Enjoy! The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow. Use your voice to save our Western rivers.

• See my prices page for fees, terms and lots of additional info. Now that you’ve collected some information on your bird you can visit ASU’s. This guide is intended for central and northern Arizona backyard birders. It’s easy to see why so many people are enamored by birds. - Always look for a pattern in the plumage and you will, of course, notice color. National Audubon Society Does it prefer to perch on trees and bushes or does it like to investigate the undergrowth. Or experiment with field guides. These 12 species all have a range in the state of Arizona according to either allaboutbirds.org or neotropical.birds.cornell.edu. I’m entirely flexible – it’s your day, and I want to help you make it as comfortable, enjoyable and productive as possible. If you’re interested in a multiple day or longer visit, but would rather leave all the hassle of organizing transport, hotels, meals, etc. Plumage / Description: Males and females are similar in plumage. I cater to birders who want to hike miles, and to birders who can’t get far from the car. See our events calendar for details. Once you know the size of that object you can judge the size of a bird in comparison. Audubon Arizona's Downtown Owls Project makes an impact for displaced Burrowing Owls. Hummingbirds have long probing beaks that they use to find nectar in tubular shaped flowers but they can also catch insects in flight.

If you can’t get to the Center or you live in another part of Arizona check out your local Audubon Chapter who likely have their own Bird Walks and classes.

Another windy but productive and fun day of birding in Santa Cruz County, from the Peña Blanca area to Patagonia. Are the legs long or short, are the wings neatly folded against the body or do they project beyond. Our email newsletter shares the latest programs and initiatives. I’ve compiled info on Arizona’s 100 most wanted birds to help you see what species are here at which times of the year, and where we might go to find them. This guide is here to help assist casual, novice or beginner backyard birders. A pleasant morning of birding and photography in the Peña Blanca area. Please see my rates and contact me with any questions or to make a booking.

The Rio Salado Audubon Center’s Audubon at Home website is the result of a partnership between the City of Phoenix and Audubon Arizona as part of the U.S. Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds.

The Rio Salado Audubon Center’s Audubon at Home website is the result of a partnership between the City of Phoenix and Audubon Arizona as part of the U.S.

Want to reach a new audience? Broad-winged Hawk. Here you will not only find images and descriptions of birds but also recordings of their calls.

- Does your bird have a fat body and short tail or is it slim with a long tail? Skittish. National Audubon Society Every time that you spot a bird, you have the opportunity to contribute to something bigger-- by recording your sighting in eBird, a major online database that has been tracking birds for many years. Red-shouldered Hawk. By using data gathered by the public, scientists understand the timing and frequency of bird movements all across the world. Click here to learn more about eBird, and here for a guide on how to use it. Your support helps us protect birds, wildlife and their habitats, and educate the conservation leaders of tomorrow. Find out more about the birds in our state and what Audubon Arizona is doing to protect them. eBird, a major online database that has been tracking birds for many years. - Find something in your yard that you can measure; a plant plot, rock, maybe even a bird feeder. What SHAPE was the bird you saw in Arizona?

Many have bright bold feathers like the Summer Tanager; others have beautiful songs like the Song Sparrow. Spread the word. to someone else, please consider one of my Fun Birding Tours in southeast Arizona, or contact me to discuss a custom Arizona birding tour. Once you can identify a bird, however, you are able to find out so much more information and suddenly you have opened the door to a fascinating world that will intrigue you for a life time. If you hire me as your birding guide, you get to set the pace and tone, and I’ll advise you on getting the best from your day. Plumage/Description: Males are a deep, dark blue color on the head, back, wings, and tail. * Unfortunately, I’m not willing to visit Beatty’s Guest Ranch in Miller Canyon (more here). (at Safeway Shopping Center) Woodpeckers have beaks shaped like chisels that they can use to get into cacti and trees for food and to make a home. Welcome to our Online Bird Guide! They grace our backyard bird feeders, our biggest cities, and the most remote areas on our planet. Based an hour to the south of Tucson in Rio Rico in Santa Cruz County, I offer birding guide services anywhere in southeast Arizona. Verdins have sharp tweezer-shaped beaks for seizing insects from trees and plants. - Birding T-Shirts • Please check my calendar for availability. The Rio Salado center offers free bird walks and beginning birding classes. Start below by learning some of the most common species you can find in town or your own backyard! Despite more strong winds, it was a very pleasant morning exploring the excellent Rock Corral Canyon near Tubac.

• Please contact me with any questions or to make a booking. Hire Richard as your personal bird watching guide for fun, customized birding days in SE AZ. Audubon Arizona employs high school interns to help save the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. See our. Email: Ryan@JaysBirdBarn.com, 1490 S. Riordan Ranch Street(next to Michael’s)Flagstaff, AZ 86001, Phone: 928.774.1110Email: [email protected], Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. - Bird Feeders .com The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow. In fact, you’d be hard pressed not to spot at least one bird on any given day. Learn how to identify the birds in your yard. - AJM Wildlife Art, Southeast Arizona Birding Guide, Richard Fray, Yellow-billed Cuckoo Survey – Pesqueira Canyon, Yellow-billed Cuckoo survey – Pesqueira Canyon, Prothonotary Warbler, Green Kingfisher, Northern Waterthrush, Five-striped Sparrows at California Gulch, professional bird watching guide in southeastern Arizona, checklists of birds in SE Arizona by month, Peña Blanca Lake & Canyon, Paton Center for Hummingbirds, Elf Owl, Whiskered Screech-Owl, Mexican Whip-poor-will, Elegant Trogon, Five-striped Sparrow, Black-capped Gnatcatcher, Ruby Rd, Walker Canyon, Peña Blanca Lake & Canyon, Flammulated Owl, Five-striped Sparrow, Rufous-capped Warbler, Palo Duro Creek, Paton Center, Peña Blanca Lake & Canyon, See a list of target species, time permitting, Have a great day of birding in general, with no specific goals, Combine birding with beautiful backdrops and hikes, Improve your birding skills in a particular habitat, eg: desert, grassland, Improve your ID prowess with certain bird groups, eg: sparrows, shorebirds, Experience SE Arizona’s great birding spectacles, eg: summer hummingbirds, winter cranes, raptors, Explore new birding sites in Southeast Arizona, Combine birding with other wildlife interests, eg: butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles, mammals, Undertake specific wildlife photography projects or enjoy casual birding with cameras, Santa Rita Mtns: Madera Canyon (Santa Rita Lodge, Madera Kubo Cabins, Chuparosa Inn, Carrie Nation Trail), Montosa Canyon, Patagonia: Patagonia Lake, Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve, Paton Center, Patagonia Roadside Rest, Patagonia Mountains, Sonoita, San Rafael Valley, I-19 corridor: Tubac, Tumacacori, Rio Rico, Nogales, Rock Corral Canyon, Kino Springs, De Anza Trail, Atascosa Highlands / Pajarito Wilderness: Sycamore Canyon, California Gulch, Walker Canyon, Peña Blanca Canyon & Lake, Ruby, Santa Catalina Mtns: Mt. Legal Notices Privacy Policy Contact National Audubon. Whether you spend 5 minutes or 5 hours birding, your sightings help piece together a larger puzzle about what birds do. Plumage / Description: Male and female plumage similar except males have more extensive red on the crown of their head.

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