Currently accepting custom artwork requests.

Choosing an animal is a great place to start. After that, the options below will be discussed in the planning process. The combination of factors will determine the cost based on time investment and materials. The cost estimates below are good for 2021, but are subject to change in the future. Email your idea for a custom quote and pricing options.

Send your ideas and questions to :

Wildlife artist Timothy Tim Davison stands with easel and painting in grass field with trees. Art has African elephant reaching truck to stars. Constellation Aquarius, and sadalsuud, the luckiest star in the night's sky.



First and foremost, what animal would you like in the painting? Your idea can be vague, like a bird – or species specific, like a Western spotted owl. Please note – some animals take more time to paint than others, resulting in a higher cost. (e.g. – a zebra is more effort to paint than a horse because of the stripes.)

Is it young or old? Big or small? Is it male or female? Is it next to its’ offspring, or with the whole family? Maybe it’s interacting with another species?

I prefer to work from my own collection of reference photos, or visit the animal to take reference photos in the wild or in a zoo, sanctuary. I can also work from a high-quality photo you’ve taken.



These are sample color schemes, but it can be as varied or as simple as you’d like.

Color palette can also be designed to match your home or office.


Do you prefer photo-realistic artwork? Or, loose, impressionistic, and abstracted?

Would you like anything else included in the work? (Something in the background, a particular place, or maybe the animal is looking at or interacting with a specific object.)

The level of detail is possibly the most variable option in this list, and will affect the cost of the finished artwork the most.  Higher detail = higher cost.


Do you prefer a canvas or wood?

Generally, wood is better suited for small and medium paintings. Small pieces will be solid hardwood, larger wood pieces will be a cradled wood panel.

Generally, canvas is better for medium and large paintings. It can be shipped gallery-wrapped on stretcher bars, but for pieces larger than 36″ x 36″, it is easier to ship un-streched, rolled canvas to you, or frame shop near you.


The following are sample sizes. Any size canvas can be made to fit the wall space you have in mind.


6” x 12“

8” x 8”

8 “ x 10”

12” x 12“

10” x 20”

Starting from $250 to $400


12” x 24“

20” x 20”

24 “ x 24”

15” x 30″

12” x 36”

starting from $450 to $750


24” x 36“

24” x 48”

36 “ x 36”

+ Rolled Canvas up to 48” x 96”

+ Custom Murals

Starting from $800 and up


Un-Framed, stretched canvases (gallery wrapped) are ready to hang and have a clean look.

Hardwood Floating Frames are simple, classy, and made to fit each piece. Your choice of hardwood species + finish.

Add $50 to $250

Custom Driftwood Frames are unique, and custom built to match the artwork.

Add $100 to $350

Rolled Canvas can be shipped in a tube safely and inexpensively to you or directly to a frame shop near you for custom framing. (Recommended for international orders)


Would you like the painting for a specific event? Like a fundraiser, birthday, anniversary, or holiday?

(Commissions are usually booked several months in advance, additional fee may apply for a rush order.)


If you have a tight budget for the project, let me know up front. The variables above can be adjusted to suit your budget.


Send your ideas and questions to :

Or you can download the options in this easily sharable PDF:

Click Here For PDF | Commission Options


Check out the Gallery page to see past work and for more inspiration.

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