blessed (using his Boss Nass voice). Add a laugh track that plays at random intervals. Instead of becoming one with the force, Luke becomes a Gungan. Remove the scenes where Nigel Thornberry acts like he's three. The movie is called "The Geeky Hero Show". It can also be purchased on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. In each instance, he is throwing a tantrum. Let's Go PriParis, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (original version). I thought about Piper and Leo, especially. Or perhaps someone in pop culture or history that this can be primarily attributed to? "I have been a source of intelligence for the Senate in the past, so they should trust me. Have Buzz's inner voice constantly curse.

GET OUT............................NOW! Oh yeaaaahhhhh. Have Amy Poehlr voice act Gidget (Using her Bessie Higgenbottom voice). Please feel free to share additional comments below. Change the Lion Guard's symbol that appears on the bod. It is not recommended to view this page if you have an older computer, as it can slow down. Have Rosita and Gunter argue over stupid things.

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