“It probably doesn’t matter,” they reply.

So they just want a few of the Enterprise’s children to help continue their civilisation. This is the Star Trek TNG List of Lists. In 2364, the planet was discovered by the USS Enterprise -D. Aldea was hidden from view for millennia by its powerful planetary defense system, devised by the Progenitors and run by the Custodian. Check again! (TNG: "When The Bough Breaks"), https://www.stf-wiki.com/index.php?title=Aldea&oldid=20726. For most of the episode, the bargaining position of the Enterprise is so hopeless that you can almost believe that Picard might lose this one, and that stops a fairly straightforward story seeming to have an inevitable conclusion. So far they have revealed very little of this knowledge to any outsider. However, the long-term effects of the planet's defences were extremely damaging. It’s a decent enough story, but not in a way that makes you want to watch it.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Aldea?oldid=2401258. KGF Vissers. In fact they have imported as many different examples of these art forms as possible. Wesley organises some Ghandi-style non-violent resistance and no-one knows what to do, because apparently they’re okay abducting children, but not trying to reason with or discipline them. The system included an enormous planet-wide cloaking device that hid it from marauders and other galactic threats. An ancient humanoid culture considered a myth by outsiders, thanks to a planet-wide shield and cloaking device operated by the age-old computer Custodian, until discovered by the Galaxy-class Enterprise on stardate 41509.

Riker, arriving on the bridge fresh from bumping into some of the ship’s many families (heretofore almost entirely unseen) is pleased to learn that they’ve reached Epsilon Mynos, the home of the ancient, mythical planet of Aldea, a world where computers take care of your every need and leave you to pursue the arts. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! According to the RPG sourcebook Planets of the UFP, Aldea is the third planet in the Epsilon Mynos system. But spoiler alert! The Aldeans suffered from long-term chromosomal damage from radiation poisoning due to exposure to their sun's ultraviolet rays. Troi suddently senses the presence of… something — feelings, or whatever — which turns out to be the planet Aldea. Aldea A supposedly mythical world (pronounced "all-DAY-uh") that is deep red-orange with a thick cloud cover when its planet-wide EM screen is not in effect. Their home world of Aldea was considered only a legend for thousands of years.

To facilitate this, their progenitors built an enormous and advanced planet-wide defence system. Frankly, there are more Star-Trekky episodes worth watching, even if they’re technically worse than this one. In addition to the cloaking device, Aldea was defended by an immensely powerful shield that could only be penetrated by Aldean technology and a repulsor beam powerful enough to push starships several hundred light years distant. log in sign up. The chore-saving Custodian freed Aldeans to reject materialism, turning to a code of square dealing to pursue arts and other interests — including data on galactic areas yet unknown to the Federation. Written by

The Aldeans beam down Commander William Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), and Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) to the planet. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. The Essential DanMachi Moments, Revisiting Star Trek TNG: When The Bough Breaks. Committing ourselves to our company and to each other means we can deliver better service, greater value and more smile-worthy experiences for our customers—and yours.

Picard can barely keep negotiating credibly enough to avoid being chased too far in space ever to return, but Wesley manages to study and befriend the locals while planning a minimal risk revolt. classics as Forbidden Planet and Zardoz. It was the homeworld for the Aldeans, an advanced humanoid species. CBS Entertainment | This site and its contents ® & © 2020 CBS Studios Inc. © 2020 CBS Television Distribution and CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Then Riker and Data disable the Custodian so that Aldean society completely collapses. If they’d done this story as an episode of Stargate: Universe, or even Battlestar Galactica, you probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.

We do care what happens to these kids. Aldean society was structured into units, or social groups, which specialized in a particular art or pursuit such as medicine or science. As a demonstration of their power, the Aldeans punt the Enterprise a distance three days away from their planet. Katie makes some sad music. This FAQ is empty. Watch or Skip? 7. With no threat of invasion the Aldeans have created a society where the super computer tends to their needs and they engage in leisure 24/7 to use the earth phrase. Aldean vase in TNG: "When the Bough Breaks" Enterprise vase in TNG: "Time Squared" Kivas Fajo's jar. Add the first question. sterile. For thousands of years the existence of Aldea was considered to be only a rumor, similar to the cultural myths of Atlantis or Neinman. The episodes are as followed: 1-2.

But, after initial negotiations, children of the Enterprise are kidnapped due to the infertility of the inhabitants. They do however maintain a very small but highly trained police force.

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But they can't solve a medical nightmare: endemic infertility, so they need to 'adopt' earthling children. The fact that they think stealing seven children will be enough to help breed a new generation when they all die suggests that there’s a lot of wasted space down on that planet.

While their internal organs are set up slightly different from humans they still have a fairly basic anatomy. This page was last edited on 17 December 2014, at 10:31. And, in my head, the moment where Wesley disappears from the bridge plays out like this: Crusher: “They’ve taken Wesley!”Picard: “Plot a course away from Aldea, warp nine!”. Predictably, Picard doesn’t even try and then announces they’re just going to take them home instead. Was this review helpful to you?

A compelling story with good ideas and only a couple of flaws – but it’s somehow less than the sum of its parts. Radue gives a speech about how they must use this new power for good, rather than child abduction, and the Enterprise crew goes home. Apparently the next generation of Aldeans is going to be a bit emo. Riker and Crusher get upset by the suggestion, and Troi rather oddly claims that “Humans are very attached to their offspring” as if a) she’d happily turn over her child to these maniacs and b) The Enterprise doesn’t have other non-human races on it. Over the last 30 years or so (as of 2364), the long-term shield interfered with the planet's ozone layer, causing radiation to leak through the layer and subsequently sterilizing the natives. “What’s behind that strange door?” asks Wesley. though the Aldeans haven't gotten as far as monsters from the Id.The Crushers mother and son dominate the episode.

Picard sets a course back, but who knows what horrors will be visited upon the children while they’re gone? When the final episode of ST:TNG season 1 finished, however, there was no doubt about one thing: This was definitely a worthy successor to the Star Trek universe. All 10,000+ of us. “We’re ready any time!” he says. Den of Geek

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look-back at the previous episode, Too Short A Season, here, Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Far From Home. .cls-2{mix-blend-mode:screen}.cls-3{fill:none;stroke:red;stroke-miterlimit:10;stroke-width:4px}.cls-4{fill:red}. Millennia after the Aldeans retreated behind their cloak, cumulative wide-spread environmental damage, including depletion of their ozone layer, began to take their toll.

Aldea can smell desperation, so they immediately transport onto the bridge.

A metallic vase that could be seen beside the golden tableware on Aldea in TNG: "When the Bough Breaks" (see above) reappears in TNG: "Time Squared". There is some belief that this is also a side affect of prolonged exposure to their protective and defensive systems.

The Aldean culture developed by emphasizing the fundamental principle that for "everything taken, something must be returned." Most of the time I have a vague impression of an episode from watching TNG growing up, but I literally remembered nothing about this one except that it was their cloak that was making them sterile, and I might have just figured that out because you don’t have to be a genius to catch that piece of classic TNG irony. the earth phrase.But they kidnap the Enterprise children because the whole planet has become “Stop asking difficult questions,” they reply.

The Enterprise's children are abducted by infertile artists in this week's Star Trek: TNG look-back. The system included an enormous planet-wide cloaking device that hid it from marauders and other galactic threats. Episode cast overview, first billed only. Built millenia ago to avoid marauders, the screen's cloak deteriorated the ozone layer long ago and rendered its citizens sterile with radiation poisoning.

Close. Who’s That Face? They may live for centuries, but they do die.The same theme of a perfectly ordered world was used in such science fiction Aldea was hidden from view for millennia by its powerful planetary defense system, devised by the Progenitors and run by the Custodian.

Negotiations failing, they suddenly snatch Wesley and several younger, also gifted crew kids.

Luckily, they ignore this, but like any shut-ins, they’re a bit upset by bright light, so they go back home taking Riker, Troi and Crusher with them. TNG LOL: At one point, Doctor Crusher reminds the parents of the stolen children that as Starfleet officers, they did voluntarily sign up for this mission and “knew the risks”. Rashella is played by Brenda Strong, who turns up all over US TV shows, but perhaps most famously as Mary Alice, the character in Desperate Housewives who was killed in the first episode and narrated the rest of the show. As the Aldeans grimly come to terms with having no planetary cloak and no computer to do all the hard stuff for them, they go and investigate that mysterious room Wesley asked about. Their leader, Radue, explains that the Aldeans have a problem: infertility. Picard, ever eager to make a date with a new civilisation, invites them on board. When Riker flat-out refuses, they beam him, Crusher and Troi back, and steal seven children from the Enterprise, including Wesley. Inside is a giant power source that’s been running everything for as long as anyone can remember. This page was last edited on 8 January 2009, at 16:01. I hate to think what a Starfleet risk assessment looks like, given that over the years, main characters have been mind-controlled, sent into alternate timelines, replaced by their own future selves and occasionally ascended onto another plane of reality.

Within each group students were fully devoted to their discipline. The society was self-contained and self-sustaining with incredible technical sophistication providing daily needs. Picard, ever eager to make a date with a new civilisation, invites them on board. The Aldeans were physiologically very similar to Humans, which presumably was a deciding factor when they contacted the Enterprise.

The Enterprise is delighted with a rare chance to visit a technologically advanced planet which long prevented access by means of a perfect cloaking technique.

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