1. a limbless cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins and living wholly in water.

Hammerhead Blue and Green


Hammerhead Blue and Green 12" x  24" Oil on Wood   This painting was inspired by an impromptu trip to the island of Bimini. I tagged along on a trip with the Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom crew and was able to swim with these amazing sharks. While the rest of the crew was SCUBA diving below the boat in about 30 feet of water, I had mask fins and snorkel on top. [...]

Hammerhead Blue and Green2018-09-16T00:19:25-04:00

Caribbean Reef Shark


Caribbean Reef Shark 6" x 12" Oil on Wood Just before a trip to the Bahamas to swim with these beautiful sharks, I painted this version of a Caribbean Reef Shark. Special thanks to Cristina Zenato for the reference photo. SIMILAR WORK

Caribbean Reef Shark2018-09-16T00:19:26-04:00

The Jumping False Clownfish


The Jumping False Clownfish 6" x 12" Oil on Wood Did you know, ironically, Finding Nemo, about the sadness of a clownfish who is captured from the wild, made home-aquarium demand for them to triple. SIMILAR WORK

The Jumping False Clownfish2018-09-16T00:19:27-04:00
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