Consider this: his four best years Grove was 104-25; Sandy Koufax was 97-27. Killer Stat: 15+ Wins in 17 Straight Seasons.

Period. You may also like: Best pitching staffs in the MLB since 1980. 373 wins.

He isn't even a top 100 picture ever. Maybe if he had, he would have been even better. All teams averaged a 4.16 ERA since 1980. You can argue that a starting pitcher might be more valuable to a team than a releiver or even a closer, but if the question is the best pitcher those stats don't lie. Rick Rhoden was both a professional golfer and a major league baseball pitcher.

His career ERA of 2.76 is nothing to overlook but in the playoffs, he was downright unbeatable, posting the sixth best playoff ERA ever and the best World Series ERA of anyone with at least 50 innings pitched in the Fall Classic. Willie Mays and Hank Aaron couldn't hit against him. Killer Stat: 0.95 Career ERA in World Series. Aka, Matt Harvey, Johan Santana, Tim Lincecum(Kinda)...And aren’t on this list. He was a complete workhorse, leading the league in innings pitched for seven different seasons, which is the most times anyone has ever done that. As I said this is likely the very best game Bumgarner has ever thrown but it’s also one of the best in World Series history. MLB stat hounds have been furiously scanning the archives in an attempt to figure out if Bumgarner is indeed the best ever in World Series play. All-time strikeout leader, no-hitters with 7, and allowed fewest hit per nine innings all-time. #2 is Randy Johnson at 4,875... And most importantly, every time a hitter from his era is asked who was the most intimidating pitcher they ever faced, the answer is always Nolan Ryan, The date was September 9, 1965. - WHIP: 1.224 Killer Stat: Nine-Time American League ERA Leader. We’ve got guys from the 1880s all the way through today on this best pitcher list. - Top starting pitchers: Greg Maddux (2.62 ERA, 16-6), Tom Glavine (2.96 ERA, 18-11), Kevin Millwood (3.24 ERA, 18-8) The games took less than 2 hours. Total domination is a good way to describe the way Grover Cleveland Alexander pitched in his MLB career, which included a World Series win with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1926. Ryan was a.500 pitcher.

Scott was one of the highest-paid players on the team that year, with his low ERA earning him one of the top starting pitchers positions. He could've been the greatest pitcher ever. That however does not make him the best Pitcher although I would consider putting him near the top of the list. Gibby's just a beast. He does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. No pitcher in nearly a century has posted a better career ERA than Rivera’s 2.21, and his career WHIP of 1.000 is good enough for third best in baseball history. The New York Mets placed second in the National League East in 1985. His career 2.91 ERA and 1.188 WHIP are stout enough, but when you look at his 89.1 career WAR figure, which is the 25th best mark among all pitchers, you see how irreplaceable he was. He’s also, so far, the only pitcher to record 3,000 strikeouts in fewer than 3,000 innings pitched. Unquestionably the most dominant relief pitcher in baseball history, Mariano Rivera was also probably the best pitcher of the modern era. - Top starting pitchers: Bob Welch (2.65 ERA, 15-12), Alejandro Pena (2.75 ERA, 12-9), Jerry Reuss (2.94 ERA, 12-11) He was one of the twopitchers (Matthewson & Johnson) of the five 1936 Immortals to enter the HOF. You know what other record is also completely unbeatable? He is simply the greatest pitcher ever, in my opinion. This list needs to be shortened and some kind of ranked voting.Pedro, Clemens, Walter Johnson are the pinnaclethen next tier in no particular orderAlexander, Young, Big Unit, Maddux, Seaver, Mathewson, Grove, Gibson, Koufax, Carlton, Feller, PaigeValenzuela, Spahn, Lincecum, Ryan don't deserve considerationRivera, a one inning reliever hardly deserves mentionI am biased toward high peak rather than sustained nearly great or very good over a long career. How many players can you say that about? One batter said the best way to hit him was to swing when his arm came down. in ERA at age 40One of greatest pitchers ever.

LeftyGrove was probably the best starting pitcher in MLB history.

In the book "The All Century Team" an argument is made as to why Greg Maddux was the greatest pitcher of the 20th Century. - WHIP: 1.110 One overlooked aspect of his game is his postseason mastery. Rivera’s 652 career saves are the most ever and, in 2019, he became the first player in baseball history to be elected to the Hall of Fame with 100 percent of the vote.

The Chicago Cubs finished first in the National League Central in 2016 with a record of 103-58. Killer Stat: 10.8 Strikeouts Per Nine Innings Pitched. Walter Johnson may be a close second, but you have to consider that his ERA was from a period when baseball was somewhat less offense-heavy. Nicknamed “Three Finger” after he lost parts of two fingers on his throwing hand as a kid, Mordecai Brown used that injury to his advantage by using his unique grip to throw wicked breaking balls. Screwball pitcher Carl Hubbell became legendary at the 1934 MLB All-Star Game — when he struck out five consecutive future Hall of Famers, including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx — but he was one of the game’s best even without that feat.

The fact that he did what he did in the steroid era without a blistering fastball and with out a single no hitter to his name is even more impressive. When MLB has to alter the game to make it fair for the rest of the league, you know you have left your mark.

I remember it so well, even now almost 50 years later, there are times when it seems as it was yesterday, because you see, I was just a 15 year old lad who had the great fortune of sitting in the stands that night with my dad watching the game.A grand total of 27 Chicago Cubs came to the plate that night, and every single one of them was retired in order that by the greatest pitcher of all time, Sandy Koufax. Bob even admitted that Paige taught him how to pitch when they barnstormed together back in the '30s. He also ranks eighth all-time in wins and WAR and his 18 career Gold Gloves is the most for anyone at any position. During the 60's other pitchers stats are not close, by the way 61 world seris strikeouts and a.095 era.JP, Yes he has the most losses.

Johnson’s power was on full display during the 2001 MLB Playoffs, when he won five games en route to the Arizona Diamondbacks winning a World Series, the most wins during any single postseason campaign for a starting pitcher in history. - WHIP: 1.251 According to Bob Feller, Satch was the greatest pitcher ever. - WHIP: 1.240 Whether they are starters or closers, pitchers are essential to setting up the team for success, as well as maintaining that level of success. This was a tough choice for me. His most impressive year came in his rookie season of 1880, when he kept a 0.86 ERA, which is still the lowest for any season in baseball history and likely will remain so. He didn't do it for the money or fame. The Atlanta Braves lost in the National League Division series 3-2 to San Francisco Giants in 2002. He will not show the best on career statistics because of his shorter career. 32nd? He also ended his career with a 139.2 career WAR, which is insane and counts for by far the best such mark by any pitcher since 1927. He dominated hitters and had some of the best seaons ever. Best pitcher of all time, in my opinion. Also, back then, a team only had one or two pitchers.

Washington Nationals fans are probably most thrilled with the fact that Scherzer has won more than 65 percent of all the games in which he’s gotten a decision. Good pitcher, but didn't have many strike outs. In his 13 year peak he had a 268-108 won-lost record, nine ERA titles a 164 ERA +.He led the league in strikeouts seven straight year He would have probably won eight or nine Cy Young Awards if it existed. The steroid scandal ruined baseball for me considering to me Clemons was my favorite pitcher and Bonds was my favorite hitter lol. Grove’s win-loss percentage of .680 also puts him in the top 10. What Nolan Ryan accomplished is equally impressive: 7 No Hitters? 1972,best season I ever saw, especially considering he pitched for the worst team in baseball. - Record: 108 - 54 He’s only the fourth pitcher in MLB history to record at least 200 strikeouts in seven consecutive seasons, and his three Cy Young awards show how his skills haven’t gone unnoticed. Ty Cobb called him the most fearsome he ever faced.

He is more like number 75. Some of these teams went on to win the World Series during the season, while others faced defeat in postseason play or did not even make it that far.

363 wins by a lefty! No question. 1934: Cardinals 11, Tigers 0. I don't know why. About the only thing he’s missing is a dominant postseason run that ends with a World Series victory, because his career stats are the stuff any pitcher would kill for. Pitchers today would be lucky to get 11 in a career. He held down an ERA of 2.98 and a 1.166 WHIP for his career and finished with the 30th-best WAR mark among all pitchers in baseball history at 68.3. People compare Chapman to Johnson... Johnson was a starter who routinely threw over 100 mph, Chapman is a closer.

His career WAR of 101.1 is also good enough for ninth all-time among pitchers. - Walks per nine: 3.0 It was almost unfair to the hitters.

Baseball is known as America's favorite past time. Arguably the greatest pitcher of all time. Cry Young is before him? Gibson helped the Cardinals win two World Series titles in the 1960s and was named MVP of both series.

You are the greatest case closd, The Phillies won 60 games one season Carlton had 29 wins, I met him in Oklahoma shortly before his passing and I asked the question, what kind of money would you of got pitching in this era, he said quickly the same $100,000 I played for the love of the game. In my opinion, that's how you measure true dominance. And the 9th inning pitchers face the best hitters (PH) the team can put up.

- Walks per nine: 3.1 Walter Johnson was the best ever.417 winsERA of 2.17110 shutouts!417 wins is especially amazing because he played most of his career with the Senators, who were a terrible offensive team (he got very little run support).On one occasion, when the Senators were short on pitchers, Johnson pitched three straight games against the Yankees - all three shutouts.He also had a blazing fastball.Ty Cobb said of him,"You knew you were going to get that fast ball every time you faced him.

Gibson had one amazing season with a slightly over 1.00 era, but check out his era for the following year.

During the years he was on the Astros with Mike Scott, Scott pitched much better than Ryan (so much for the bad team theory). - Top starting pitchers: Greg Maddux (2.36 ERA, 20-10), Steve Avery (2.94 ERA, 18-6), Tom Glavine (3.20 ERA, 22-6) It was over 3.00 and into mediocrity. I coached baseball for 18 years, 9 as an American Legion and summer college age coach. - WHIP: 1.221 417 Career Wins - 2nd All-Time, but not following Cy Young is his loses. 1 / 25. Didn't get his first win until he was 27 and ended up with 363. Won more Cy Young Awards than any other pitcherWon MVP awardThird all time in strikeoutsNinth all time in winsShares record for most strikeouts in one game at 20Led N.L. - WHIP: 1.256 Estimates put his total games pitched at over 2500, 1500 wins, 300 shut-outs, and 55 no-hitters at a time when all great athletes played baseball and little else. - Strikeouts per nine: 6.5 - Record: 104 - 58 Take post-season and the case is made.

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