It may be worth it to get Shiva before the fight, make sure everyone has force jump. The 15th of Solomon's 72 demons, a duke who commands 60 legions of demons. Oh, and before I forget don't forget to crack the VICTORY CRY passive ability from Belberith. On the first turn have her go just outside of the range of the two followers. He is a Great Duke of Hell with twenty-six legions of demons under his command. Any fix for SMT III Nocturne Maniax Chronicle Edition true demon path hospital crash? Junkyard, a town of endless rain. Either spend hours training them (not recommended) or get higher level demons (recommended). Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator Click here for the normal (non-royal) version He gives true answers to all things past, present and future as long as he is asked, but when not answering questions is a liar. He knows the properties and values of all herbs and precious stones, and can transform into any type of bird to sing and fly for his conjurer, sometimes acting as his animal familiar.

He can change any men into any shape the exorcist may desire, and the one that is changed will not know it. It's better for you main character to increase magic instead of strength, but since you did... why do you have ice and force dance on him? According to the writings in The Lesser Key of Solomon, Andras is the sixty-third spirit listed in the Goetia. Orobas is faithful to the conjurer, does not permit that any spirit tempts him, and never deceives anyone. Eligor imparts courage and fighting spirit to those who summon him, and causes their emotions to swell massively by giving them their ideal love.

He is a Great Marquis of Hell with twenty-nine legions under his command, partly comprised of the order of Angels and Thrones, and appears as a sea monster. The delusion, however will only last for a hour. )at least give ur strongest team a demon that konws flight and phastama to go past the walkway so they will lift it and the rest of ur team can go through.everything else is up to u.And yes the next boss (part 2) is harder then him. He can turn any metal into gold, give dignities and confirm them. For Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne on the PlayStation 2, Fusion Chart by kingsrule41. With his four companions, Serf, the main character and a member of a tribe called E... SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. Since Amane's magic is insanely high and she has both of the force enhancing passive abilities with Blitzkrieg Belberith should go down swiftly especially with the double up ability on your side. He is a Great Marquis of Hell with thirty legions of demons under his command. The conjurer and any attendants he may have must stay within a magic circle at all times no matter how much Andras tempts them to leave it, or he will surely kill them. Before you end your turn switch out the flight demon and replace it with something with the double up ability. Belberith.. was he made to be impossible . He is depicted as a knight or soldier wearing red armour, a golden crown, and riding atop a red horse. Do you have and skills better than media and recarm? He is able to control a person's anger or inflict rage upon any person the conjurer desires and tempt people to kill their servants or masters.

Replace ice rise too, you only have one ice skill. I'm on the last day (obviously) and I'm sorta underleveled (lvl 53 - 55) with horrible monsters (they get killed by the regular Shomankai in like 1 hit, plus they have attack all) and while I do plan to level grind a little (or a lot, whichever's gonna help me beat it), I would like talk stragedy. Protect the Light, Condemn the Dark!

User Info: Ninja1920. Although he has no title in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, in the Lesser Key of Solomon he is a Great Marquis of Hell and has thirty legions of demons under his command. He holds a spear and a battle-standard in his hands. Ninja1920 - 1 year ago. When summoned, Decarabia appears as a pentagram star, although he will take the form of a man if the conjurer requests it.

If so asked Andras will gladly kill any person the conjurer desires, and in certain demonology it is suggested that Flauros is his servant. I mean, even my best unit (Amane) can't even stand up to Belberith.... someone please help me ;-; There are two ways to defeat Belberith: the short and easy way or the long and hard way.

Before the battle starts give her a demon with the flight ability and a demon with the devil speed ability. What about mediarahan and prayer? Give Yuzu something better than Race D, her demons are of different race. According to the writings in The Lesser Key of Solomon, Berith is the twenty-eighth spirit listed in the Goetia. Berith Main article: Berith. Then awaken and fuse all 3 force dances, if you need more help have the others follow you with their own. Have your characters go in pairs so that the guy who gets their butt kicked has good healing support.

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