Tae-yi activates it and puts it in his hand, saying weakly, “You’re not supposed to be here.” Jin-gyum doesn’t want to leave her and asks who did this, but she gasps, “Stay out of this fight. Bus lines that pass through Cheongdam-dong include: 143, 146, 2415, 3414, 3011, 9407, 9507, and many more. you guyss... what the heck is going on.. open your mind guys.. literally Yoon tae Yi is not jin gyeom's mother.. jin gyeom mothe is sun young who travel back and not come back to Alice.. and tae yi is just a girl without son and his age is same with jin gyeom, their chemistry is so powerfull and what's the matter??? or The Alice organization and her ex husband min hyuk refer to her as Tae yi so it means they are the same person you guys. Flor Poli Sep 28 2020 2:45 am So at some point I’m guessing that Jin-gyum’s mother created a paradox like Oh-won mentioned and split off to become a time traveler. How can you stomach this! Just please no romance between Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi. 2. (at least that is how I read what the drama is showing us at the moment). (I suspect not.).

W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Also, Do Yeon is annoying.

She's generally pretty good natured as far as I'm concerned. It’s really disturbing to watch all these romantic connection between JG and TY unfold knowing she still could potentially be his mom. Back to the Future. Jin-gyum asks about the book and how it killed his mother, but Se-hoon just leans in close and whispers, “Are you curious? Tae-yi corners Jin-gyum and tells him about the radiation spikes. The show talked about the butterfly effect so even a slight change like his interactions with people should have created a new reality. "-she’s not really serving much purpose other than to be annoying and naggy", i dont know how Doyeon is annoying and naggy when she is the one who helped him looking for data.

There's also an element of 'aegyo' in Doyeon, a pouty "you didn't call" tone...not just when he disappeared for a week...but she's punched him before for some other misdemeanors like not contacting her. me too @Yiyin i ship them, Yiyin Sep 05 2020 12:56 pm

Jigeom will die in next episode or? Taeyi (2050) had a mission to take a book in 1990s.. but she didn't know that she actually had to take his father's book, (maybe) because her memory was lost. I can't wait for Min Hyuk to find out that Jin Gyeom is his son. And i think yth is falling for jg too, Rena Sep 13 2020 3:10 pm

While investigating a mysterious case, he realizes the existence of time travelers.

martha Sep 14 2020 1:11 am Dong-ho runs in with news that they’re heard from Jin-gyum. Haha everytime they are together I always felt the emotion of Jin Gyeom longing for his deceased mother. It’s just that she’s still didn’t discover time travel and doesn’t go into the future yet. I personally couldn’t. So basically there will be no old version of Tae Yi because the current one goes to future and went back to past and died there while the current one will go to future and there’s the end line for them. @Ella, I think so too when I rewatch the episodes.

Lily Sep 19 2020 1:14 pm episode 7 dropped and its getting abit awkward now that it looks like sparks of romance might happen...and the photo taken looks like a push towards romance...hope not tho...thats so cringie!!! The only bad point for is is the relationship between the lead and his mother. So there’s no different person from other dimension. Besides she has the curiosity of a journalist. But I loved it and the lead actress this is my first time I've watched her in drama at first i thought she's oh yeon so because they're face are much alike. He takes Tae-yi to his place where she notices some of Do-yeon’s toiletries on a counter and asks about their relationship, but Jin-gyum says they’re just friends.

Can't wait for more! Shay Sep 20 2020 5:08 am

Yes Nov 15 2019 12:31 pm Just so to set up the scene for Min Hyuk to meet Tae-yi. Personally i still don't like romance between YTY and PJY. Tae yi and Sun young are the same person. that's bit confusing. Perfecto Sep 16 2020 9:03 pm But YTY's probably developing romantic feeling towards PJG . Carmina Sep 18 2020 5:48 pm Tae Yi of 2050 became Park Sun young in 1992-2010. She asks if he thinks of his mother whenever he sees her,and Jin-gyum says yes, but only based on appearance. An electronic pre-paid card called T-money can be typically used for all three types of transportation, in addition to credit cards and cash.

Really Not Good. with the unique story, but you have to prepare your heart rate to be meloooo in each episode ???

Looking forward to it.. Tuin Jul 22 2020 1:58 am This drama has big potential but sadly it is written badly. ALICE is quite a confusing drama but it's a nice one. Characters knowing one another as kids. and the big question is, even if tae yi not ended up being Jin Gyeom mom, then who the hell is Park Sun Young, cause Min Hyuk always mentioned Tae Yi name and he don’t even know who Park Sun Young is. It’s non-stop fireworks of action, sci-fi, romantic comedy, family drama, and what not. The mystery is on how she got the name Park Sun Young. ??

I love korean dramas Sep 20 2020 4:53 pm Oh-won claims not to know Jin-gyum’s mother and he suggests that Jin-gyum see a psychiatrist. Zach Sep 19 2020 4:50 am Or is this what parallel universe is all about? Even writer wouldnt know what he wrote. But how did she get to 2050 in order to learn about time travel, go to work for Alice, and strand herself in 1992 when she herself was only in her early 20’s (she gave birth to Jin-gyum at age 25)? Though tae yi and jin gyeom's mother are different. Byulslay Oct 10 2020 10:22 pm It's unique sci fi drama. Was it necessary for Jin and his mom to meet as children? hopefully the 3 of them,min hyuk,yty & pjg will reunite as a family. I guess because she goes into the past.

Perfecto Oct 10 2020 8:10 pm Well the chemistry between tae yi and jin gyeom will only bloom after the end of time travel not before because both of them dont understand the situation, tae yi thinks jin gyeom is hiding something and jin gyeom is getting rid of his guilt towards his mother by protecting tae yi...... what will happen next >>>, Perfecto Oct 02 2020 8:31 pm

Time travel was the only reason they were all connected to each other. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Enex Oct 17 2020 11:55 am The actors are doing such good jobs. Just wondering.

Too many romantic drama available so just make this drama different.

i understand it now, i can't tell everything but one thing's for sure YTY is really jingyeom's mother my proof is that you can't stop someone's death even if you go back and forth(it's up to you to understand my point here),,,, that's all for this week's review....my explanation is a bit vague but my estimate is that once we reach ep.

Don't make a twist that I will twist ur neck writer! I'm currently hooked with this drama.

Joo won is charming in his character.love the story line.

His concerned mother visits teenage Jin-gyum’s school, but he says he didn’t call her and assumes it was a prank.

they're chemistry sooo deep!! I'm pretty sure the drama won't push any loveline between Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom, just some stupid shippers.

Tae-yeon reminds her that she called him that, and I swear Jin-gyum is trying not to laugh. and 2) I would also act the same as you...probably run away as fast as possible. For Jin gyeom and Do yeon just move in together already lol!

Lol funny how some people are trying to dismiss the fact that Jin gyeom sees Tae yi as his mom. I love all the cast and crew ❤️ ❤️ ❤️.

Do-yeon is definitely a better match for Jin-gyum, since she’s known him for years and is age-appropriate, not to mention she’s not a possible alternate-world version of his freaking mom.

I think it will be occupied by backstreet rookie, Joo Won Is Coming Jul 06 2020 6:22 pm So in principle the 3 writers could fork to a universe where the constants are such that wormholes can't exist. But when they cut off those cringey scenes in the past 4 episodes, I'm getting all excited again. I hope my theories are same to those non shippers. She died in the past.

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