Instead, he set his eyes on a large diamond which Jones was trying to acquire in exchange for Nurhachi. Upon appearing ready to take back the truck's cockpit, Belloq tried to warn the sergeant, but Jones quickly knocked the sergeant off the truck and ran over him to the sped up to Belloq's car and knock it off the road for the last time. Belloq survived and later gave Jones coordinates to find the Skull. While showing the potency of the scroll's information, Belloq was unaware of Jones disguised nearby. He had a weakness for beautiful women, providing they were intelligent as well, but wouldn't let them get in the way of his goals. [10] However, Jones ended up losing the diamond in a shootout that came to take place in Club Obi Wan. [29] In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Belloq's body explodes during the deaths of Toht and Dietrich. [13], ―Indiana Jones on Belloq's theft of the Uppsala Scroll.[src].

The night after the Lion statue was stolen from the Barcelona History Museum, Bey-Faisal hinted to Jones that Belloq had hired him, and made sure that Jones followed him back to a hotel, where he met with Belloq in the lobby.

[10] On several occasions, he simply let Jones do the dirty work and then stole the prize for himself. Belloq completed the transaction but fearing Nazi reprisal, attempted to have Jones shot even though Kroeger had already left. Temporarily stuck away from the road, Belloq took off his hat and hit his driver while insulting him before he backed up the vehicle. He also pointed out that Forrestal had gotten there ahead of either of them. [8] Likewise, Belloq would go on to establish contacts in the region of Provence[5] and at least some association with Forrestal. In 1930, Belloq was on the trail of the Uppsala Scroll and traveled to Sweden to acquire it for the Nazis. Belloq's demise has been depicted differently throughout the franchise. Nationality CHARACTER For comparison, check out the YouTube clip of the full Ark opening sequence below. However, he was unable to convince the tribe to take him to the sacred valley of their Chachapoyan ancestors where the temple was located. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: Belloq's exploding head, minus the superimposed flames the MPAA made Spielberg add. Catching up with Indiana Jones in Marrakesh, 1930. So, when making a film like Raiders Of The Lost Ark, director Steven Spielberg had to curb the violence and bloodshed to get a PG rating from the Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA), including in the climatic end sequence where Belloq’s head explodes. [3], The chase continued, with Belloq and his passengers going in front of Jones, waiting for the opportunity to knock them off the road.

[8] Max McCoy's novel Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs later depicted their first encounter in 1933. Only later did Spielberg ask Freeman to come to his office at Elstree Studios and provide an accent that satisfied the director. [10], In July 1935, Belloq made a phone call to an associate of Jones in the state of Indiana who—mistaking Belloq for an old friend of Jones—told him Jones was in India's Lost Delta, where the Temple of the Forbidden Eye had been discovered. With help from the Daguerre brothers Jean and Claude, Jones was taken captive when the Nazis led by Franz Kroeger arrived in a U-boat to finish the deal. The head explosion was considered so gory by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) that they were ready to give the film an R rating unless Spielberg did something about it. [19] Later in the year, Belloq was in Shanghai, China looking for the remains of Nurhachi. [3] However, Belloq had a low opinion of his Nazi employers, dismissing them as "fools" for their discomfort over the use of a Jewish ritual to accompany the opening of the Ark of the Covenant, naively thinking that there was nothing to fear. Keeping up his machinations, Belloq then warned the Hovitos that outsiders were looking to violate the sacred ground of their ancestors. [16], In 1933, Belloq came across a powerful artifact, the Crystal Skull of Cozan, on the black market and took it into his possession. As the Tabernacle became surrounded by a fiery inferno, Belloq let out a final scream of agony before his head exploded while his remains were swept up and disintegrated by the fiery whirlwind. Back at Cairo, as Jones and the truck were hidden on Omar's Garage, Belloq and his fellows arrived only to see that Jones was nowhere before departing. However, though reluctant, Belloq quickly accepted her fate and left with Nazis. [4], Belloq and the Hovitos warriors ambushed Jones after he recovered a fertility idol in the shape of Pachamama from the temple. Giving the scroll to Krause, he offered to enlist Jones in future operations for the Nazis. Belloq enjoyed the finer parts of French society, including clothes, food and drink. [6] Belloq grew up admiring France's most acclaimed archaeologists–such as Dominique Vivant, Jean-François Champollion and Auguste Mariette–and made it his mission to become one himself by enrolling at the Sorbonne where a fellow student named Indiana Jones was studying linguistics.
[9], Back at the university, Belloq and Jones were friends, at least for a time, and Belloq came into the possession of a self-made comic by Jones about his childhood attempt to reclaim the Cross of Coronado from a grave robbing gang on Utah in 1912. [24], René Emile Belloq was portrayed by Paul Freeman in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Belloq was still able to work out the general area that Forrestal was looking to find the temple by calculating where Barranca and Satipo had gone hunting for the map. Unfortunately, he reached the site too late, only finding Theresa Lawrence, who did not have the scroll, but instead possessed Baldur's Ring. [4] While Belloq didn't have Jones' map, he was one step ahead of him[10] just as Jones suspected. Independent[3]. Upon hearing one of the Nazis, Belloq turned around as the other passengers to see Jones riding to the cargo truck and avoiding the shots of Gobler's gunner. However, one spirit transformed into the hideous Angel of Death and howled menacingly at Belloq. He traveled to Marrakesh, Morocco, where he met with his buyer, Krause. RAIDERS: CHRIS WALAS works on the melting face of TOHT. After realizing that Jones was on the trail of the stolen statues, Belloq and Bey-Faisal planned to trick Jones into reclaiming the carvings, and then use them to find and enter Ali Bey's Palace. [4] He promptly unloaded the idol in Marrakesh, where the idol eventually made its way to the antiquities dealer Saad Hassim's shop. [3] Belloq and the Nazis found the Map Room, where Belloq deciphered a warning that urged against disturbing the Ark, but he disregarded it as old hat having encountered similar such foreboding words on previous occasions. [10] However, Belloq eventually came across a paper on stratigraphy by Jones and plagiarized the work.

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