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Blue Morpho and Planet Earth


Blue Morpho and Planet Earth 12" x  12" Oil on Wood The Blue Morpho is one of over 20 thousand species of butterflies on our planet. Their wingspan can reach up to eight inches across, making them one of the largest. Though they might look like it, they aren’t actually blue. It’s not pigmentation, it’s an optical illusion. The color comes from microscopic scales on their wings that reflects an amazing spectrum of [...]

Blue Morpho and Planet Earth2021-07-21T20:17:42-04:00

Pierre Pheasant


Pierre Phesant 6" x 12" Oil on Wood The Ring Necked Pheasant is a bit of an outlier. Though this immigrant is originally from Asia, most like me, are proud to call it an American. We are used to calling non-natives, like the zebra mussel, asian carp, tegu lizard, and lion fish by another name : invasive species - due to their negative effects on a foreign ecosystem. However, the Pheasant mostly eats [...]

Pierre Pheasant2021-07-21T20:12:14-04:00

The American Eagle


The American Eagle 6" x  12" Oil on Wood The Bald Eagle stands for many things. Freedom. Grace. And the American Dream. But as time goes by, we have a history of changing what that American dream is to us as a nation. Not too many years ago the Bald Eagle was on the brink of extinction. Populations plummeted to under 500 breeding pairs. But as a nation, and across industries, we produced [...]

The American Eagle2021-07-21T20:15:46-04:00



Flamingo 7.25" x 13.25" Oil on Wood The Caribbean Flamingo is one of the most recognizable birds on the planet. But when you really look at their beak... it's weird... and amazing. It works like an upside down strainer. They use their big webbed feet to stomp around in the mud and kick up small aquatic plants and animals (some, like crustaceans, have carotenoid pigment in their shell - like carrots - which [...]


The Birds and the Bees


The Birds and the Bees12″ x 24″Oil on WoodThe African Penguin’s call earned them the nickname, “Jackass Penguin”, […]

The Birds and the Bees2021-07-21T20:13:08-04:00
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