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Francois Langur


Francois Langur 6" x  9" Oil on Wood Photographed : Woodland Park Zoo - Seattle, WA. SIMILAR WORK

Francois Langur2021-07-21T19:58:54-04:00

Texas Bluebird


Texas Bluebird 6" x  12" Oil on Wood The Eastern Bluebird is a little thrush species that live throughout the eastern 3/5 of the US. Their population is on an uptick right now thanks to man-made nest boxes. Their natural nesting location is in the holes of old growth trees, many of which have been cut down in the last 150 years. A simple solution to a big problem - birdhouses. But, many [...]

Texas Bluebird2021-07-21T20:19:56-04:00

Yellowstone Raven


Yellowstone Raven 12" x 24" Oil on Wood A couple weeks ago, I spend about a half hour with this raven in Yellowstone National Park. @StephanieArne and I sat on the ground, me with the camera and her with her bird-whispering techniques, and eventually we befriended this bird. One of the most intelligent animals on the planet, corvids like the raven are capable of imitative learning. This type of learning is no simple task, Henry [...]

Yellowstone Raven2018-09-16T00:19:21-04:00

Bison Looking Back


Bison Looking Back 12" x  24" Oil on Wood Looking back on the relationship between the American Bison and humans is both heartbreaking and inspiring. At one time, there were 20-30 million Of these animals roaming the Great Plains. But due to thoughtless humans seeking a payday, the population was brought down to around 1,000 by the late 1800's. Thanks to numerous hardworking and dedicated people, that number today is over half a [...]

Bison Looking Back2021-07-21T20:20:19-04:00

Tiger Longwing and Planet Earth


Tiger-Striped Longwing and Planet Earth 10" x  12" Oil on Wood The Tiger-Striped Longwing (Heliconius ismenius). These butterflies roam from Southern Mexico all the way to Ecuador and Venezuela. To protect themselves from predators, they, along with several other species of the same genus, have evolved an amazing adaptation to advertise their toxicity if eaten. Known to biologists as Müllerian mimicry, all of these butterflies have “tiger” stripes on their wings to let [...]

Tiger Longwing and Planet Earth2021-07-21T20:16:41-04:00
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