Andrews' vibrato alone could shake loose lyrics from your brain like: "Doe, a deer, a female deer/Ray, a drop of golden sun." This unusual kids movie with unusually deep ideas is a total charmer. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.


A forest ranger, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, does her best to protect the feral orphan boy and his dragon pal, before hunters capture the big green guy. It is important for parents to be aware of the issues Disney movies might bring up. You won't hear any of the iconic songs, but it's a visual feast with a few new characters and exhilarating action.

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A remake of the '70s live-action musical comedy, David Lowery's version of the story about a boy who befriends a dragon drops the singing for a soulful, human tale. It is especially bad when Baloo, the brown bear and one of the main characters decides to point out the monkey's physical characteristics in a negative sense, by telling them “Why you flat-nosed, little-eyed, flaky creeps!”.

Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. The Straight Story is sublime, from its realistic dialogue, burning orange Midwestern landscapes, to the warm characters who care for the elderly Alvin Straight. Or just wait until Dec. 4 for it to become free for all subscribers. The great thing about seeing it at a very young age is that it can help the kid realize that their childhood is something they should cherish and enjoy while it lasts because it definitely won't last forever. One of Lynch's greats. Ratatouille is another one of those Disney/Pixar classics that is definitely worth the hype. National Geographic's documentary on the moon landing shines a light on the human achievement with rare archival footage and audio. Charting our journey to the moon across 12 years and 12 manned-missions, with insight into the astronauts, their families and the thousands of others involved, Apollo: Missions to the Moon provides a fresh, extensive look into the US space program. This live-action/CGI adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's collection of stories brings the tale of an orphan boy living with animals in the jungle to life with a stacked voice cast, including Bill Murray, Idris Elba, Scarlett Johansson and Christopher Walken. The issues don't end there, as there are a few problematic songs as well, the most significant being the "Song of the Roustabouts.". If you're not still quoting Rob Reiner's classic adventure movie that came out over 30 years ago, it's time for a refresher, so you can whip out, "Inconceivable!" While The Jungle Book teaches kids some great life lessons, it is problematic as certain animal characters have specific racial attributes. By watching Mulan, children learn to throw away gender stereotypes and be more open-minded when it comes to what boys and girls like and can grow up to be.
Toy Story was the first Disney/Pixar movie to become insanely popular among not just kids, but adults as well. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. At this age they’re ready to sit through full movies (with a couple of snack breaks in … The second lesson is “Hakuna Matata”, aka "No worries for the rest of your days." Another issue with the story is that Belle begins to not mind the fact she is being held prisoner. Again, similarly to a lot of other movies, it portrays the girl as someone who should just sit and wait to be saved. Splash is pure comfort viewing with the added fun fact that Hannah's mermaid tale was designed by visual effects artists to be fully functional. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Considered one of, if not the best, movie about a boy and his dog, Old Yeller will emotionally cripple you if you relate to losing a pet best friend. While she still does look like an animated character, this change in animation beauty standards is very important for children, who look up to those characters and want to behave and look like them. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Now while love, at first sight, can be a rare occurrence, kids should know that love can also happen gradually. Jill Duggar Speaks Out About Her Strained Relationship With Her Family, 10 Disney Movies All Toddlers Must Watch (And 10 To Skip), MIL Is Angry Granddaughter Wants To Be Princess Tiana For Halloween. Not to mention that Meg has an incredibly unrealistic body that little girls could easily end up comparing themselves to. The first one is that it teaches children about the circle of life. The man behind Back to the Future brought his originality to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, set in a 1947 version of Hollywood where cartoon characters and people co-exist.
The main one is that the crows in the movie are portrayed as extremely stereotypically African-American characters. Mulan was one of those first Disney movies where the main protagonist was actually considered as a Disney princess, even though she couldn't care less about sparkly ball gowns and daydreaming about her prince charming. … Also, beauty plays a huge role in this one, it is even mentioned in the title.

For instance, Cinderella is being heavily bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters, yet for some reason, she is too weak to ever stand up for herself, and again she needs to be saved by a guy. Documentary Howard lovingly unfurls a portrait of Howard Ashman's life and work, dotted with fascinating clips from the productions of those Disney classics.

It teaches our youngsters important lessons from believing in who you are and surrounding yourself with true friends, to respecting everyone's beliefs and never judging "toys by their packaging". Starring a young John Cusack, The Journey of Natty Gann depicts life in '30s Chicago during the Great Depression. Considered an early precursor of the steampunk genre, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a voyage you can't pass up. Peter Pan is a fun and exciting movie, and it has plenty of different characters, most of which are children, making this Disney classic very relatable one for kids. Updated: 26 … Fueled by the late Heath Ledger's pure charm, with a clever script and an overall buzzing spirit, 10 Things I Hate About You is a cut above your average high school movie.

With superb lead performances and portrayal of Depression-era life, The Journey of Natty Gann is an '80s gem worth checking out. A New York department store Santa Claus claims to be the real Santa, infecting shoppers with Christmas spirit and destroying the cynicism of anyone who stands in his path. Bambi is another adorable animal Disney movie like The Lion King and Finding Nemo.

Being aware that girls are just as strong and smart as boys is a lesson that absolutely needs to be taught kids from a young age, regardless if they are boys or girls. From classics like the original 1961 Parent Trap, to Tim Burton's Frankenweenie that will destroy anyone who's lost a pet dog, Disney has an eclectic lineup well worth checking out. Not only entertaining, but a technical breakthrough in modern American animation, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one to marvel at. Instead of hitting cinemas, the live recording of the glorious original 2015 Broadway musical Hamilton slid right onto Disney Plus. The animations in them are beautifully made and they follow stories that teach kids not only about the importance of family and friends but also about obstacles that life can bring along. Another thing that a lot of these old-school Disney movies teach kids is that love, at first sight, is pretty much the only true love. You can keep your Avengers and your Star Wars.

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory are two of those Disney/Pixar movies that have pretty much become instant kid (and parent) staples. Peter Pan, also known as The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up is another Disney classic kids should definitely see.

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