Blue Morpho and Planet Earth

12″ x  12″

Oil on Wood

The Blue Morpho is one of over 20 thousand species of butterflies on our planet. Their wingspan can reach up to eight inches across, making them one of the largest.

Though they might look like it, they aren’t actually blue. It’s not pigmentation, it’s an optical illusion. The color comes from microscopic scales on their wings that reflects an amazing spectrum of blues to our eyes.
Surprisingly, these butterflies don’t live for very long. 115 days on average. I was able to share 5 minutes of this individual’s life while at the @butterflyaquarium in Sioux Falls, SD. and snap the photo that inspired this painting.

Event though he doesn’t know it, this guy is helping save his species and their native forests between Mexico and Columbia. First, by supporting local butterfly farms in Central America, and secondly by educating kids and adults alike in Central North America.
This is the first of a series of butterfly paintings I will be doing in concert with the Butterfly House and Marine Cove at Sertoma Park. Be on the look out as to how you can purchase a painting or get a shirt with this painting on it.

Blue Morpho and Planet Earth - Original oil painting by wildlife artist Timothy Davison of the Davison Art Company featuring a butterfly standing on top of our planet. This painting helped raise money for the Butterfly House and Aquarium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This simple painting appears to come off the surface, revealing the wood grain beneath. Framed with a custom driftwood frame. © COPYRIGHT TIMOTHY DAVISON